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Sharepoint Consultant Resume

Richmond, VirginiA


  • Twelve years architecting, planning, designing, building and supporting SharePoint platforms, developing SharePoint solutions and integrations with third party applications.
  • Conceptualizing, proof of concept, testing and building “Business Process Automation” solutions.
  • Many years experience using SQL Server, backups/restores, server linking, Stored Procedures, SQL Integration Services and Reporting Services to visualize data in innovate and interactive ways for business intelligence.
  • Deep knowledge of Microsoft software stack. Development ASP.NET C#, JavaScript, Node.js, AngularJS, React, SharePoint Frameworks (for custom webparts), web sites, Integration of disparate systems. Installing, backups, maintaining and patching SharePoint Farms (2003, 2010, 2013, 2016).
  • Have excellent communication and written skills.
  • Have outstanding customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • Consistent record of being sensitive to user needs, delivering cost effective and high quality solutions to meet or exceed requirements.
  • Enabling collaboration within teams and cross teams.


Applications: Office 365, SharePoint Online/Server 2016, 2013, 2010, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Web Center, IIS Internet Information Services 3.0 to 8.0, Office 365 & SharePoint Migrations

Cloud Migration Tools: AvePoint Pre - Migration Discovery, Migration and Cloud Monitoring Tool, Sharegate Planning, Inventory & Migration Tool, Metalogix Migration Planning, Analysis Office 365 & SharePoint Migration Tool

Forms & Workflows: Custom List Forms, Infopath Forms, Nintex Form and Workflows, SharePoint Workflow Manager, SharePoint Designer.

Network Infrastructure: Microsoft Windows Servers, Active Directory, EMC Storage Area Network (SAN), VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization Technology, Citrix Systems Netscaler, F5 System’s BIG-IP and Microsoft WLBS Load balancing, clustering and access control technology, Performance testing.

Deliverables: Design, deployment and support of SharePoint Farms. SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Flow, SharePoint UI design. Application development, Requirements Document, Implementation Documentation, Support Documentation, FAQs, Software Program Documentation, Testing & Review Documentation. Training Technical Support Staff and SharePoint Business Unit Champions.

Languages & Frameworks: ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, C#, XML/XSL/DTD, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, T-SQL, Windows PowerShell Scripting, Node.js, Angular js, React, SharePoint Frameworks (Custom Web Parts).

Development Tools: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, SharePoint Designer, Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools, Notepad

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2016/2012/2008 R 2/2008/2005/2000

Hardware Platforms: HP Proliant & integrity Servers, Dell PowerEdge Servers.

Server Operating Systems: Windows Server 2012/2008 R 2/2008/2003/2000/ NT3.51

Approach: Agile methodologies


SharePoint Consultant

Confidential, Richmond, Virginia


  • SharePoint Consulting
  • SharePoint Platform Maintenance
  • Workflow Manager maintenance

Solution Architect

Confidential, Richmond, Virginia


  • Multiple Client Office 365 and SharePoint Migrations using Sharegate Tool.
  • Office 365 Administration and Support.
  • New collaboration solutions with Microsoft Teams, New workflow solutions with Microsoft Flow, Webinar Preparation.
  • SQL Server version change planning, testing and execution.
  • SQL Server Reporting Services Client Training.
  • SharePoint Workflow rebuilds 2010, 2013
  • Testing AvePoint Pre-Migration Discovery, Migration and Cloud Monitoring Tool as possible replacement for Sharegate or as an additional option.

SharePoint Admin/Developer

Confidential, Mechanicsville, Virginia


  • Company has a league retention program where thousands of bowling leagues compete to qualify for coveted bonuses. Bonus qualification is based on many factors, year on year percent increase in games, minimum bowlers, premium or standard games, types of leagues with excluded league types, financial performance and more. I created and deployed a solution utilizing Microsoft SharePoint, Nintex Forms, Nintex Workflows, SQL Server stored procedures, SSRS, ASP.NET c# App.
  • Solution Result:
  • Virtually administration free
  • Solution Self inflates at beginning of season. Auto shuts down at end of season (fire and forget, except when bonus qualification rules change)
  • The solution checks seven disparate databases, including POS system, league management system, Center management determines qualification and calculates bonus amount if any, it then sends auto weekly email notification to Center General managers across the country informing them of qualified leagues, payoff date with instructions.
  • For executives at beginning of season, system looks forward and predicts total dollar figure for the bonus program.
  • Special operator sites created for “Sales Audit Group” and “Program Administrator” to view detail operations and maintain integrity of program, avoiding fraud.
  • According to the financial controller, the solution saved the company three full time positions and provided better connecting experiences for staff and clients.
  • Manage Office 365 Tenant
  • Migration Planning
  • Dependency Planning
  • Used Metalogix Migration Planning, Analysis 365 & SharePoint Migration Tool
  • Managing SharePoint Production Farm, Staging Farm and Development Farms.
  • Hybrid SharePoint Installation
  • Custom Webparts development
  • Disparate System Integration
  • Data Visualization Projects
  • Data Notification Projects
  • Multiple Workflow Projects
  • Multiple Business Automation Projects
  • Created InfoPath forms with Workflows for user IT service and equipment requests and staff reminders.
  • Standup replica test farms periodically for various uses including testing Service Packs.
  • Setup test SharePoint 2016 farm including SQL Server 2016 PowerPivot and Power View.
  • Test migrations.
  • Provide technical support to other developers, Power Users and Site owners.
  • Provide consultations regarding SharePoint solution for various business challenges
  • Researched and provided reports with deep insight on the maturity level of SharePoint Platform usage within the organization.
  • Manage indexes, search scopes and crawler impact rules.
  • Portal UI Customization
  • Provide knowledge transfers to enable integrated solutions involving SharePoint List Forms, InfoPath Forms, SQL Server Integrated Services and SQL reporting services.
  • Created regional and department center site templates
  • SharePoint double Upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016
  • On Premises vs SharePoint Online Analysis
  • Created Rapid Time Capture and Project Management Integrated App, using SharePoint as Project Management Frontend, ASP.Net as time capture interface, all data flowing to SQL Server databases, reminder emails for team members and Project managers to submit reports with exception reports emailed to directors.

SharePoint Architect/Developer

Confidential, Richmond, Virginia


  • Facilitated sessions between Compliance Director and business analysts. Captured detailed requirements and business processes.
  • The agency management needed a solution to provide timely insights on the performance of the agency and the state of its strategic efforts.
  • Depicted business processes and data flows in Visio.
  • Set up and configured the SharePoint 2010 development environment
  • Designed the information architecture and created new simplified data entry processes.
  • Recommended and was accepted a SharePoint BI Solution using PerformancePoint Services and Visio Services. Using data from executive strategy sessions and operational departmental data, created Strategy Maps, KPIs and Dashboards accessible to management only. High level aggregated data where now easily understood at a glance using interactive visualizations.
  • Environment/Tools: SharePoint Server 2010, Visual Studio 2012, IIS 7, SQL Server 2008 R2, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS, Web Services. PerformancePoint Services, Visio Services, Excel Services, Business Data Services
  • The agency was concerned that its staff and managers were not fully knowledgeable of its disaster recovery plans and certain aspects of the plans were not being followed. The disaster plans existed as physical binders.
  • Recommended and was accepted a SharePoint 2010 Solution.
  • First, I converted the disaster plans to SharePoint lists (Electronic format), using metadata to assign ownership and expiration dates to parts of the plan. As parts of the plan expired, a SharePoint Workflow was triggered, it sent requests for plan review and update to the designated owners.
  • Used SharePoint Designer 2010 to create the process workflows needed.
  • A workflow also ensured that required drills have been scheduled, and results captured after the fact.
  • Responsible for UI design and creation of SharePoint sites
  • Responsible for setting up structure and design of SharePoint UI integration.
  • The solution also ensured that each department reported and had access to all hardware and software needed, including off-site operation.
  • For staff, the solution provided a showcase feature. It showcased a small snippet of the plan, so every time a user visited the site, they learned something new about the plan. The solution also provided a voluntary 10 question questionnaire about the plan. The results from the questionnaire gave management an insight on the knowledge of the staff about disaster recovery, while the staff earned points, for taking the questionnaire, redeemable as gifts.

Environment: /Tools: SharePoint Server 2010, Visual Studio 2012, IIS 7, SQL Server 2008 R2, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS, Web Services, Disaster Recovery, SharePoint Workflows, SQL Reporting Services

SharePoint Architect/Developer

Confidential, Richmond, Virginia


  • It is required that these “Order Sets” be reviewed annually. The client needed a process to ensure that all stake holders participated and signed off on the final product and verification that these reviews occurred.
  • Recommended and was accepted a solution built around SharePoint 2010 Collaboration and Workflow features.
  • The solution involved making the Confidential data available within SharePoint. Categorizing and adding team owners and expiration dates. Teams could view the status of the order sets they were responsible for. The system captured comments regarding order sets as they were used throughout the year.
  • During review, these comments where available to the reviewers.
  • Nintex SharePoint workflows were also triggered to inform and collect signoffs from Pharmacy and Supervising Physician. Finally, the changes were placed into production by pushing data back into Confidential System.
  • Documenting requirements, Applying agile project management techniques to the process, Verifying Data security, Change management, UI development, Nintex forms and Workflows, Data Integration.

Web Administrator

Confidential, Richmond, Virginia


  • Created high performance Internal & External farms to support SharePoint across all offices worldwide.
  • Three frontend web servers, two application servers, one index server and clustered SQL Server.
  • Using EMC SAN Storage, VMware VM servers and Microsoft SQL clustering
  • Created accompanying separate development and test environments.
  • Periodically refresh the test environments to match production environment.
  • For SharePoint Upgrades, built new farms and migrated content over to new farms, dropping customizations that no longer worked or no longer needed.
  • Planning, Deployment, Support, maintenance & full administration of Microsoft SharePoint technologies recent 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003.
  • Developed training materials and FAQs for business users, 1st level, 2nd level support staff and data center staff.
  • Created maintenance manual and change procedures
  • Testing, verifying and applying SharePoint Service Packs and Hotfixes
  • Backup and Restore of Sites or entire SharePoint Farm
  • Managing Site collections, Content Databases, Service Applications, Web Servers, Application Servers and Index Servers.
  • Migrating sites
  • Implemented custom interface designs (custom master pages)
  • Maintaining Search, Search Indexes, and all timer jobs including audiences and AD Sync.
  • Creating New Properties for User Profile. Syncing with Human Resources Systems
  • Deployed hardened versions of SharePoint as extranet solution for clients.
  • Integrated Helpdesk system into SharePoint for statuses, analysis and trends.
  • Prepared Platform Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Setup default site security and audit of site security
  • Created and enforced change management process
  • Install, integrate and manage third party SharePoint tools and applications, including but not limited to AvePoint’s Migration Discovery, Monitoring and administration tool. DocAve, Handshake, DOCSOpen, HP Worksite, home built ASP.Net, JavaScript applications and MS SQL Reporting Services.
  • Used SharePoint for multiple customized business solutions
  • Used InfoPath for data collection/ SharePoint Form Solutions
  • Formulating and implementing SharePoint governance plans
  • SharePoint Recovery after SAN failure
  • Used SharePoint Designer to create custom list forms and customize app pages.
  • Used Visual Studio for creating or modifying web parts.
  • Providing Training for Content maintainers
  • Collaboration evangelist / developing & encouraging team community experts
  • Creating and maintaining Workflows.
  • Creative use of SharePoint technologies to solve business challenges.
  • Provided Integration between web vendor applications & Intranet Portals
  • Microsoft SQL Server Technologies Server 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005, 2000
  • Managing multiple load balancing technologies for load distribution, enhanced redundancy, access control and application security.
  • Microsoft WLBS
  • Citrix Systems NetScaler and
  • F5 System’s BIG-IP.
  • Deployment, Support & Administration of Microsoft SQL Reporting Services
  • Project Planning & Architecture Planning
  • Deployed Scaled Out MS SQL Reporting Services
  • Deployed and supported Native Instances and SharePoint Integrated Instances.
  • Deployed and maintained MS SQL Reporting services server versions 2000, 2005, 2008 R2, 2012 and testing recent 2016.
  • Created SQL Reporting Services Reports for SharePoint, Client Information, Helpdesk Application, Document Processing Unit
  • Integrated reports into custom applications
  • Wrote & deployed 1st & 2nd Generation Intranet Application for the Firm
  • Created application integrations for the Portal
  • Wrote & deployed Associate Work Load Tracking Application
  • Wrote & deployed Business Development Event & Ticket tracking application for Firm.
  • Wrote & deployed Time & Project Tracking Web Application (AIMS)
  • Architected, deployed Microsoft Rights management services
  • Provided support for server and client issues.
  • In good use for securing sensitive documents and emails.

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