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New Jersey, NJ


Dedicated IT Specialist with more than 12 years experience in developing in-house applications software (e.g. design, size, analyze, plan, write specification, code, test, validate, implement, trouble shoot, and document for the new applications software and interface programs). Able to adapt and sensitive to the diverse requirements of different projects. Modified and upgraded application codes according to change requests. Acted as an expert in the group for the technical and server knowledge. Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Proactive in times of crisis, skillful in assisting users to reduce system down time. Fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese dialect of Chinese. Technical skills include the following:

* SQL/PL SQL * Microsoft SharePoint Portal Web application
* Oracle database * Microsoft FrontPage * Proquis
* Unix shell script * Microsoft SQL Server * ClearQuest
* C & C++ language * Microsoft Excel * DMS
* Visual Basic * Microsoft PowerPoint * LINC
* Java * Microsoft Access * work flow language
* Microsoft Outlook * COBOL


Confidential,Plymouth, MI 1992-2004
Worldwide information technology services and solutions company in more than 100 countries

Applications & Arch Analyst 1 2001-2004
Developed and maintained new Microsoft SharePoint Portal Web application.

  • Led and designed a new automatic archival process. Deleted and retired Access Management System (AMS) clients’ data that were no longer contracted for the AMS service. Cleaned up millions of obsolete records from the system. The process involved deleting records from twenty-six different tables in the database. Picked up two-team members’ unfinished coding on C/UNIX shell script programs by working more non-pay over time when they moved to a new project. Set up weekly schedule to gradually retire old audit records. Retired audit records older than 13 months old, and backed up the records into the tape for storage. Coordinated the implement procedure and set up teleconference meetings during the new project release to the production host thus made sure everyone was synchronized with the implementation plan. Worked more than 200 hours non-pay overtime in 5 months to ensure the project implemented on time without any problem on production. 1.6 million of audit records were cleaned up from the system. Provided faster response time when users/processes access the tables. Improved the system’s performance by removing obsolete records and gave back more disk spaces to system.
  • Worked closely with Oracle DBA to clean up and re-organize AMS development Oracle database to provide an accurate and reliable testing environment for IT to test their development codes.
  • Helped Service Center IT duplicated existing AMS functionality to the Service Center. Explained how the processes work and provided the logic, codes, scripts and reports of exist AMS gateway file transfer process (FTP) automatic process to Service Center IT for the preparation of AMS migration. Solely supported and maintained AMS system until it was successfully migrated to Service Center.
  • Transferred to Enterprise Portal Web Project, self-learned Java webs design skill and Microsoft SQL server in computer-based training course. Researched Microsoft Share Point Portal technology and attended professional course for new assignment. Modified Web applications per users’ request in Java Language and Microsoft Share Point Portal.
Applications & Arch Analyst 2 1997-2001

Developed and maintained new Access Management System (AMS).

  • Led a large Access Management System (AMS) #1 priority “Reverse Gateway” project which was a new outbound interface to provide Unisys related IMAC (insert, modify, add and cancel) activity back to the clients for update of their master asset inventory databases. Wrote functional specification and detail design documents. Drafted the initial IT test plan, implementation script, and post implementation review document for the project. Coached team members to code, test and debug their C programs. Assigned tasks according to each team member’s expertise to save time and minimize effort. Took over and completed two team members’ coding on C/UNIX shell script programs when they were not able to finish their programs on time. Set up teleconferences with team members, users, and IT from other groups for project discussion and quick resolutions to speed up the project’s progress. Finished and implemented the project on time without any problem on production. Promoted from Applications & Architecture Analyst 2 to Applications & Architecture Analyst 1 after completion of the above project.
  • Developed, coded, and implemented a Winsock transaction interface to enable Help Desk agents to simultaneously query assets information from Access Management System (AMS) databases faster. The process used socket server TCP/IP technology, C Language, with Structured Query Language (SQL) and UNIX shell script programming skills. Self-learned and researched the skills necessary for the project. Wrote process documentation, testing procedures and release implementation procedures. Distributed many successful interface codes to the Sure Trak team to use as an example to improve their exiting Sure Trak programs.
  • Redesigned the batch interface process that allowed client files to be loaded for the test and the production AMS databases at the same time without IT manually switching the process between test and production host. Coded in C Language, Structured Query Language (SQL) and UNIX shell script. Tested and fully documented the changes. Worked with service center IT to set up a new file transfer process (FTP) server outside Unisys’s firewall for AMS clients only. Reduces the maintenance effort with only one program for future modification. Greatly increased the capacity to load huge size data files, and reduced the workload for both IT and the users. Installed and tested decryption/encryption software on server to ensure data files’ security.
  • Granted users’ privileges in development Oracle database, and created different views for different geographic sites’ administrator for testing. Managed Microsoft Source Safe system 5.0 as an administrator to control source codes/versions integrity. Monitored development server as an administrator to ensure the security, and managed the users’ information and password.

Business Information Analyst III 1996-1997

Developed and Maintained new Help Desk database system.

Coded and created clients’ monthly billing reports using Actuate 2.0 reporting application software. Self-trained Actuate reporting software. Created special graphic report for customer.
Developed automatic data extraction application in Oracle database with C Language and Structured Query Language (SQL). Read and processed the comma separated value (CSV) files, extracted client’s information from the file. Adjusted the time zone to the GMT standard before uploaded and stored clients’ data into Help Desk databases. Created UNIX shell script programs to set up daily, weekly, and monthly schedule to fire up the data extraction process automatically according to different clients’ contract agreement.

Business Information Analyst II 1995-1996

Developed and Maintained new world-wide Services Request Management database system.

  • Developed worldwide Services Request ManagementSystem using Unisys A Series Data Management Services(DMS) database, Unisys Logic and Information Network Compiler(LINC) II and work flow Language.Supported and maintained nation-wide Services Request Management system. Redesigned, coded and tested data retirement process for old history data in the new worldwide Request Management System.

Investigated software candidates and hardware candidates for the new Product Catalog system. Determined the advantages and disadvantages of the exiting Product Catalog system. Proposed and revised Business Requirements Document.

Business Information Analyst I 1992-1995

Designed and maintained Commission database system.

  • Supported and maintained nation-wide Commission System with 5 million database records. Re-designed, tested, and documented new on-line commission approval system with two co-workers, project involved the changes of 18 screens and 5 reports. The new system was user friendly and provided tighter security to access the system. Modified and upgraded application codes according to users’ requests using Unisys A Series Data Management Services(DMS) database and Unisys Logic and Information Network Compiler(LINC) II.


M.S., Computer Science
B.S., Computer Science
Associate Degree, Computer Science

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