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Sharepoint Architect/lead Developer Resume

Mansfield, MA


  • Seasoned SharePoint Professional with over 7 years of industry experience working with the latest development and IT technology
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of SharePoint Server Platform and its surrounding technologies, including IIS, DNS, and Active Directory
  • Extensive experience customizing solutions for SharePoint 2013, 2010, and MOSS 2007 including artifacts such as Web Parts, Workflows, Timer Jobs, and Feature and Event Receivers
  • Hands - on experience with Application Development using the .NET Framework, C# for server-side as well as JavaScript and HTML for client-side
  • Comprehensive knowledge of accounting and administrative systems as well as analyzing and designing data warehouse solutions
  • Extensive experience in user requirements analysis and building Business Intelligence Applications
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Hands-on experience with developing mobile applications for different platforms
  • Superb leadership and organizational skills to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously
  • Multi-faceted IT Professional with the skills to provide support to Developers, Architects, Administrators and Analysts
  • Skilled in understanding complex business requirements and translating them into technical specifications
  • Strong analytical skills to resolve unforeseen issues and problems that might arise during phases of the Development Lifecycle


SharePoint: Web Parts, Content, Types, Workflows, Timer Jobs, Event Receivers, IIS, PowerShell, Managed Metadata, SharePoint Designer, Business Connectivity Services, Search Service, Excel Services, InfoPath Designer.

Programming: .NET Framework 3.5/4.0/4.5, C, C#, REST, SOAP, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JSON, AJAX, HTML 5, CSS 3, XML, XSLT, PHP5x, ASP.NET, Delphi, MVC 4, Python, Java, VB.NET, ActionScript, Sencha, and Flex

Database: SQL Server 2005, 2008 R2, 2012 and Oracle

Operating Systems: Windows NT, Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012, Linux


Confidential, Mansfield, MA

SharePoint Architect/Lead Developer


  • Performed the lead role for the Analysis and Requirements Gathering during Phase 2 of the Project
  • Evaluated current SharePoint 2010 web parts migrated into SharePoint 2013 in compatibility mode with the goal of creating a comprehensive plan on how to best offer the functionality in SharePoint 2013 (SharePoint 2010 compatibility mode, SharePoint 2013 web part, SharePoint 2013 app)
  • Updated links to previous sites, using IIS redirects to maintain URL for better user adoption rate and usability of the new SharePoint 2013 site
  • Created the Functional Requirements Documentation necessary to proceed on to the Design phase of the Project
  • Designed and Implemented the Proof of Concept and Technical Specifications for multiple solutions
  • Configured SharePoint 2013 to support app development, setting a dedicated app environment, creating lookup zones, app domain, starting prerequisite services, followed by testing and launching the environment
  • Tested new SharePoint 2013 JavaScript code with Firebug, with appropriates debugger breakpoints to isolate output and calculation points
  • Built a Custom Web Part using Visual Studio 2012 that consumed the REST API to display content from External Data Sources
  • Designed an updated site interface making use of HTML code inputted into SharePoint 2013 Design Manager to create Master Pages serving as the basis for new Page Layouts based on specification
  • Utilized JavaScript within Script Editor Web Parts and JLink to include scripts in multiple web pages
  • Designed the Site Topology and Managed Metadata Navigation for multiple Site Collections within the SharePoint 2013 environment
  • Created complex state machine workflow that required multiple stages of approval using SharePoint Designer 2013
  • Developed multiple declarative SharePoint 2013 Designer sequential workflows to automate processes, attached several to appropriate content types to make them easily reusable
  • Designed multiple Custom InfoPath Forms that had Organization specific branding incorporated for consistent Look and Feel
  • Created a Custom Event Receiver to programmatically add additional data to a New List Item after creation following business rules to validate data
  • Performed Code Reviews for solutions in C# and JavaScript to validate naming conventions, best coding practices, catch memory leaks and validate functionality against specifications
  • Designed the Integration and Functional Test Plans for Custom Solutions
  • Performed Unit Testing on Custom Solutions during the lifecycle of development


Lead SharePoint Developer


  • Served as Process Owner in an Agile Scrum methodology to customize and develop for a SharePoint 2010 environment in post-migration status
  • Reverse engineered web parts with low to no documentation, charting data flows, actors and users, recreating web parts with detailed commenting, adding optimized performance and eliminating unreachable paths in the process
  • Developed new farm and sandbox solutions using Visual Studio 2010 and C#, deploying tested solutions to the production environment with PowerShell
  • Performed unit and system testing on new customizations in newly created UAT environment after standard testing, rectifying discovered bugs and issues in the process
  • Created new master pages based on the template V4 Master in SharePoint 2010 to include light branding, using CSS to institute uniformed formatting across sites
  • Utilizing Visual Studio 2010 and C#, developed two state machine workflows that tracked the state of submissions and that monitored processes and notified process owners based timeliness
  • Tuned SQL Server to optimize SharePoint 2010 content database consumption with regards to versioning
  • Incorporated Alternate Access Mapping and setup zones to control URL displayed and routing for SharePoint 2010 users
  • Implemented SharePoint 2010 governance policies, collaborating with appropriate stakeholder groups, finalizing a resulting official governance document to layout proper use of the SharePoint 2010 environment
  • Conducted Agile Scrum Backlog meetings with the team with a goal of facilitating on-time project completion
  • Polled users on initial concerns and excitement over SharePoint 2010 improvements, holding Question and Answer sessions to address fears and promote points of excitement as well as demonstrate new features


Senior SharePoint Developer


  • Administered and developed web parts and workflows for SharePoint 2010, expanded portals and improving communication and collaboration
  • Performed troubleshooting tasks on a host of existing SharePoint 2010 issues ranging in severity as filtered by ULS Viewer
  • Reviewed existing policies and implemented changes to improve security and performance of SharePoint 2010
  • Created a disaster recovery plan based on interviews to ascertain acceptable downtime and acceptable data loss leading to an optimized plan and backup schedule featuring a warm standby site
  • Adjusted timer jobs and SQL Server to create a system of full and partial backups based on business volume trends, to include a full restore plan
  • Coded a custom C# solution in Visual Studio 2010 for the Computer Aided Dispatch System, pulling information from backend database into SharePoint 2010 list for use in the web part
  • Dynamically based interactions with the CADS web part on the credential of the user, allowing for one interface to support all user levels, with C# user controls being set upon render to be visible if and only if the specified SharePoint 2010 user group allowed the action
  • Provided Business Intelligence (BI) portal for select decision makers, with access based on credentials, to yield crucial visual feedback on dispatch performance using KPI from informational sessions as well as tiered scorecards
  • Utilized BCS with included connectors to pull information from database to provide raw data for manipulation for the BI Dashboard as well as charts created using SSRS
  • Created a SharePoint 2010 list to collect departmental sub-reports, with a SharePoint 2010 Designer Sequential Workflow set to send notifications to department heads to approve or reject report, with routing capabilities upon approval
  • Cross-trained existing permanent SharePoint resources on the new features, services and operations as well as maintenance
  • Mentored, trained and developed junior SharePoint resources throughout the duration of the project


SharePoint Developer


  • Extended the usefulness of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition with custom C# web parts and workflows
  • Developed a web part to drive the bill recovery process through SharePoint 2010 as opposed to manually, allowing tracking and performing of tasks to be done automatically
  • Automated calculation and notification on bill status through a combination of timer job and a Sequential workflow connected to Microsoft Outlook
  • Used Visual Studio 2010 to design a timer job in C# that would run weekly to pull all information on bills finalized within the past seven days for processing
  • Created a C# state machine workflow in Visual Studio 2010 to track bills from finalization to payment, sending appropriate emails to notify process owners for specific actions to be taken, also tracking the action to completion
  • Designed an appropriate interface to view and edit status of bills based on information from SharePoint 2010 list, displaying in a Visual Studio developed Web Part
  • Implemented a Document Center to promote Document Control System, leveraging retention policies, permissions and automated archiving activities using a custom C# timer job
  • Configured a BCS connection with the OOB connector to retrieve billing information and provide to the list for use with the web part and timer job
  • Tracked calls and the results with the Call Tracking System, an InfoPath form to log the comments and outcome, grabbing the Sales ID number automatically and applying it to the notes in a list connected to the SharePoint 2010 InfoPath Form
  • Generated custom master pages and several custom page layouts based upon the master page to provide a wide range of options for pages while maintaining the same look and feel
  • Tested and validated all functions, following use case, flow charts and data flow diagrams, with dedicated test scripts to check boundary
  • Led testing efforts and established standards to ensure unified results for coding, testing, debugging and scripting


.Net Developer


  • Developed new web applications in Visual Studio 2010 using a code base of C# to drive business logic
  • Underwent the full software development lifecycle in analyzing and planning for the software expansion
  • Separated code base according to the principles of MVC, creating loosely coupled code components for presentation layer, business logic layer and data link layers
  • Documented code base, as well as the process and analysis of all new web applications in development, creating standards for any new projects to start and establishing corporate best practices for development
  • Used sourcing tools to manage assemblies and track version in case a rollback to previous edition is necessary using SVN
  • Configured connections to the database to obtain information for manipulation and calculation with ADO.net, using C# as the primary language and Visual Studio 2010 as the tool
  • Generated event receivers to perform custom actions on state changes, validation on submissions and cancel actions based on branching paths and credentials
  • Maintained unity in visual design across browsers and devices making use of the JavaScript library AngularJS, importing the library and referencing the code locally to shield from unexpected maintenance or code changes
  • Developed web services and consumed web services using WCF and Visual Studio 2010 with C#, retrieving data in the format of JSON
  • Designed a customized ASP.net form for retrieving and submitting data, with appropriate event receivers tied to drop-down menus as code-behind and validating updated search results before the next drop-down changes values

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