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Sharepoint Web Parts,resume Profile


  • Objective A contract position as a Senior Engineer Lead Engineer and/or System Architect in the design development and integration of computer systems. Will also consider well-matched permanent positions. Computer Proficiencies Experience Education Publications Activities Contract Preferences Particular Areas of Interest and Qualification
  • Microsoft Windows Web design development using SQL Server .NET IIS ASP.NET etc.
  • Database Design Development including expertise in SQL Server Oracle Access and Thunderstone Texis
  • Java AJAX Eclipse Swing SWT and C programming on Unix Linux and Windows platforms
  • Design Development and Analysis of client server web-based applications
  • Image Processing 3D Computer Graphics and Robotics applications Highlights of Qualifications
  • Proven technical innovation and leadership as contractor consultant and CTO
  • Effective contributor and motivator in a team environment
  • 20 years experience as a highly skilled software developer
  • Ability to apply technical knowledge and skills to a wide variety of applications
  • Extensive ground-floor startup experience equally comfortable in the Board Room the Coding Cubicle
  • Incorporated consultant with Technical Depth Business Breadth Computer Proficiencies

Programming Languages C C C Thunderstone Vortex Java Javascript AJAX SWT Swing J HTML CGI Perl jQuery VB VB.NET ASP.NET Visual Basic Fortran Pascal Lisp Lisp Prolog RPG Assembler

Operating Systems Windows 7 2008 2003 Server XP 2000 NT Linux Red Hat Cent OS Apache Tomcat Sun Solaris SGI Irix HP-UX others

Microsoft Technologies Visual Studio .NET 2010 back to Visual Studio 6.0 SQL Server 2008 to 6.5 IIS 7.5 to IIS 1.0 .NET 4.0 ASP.NET ASP VB.NET VBScript C ActiveX ATL WPF WCF LINQ Silverlight COM DCOM MTS ADO.NET Entity Framework EF 3.5 4 WF 4.0 SharePoint Web Parts development and BCS data lists

Databases SQL Server T-SQL MS Access SSRS Crystal Reports Oracle 11g PL/SQL Sybase Thunderstone Texis Vortex Web Scripting Webinator DB admin config scripting and stored procedure dev

Hardware Personal Computers Sun SGI IBM RS/6000 HP/Apollo Stardent Workstations Connection Machine IBM PVS Alliant FX8 Supercomputers Pixar E S PS300 VAX 11/780 Symbolics and other oddballs

Software Development Tools Microsoft Visual Studio SQL Server Management Studio Eclipse WindowBuilder Pro SWT Designer Swing Designer Toad for Oracle ObjectCenter Aspose Cells SVN Subversion ClearCase SourceSafe SCCS

3D Graphics Tools AVS AVS/Express IRIS Explorer IBM s Data Explorer SGI s Graphics Language GL PV-Wave ChapReyes Renderman Alias Modeling System AutoCAD

Miscellaneous VMware Selenium IDE RC DotNetNuke DNN Ektron CMS Motif Xt X11 Siebel 2000 WhatsUp Gold Agile SDLC QSR Netscape Commerce Server Hubs Switches Network Interface Cards


SharePoint Web Parts

One of a cohesive seven member development team that designs and develops the applications that support the highly successful AMG financial services operations. This includes a SQL Server based Affiliate reporting system its web and windows front ends SSRS Crystal and Aspose Cells reports Excel VBA financial apps and the creation of AMG s SharePoint intranet. Implemented SharePoint Web Parts for custom applications that communicate with the SQL Server database via WCF web services BCS and business and data layers which I also helped design and implement using Entity Framework 4. Implemented UI using Telerik RadGrid after reviewing Infragistics WebDataGrid and the DevExpress ASPxGridView. Created a bulletin board forum using Website Toolbox Invision Vanilla Forums and BoardHost. I also used the Ektron content management system to support updates to AMG s public website. Confidential

As a member of a 10 person Agile product development and QA team I helped implement several releases of MessageMaker Social. MessageMaker is a SocialCRM that allows corporations to engage their customers faster and more effectively than the standard single-page-based interfaces of Facebook and Twitter. Our team has built a truly object orientated multi layered extensible system using Visual Studio 2010 jQuery SQL Server and SVN that helps marketers manage and deploy their social media messaging strategy. The SaaS system is used daily by customers with new releases deployed monthly through development QA staging and live load-balanced db web app servers. Implemented in .NET 4.0 IIS 7.5 and SQL Server 2008 our system employs object oriented techniques in a multi-tiered solution that includes UI aspx/cs/javascript/handlers/mappers business operations data access and db layers. I was one of five Agile developers that designed and implemented components in all layers of the system gaining oo .NET csharp C jQuery and SQL stored procedure development experience. Our partially remote but tight team held daily scrums in 4 week sprints using skype google docs virtual whiteboards and good old fashioned email to maintain daily cohesiveness. Confidential

Implemented the latest version of using DotNetNuke DNN . Administered all aspects of the DotNetNuke site installing backing up recovering host admin privileges customizing the skin and .ascx pages. Helped localize the 75 pages into a 4 language multilingual site using Apollo s MLHTML module. Prior to that I combined two existing sites a Classic ASP and an ASP.NET eCommerce site into Migrated Access 2000 to SQL Server 2008 updated site search to Google Site Search transferred existing site to a new hosting provider cutting monthly costs by 75 while increasing performance. Resolved all the porting issues required to bring the site up to VS 2008 SQL Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5. Internationalization of site in multiple languages English French German and Japanese. Search Engine Optimization for improved ranking in organic search local search and social media networking. Confidential

DJS coordinates the creation of articles that are published in technical journals. DJS brings together authors publishers content and imagery while managing the workflow production of journal article. As a member of the initial Windows .NET development team I implemented the core of a web services based web application that will become the workflow management tool for DJS article and document management. The development team iterated through Cycles of a hybrid Agile Just In Time JIT approach and used the latest Windows technology .NET 4.0 IIS 7.5 SQL Server 2008 Visual Studio 2010 and Windows Workflow Foundation WF .NET 4. My initial responsibilities were to build a couple of the web ASP.NET ascx/aspx UI pages get Subversion SVN up running and create an efficient VS 2010 IIS 7.5 deployment environment. I then moved on to design implement the two lower tiers the Business Logic Layer BLL and the Data Access Layer DAL using the techniques described at Confidential

. I implemented several CRUD basics using a Repository Interface against the latest Entity Framework EF 4.0 Object Context based on a Model First SQL Server schema achieving Persistence Ignorance. We decided that we did not need POCO or T4 support as we are wed to SQL Server and do not plan on unit testing. After handing this off to others who implemented all the necessary CRUD I moved on to using Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 to implement the fundamental document workflow required for DJS. I implemented the fundamental Workflow Foundation as a Web Service allowing it to communicate with everything from a command line DOS app to the DJS website. Confidential

Inherited supported and enhanced a Java Oracle web application. The web app is classified as a medical device and is the pre FDA approval stage. The system assists doctors in prescribing growth factor to combat febrile neutropenia based on a proprietary algorithm using the First DataBank a custom drug regimen catalog. The system runs on 64 bit RHEL 5.4 and was built using Java 1.6 Apache 2.2.3 Tomcat 5 and Oracle 11g. My primary responsibilities were coding design and build details of the Oracle 11g database schema stored procedures and data access layer as well as the Java middle tier while working within the attempted Agile Quality System Regulations QSR Software Design Life Cycle SDLC . Toad for Oracle and Eclipse were the primary tools I used. I also enhanced the custom Selenium IDE test suite code and served as the system administrator of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL Cent OS and VMware machines both locally and remotely in the locked down datacenters. Confidential

Assumed ownership of an ASP.NET website Confidential

for a Linux/Apache shop that had purchased GetTheJob but didn t know Visual Studio ASP.NET or SQL Server. Figured out how the entire site worked how to build and deploy it made the requested modifications and turned it back over to Avenue100. Created a Lightbox for login locked down the site so that detailed job data links were secure behind login eliminated 90 of superfluous bot traffic created a publish and deploy procedure for the entire site and generated complete documentation to transition the project to future developers. Confidential

Responsible for all technical aspects database development website dev purchasing strategy design deploy end user systems etc etc. Built a complex WinForms application in VS 2008. Built the entire ModelGolf.com site in C ASP.NET 3.5 including live interaction with 50 systems in the field running the WinForms app. Reverse engineered the algorithm that incorporates 150 professional golf swings into the baseline model to which all ModelGolf students taking lessons are graphically compared. Confidential

Designed implemented and delivered SIIMON the first version of a military tactical biometrics iris fingerprint photograph collateral info collection system for the DoD. Implemented on a hardened ultra mobile touchscreen PC successfully delivered and the Navy is now moving forward to deploy version 3 of this system. Implemented a true three tier UI middle database system in C .NET WinForms VS 2005 ADO.NET T-SQL and SQL Server 2005. Confidential

Created a C ASP.NET Web app that dispatchers use to log calls and trouble tickets for the Peabody Municipal Light Plant. It replaces a DOS-based app allowing dispatchers and managers to enter monitor and review trouble tickets related to the operation of the plant. Implemented using automatic data binding whenever possible and customized pager settings for reporting. I ve added enhancements as requested over the years. SQL Server Express 2005. VS 2008. Confidential

Developed a C .NET Windows Forms application that generates Certificates verifying the accuracy of Sensitech temperature and humidity monitors. The application allows the user to request reports for specific monitors gathers data from SQL Server parses XML and text files and then presents this information to the user. The user then has the option to print Certificates containing this information which are generated as Crystal Reports via an XSD-generated DataSet. SQL Server query optimizations


Optimized SQL Server queries that are called from Java code. The most complicated queries are now down to approximately 3 seconds from the original 1 minutes. This was accomplished by evaluating the application determining what calculations were most appropriate in Java versus SQL Server stored procedures and optimizing the stored procedures.

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