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Ms Sharepoint Developer Resume Profile

Work Summary:

  • Almost 25 years of experience in the information technology systems field, with proven skills in system/software requirements analysis, software application design, development, programming and implementation, data conversion, migration and creation of large-scale database management systems. Developing stand-alone, client-server and web-application business support and intelligent systems.
  • In the last year, assigned as a MS SharePoint Developer on the State Department/OBO customer site supporting all aspects of the bureau's SharePoint Architecture and daily user requirements and site redesigns.
  • Supported the SAIC DGS program management office as systems administrator for the SharePoint collaboration site, document management system, and assisted in cloud computing and file migration. Serving as systems administrator for various corporate proposal and financial systems and servers. Added implementation and automation support for the DISA/Service Delivery Support Branch NS6 .
  • For over 10 years served as on-site lead database/systems administrator and network engineer in support of the DoD/DISA. Other assigned duties include network administration, systems integration, the systems management, client-server and web application development for the DISA/DSN/Network Services group.

System/Business Development Tool Set:

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Services 2010: OOTB, Administration, Designer and Workspaces
  • JQuery UI JavaScript in support of MS SharePoint custom-coding
  • MS InfoPath 2010 MS Visio MS Project Server MS PerformancePoint
  • MS SQL Server 2005/2010 Oracle 8/9/10 DB Visual FoxPro MySQL
  • Microsoft Visual Studio/.Net Integrated Design Environment/ASP/ASPX
  • MS IIS Windows 2000/2003/2005 Server, Windows XP, Windows 7 Professional MS IE 7/8
  • MS Office Professional Business Tools 2003/2010
  • Google Chrome Macromedia Dreamweaver/Flash/Fireworks web-design tools
  • Agile and Scrum Professional Training Course, Arlington, VA May, 2013.

Professional Experience


MS SharePoint Developer/Site Collection Administrator

  • Member of the MS SharePoint Development team supporting the Department of State DoS / Overseas Building Operations OBO entire bureau intranet, collaboration and publication sites.
  • MS SharePoint 2010 for the design, development and management of various department collaboration and publishing sites. Worked with individual data owners and stake holders to customize their sites according to their business and daily operation needs.
  • Constantly utilizing the MS SharePoint 2010 Designer Tool for creating customized data entry and site management forms.
  • Implemented various Business Intelligence BI Performance Key Indicator PKI web-parts onto site master pages.
  • Created web-part content queries in support of page Records Management and Document Management features.
  • Created Requests Forms with standard out of the box form design and also with InfoPath connecting to other data-sources.
  • Implementing custom coding and application automation with JaveScript and JQuery UI embedded within SharePoint web-parts and various code segments.
  • Assisted in the development and maintenance of Workflows for internal site business operations and record automation.
  • Performed Content and Publishing Management and Development on numerous internal division and group sites. Worked with end-users on content layout design and information presentation.
  • Responsible for development, deployment, and support of custom build and out of the box applications of Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 environments. Customized numerous out of the box SharePoint sites to suit business needs. Participated in the architectural design, development, customization, and integration efforts of enterprise solutions involving Collaboration, Portals, Enterprise Search, Enterprise Content Management, business Process and Forms.
  • Knowledge of several of the following areas is desirable: Active Server pages ASP , JavaScript, SQL Server, .NET Framework, SharePoint 2010, InfoPath, Visual Basic, JavaScript, MS Access, HTML, XML, query, DBMS's ex. Oracle, AQL, etc. . Developed practical and workable solutions to technical and business problems. Analyzed requirements and potential solutions for technical and economic feasibility. Responsible for identifying application need, requirements and designing the software application specifications and resources needed to complete the project


Sr. Systems Administrator/SharePoint Developer, Business Analys

  • Defined and created site document libraries and created associated workflows to process and copy files to designated users and other libraries for approval and review.
  • Assigned as system administrator, information architect and designer, and business analyst of the SAIC/DGS/PMIS MS SharePoint collaboration system, in support of the DISA/Service Delivery Support Branch NS6 . Duties involved the following: Managing all end-users of the site and granting permissions to access collaboration site creating and handling all lists and libraries, site pages and assets creating process workflows to automate replication of information or sending announcements out to personal.
  • Created various workflows to automatically populate data-forms and views dependent upon workflow-criteria.
  • Created main site user interface library and list trees. Created customized system-user menus and pull-down lists. Managed system-user permissions and active directory and access to site libraries, lists and site functions.
  • Created master site global navigation sites and sub-sites. Utilized sites tools to create Web Parts.
  • Created various lists with associated columns and indexes. Created both Standard and Datasheet views and Calendar views. Also applied customized orders and filters to the views.
  • Installation, configuration, upgrade, architecture, site template customization, Site definition customization, nomenclature, content management, collaboration, workflows, custom web parts, reports, Business Data Catalog, Search, InfoPath Forms, master pages, content types, features, solutions, Excel Services, UI Branding.
  • Team DBA, requirements gathering coordinator, technical writer: Architecture, Business Requirements, Technical Requirements, and High-level Design, and Functional Design documents, Solution Advocate: presentations to management


Sr. Systems Engineer IV

  • Lead application/software developer and systems manager for the Defense Information Systems Agency DISA / Defense Switched Network DSN and DGTT/AQOSTART programs on client-site. Design, develop and maintain the Visual Basic applications that run the quality assurance/quality of service tests for the Fax, Digital and Telesync-ISDN systems and services.
  • Additional duties included web application management, maintenance and design creating Active Server Pages ASPs to be accessed from the Intranet and performing system administration utilizing Internet Information Server IIS and MS Visual Studio to design and manage web documents. Maintain and update ASP files that display telecommunication database results to assist network managers in day-to-day operations and management. Additional duties include database archiving and management, software upgrades and troubleshooting, and MS SharePoint 207 end-user document management and data-list management.
  • Served as lead network testing/scheduling manager for the DNS-DGTT/Tektronix-Minacom Direct Quality Service Level Testing and Measuring network telecommunication system that provides data feedback on equipment testing Fax, Modem, Voice and Video systems. In charge of creating all site destinations, implementing configuration management, designing new test plans and schedules for the Minacom DQ application and network analysis system. Work closely with vendor technical support personnel in system wide upgrades, installations and configurations and trouble-shooting test result problems and discrepancies. Creating executive level summary reports and publishing these reports on the website for system managers and network engineer to trend analysis and review.
  • Assisted DISA/NS44 network administrators in configuration management, system upgrades, hardware and software implementation and integrations to the local area network operating systems, servers and workstations. Provide liaison support and requirements gathering in assisting the DISA/NS44 personnel and managers to purchase hardware/software test equipment in support of the DGTT/DSN program.
  • Served as lead software engineer and technical support contact for the FSO/Information Assurance system testing of the Telesync ISDN, Tekronix-Minacom and ION Networks SecureModem Systems to be accredited and certified for the DISA network operations facility on a global basis. Implemented additional security device onto the Telesync system for IA approval and accreditation.


Business Systems Analyst IV

  • Duties involved maintaining, upgrading and implementing the Electronic Timesheet System ETS client/server database management system that enables employees to enter their timesheet data in electronic format. ETS is a Visual FoxPro application integrated with the People system ABRA and the Project/Account system CostPoint . It is an on line automated labor and absence collection system designed to replace the paper based card process.
  • Designed, developed and implemented the internal group Call Log Tracking System, a MS Access database system for tracking internal calls from employees in the company that utilized any internal business system. The database is utilized by analysts to track and manage all technical support calls, as well as enabling analysts to document problems, solutions and other help desk related information.
  • Assigned as a super user of HireSystems Express product, a web based application and an integrated hiring management system for tracking applicants and resume processing services. In charge of creating new users, granting access permissions, creating system codes and other system administrator duties.

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