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Sharepoint Developer Resume

Richmond, VA


  • To secure a challenging and rewarding position as SharePoint Developer with an established organization that can utilize my skills and experience.


  • Strong accomplished 4+ years of experience in an Information Technology environment with focus on management, architecture, development and support of large applications
  • Extensive experience as SharePoint Developer in multiple Private and Law Enforcement fields maintaining integrity of classified information by implementing security levels
  • Excellent expertise in SharePoint 2013, Sharepoint 2010 administration, design and architecture
  • C#.Net, Asp.Net, Asp.Net, Azure, SQL Server, IIS, JQuery, JSON, WCF, XML web services, HTML 5, CSS 3.0.
  • Thorough knowledge of SharePoint server management, support and troubleshooting
  • Experience in developing and utilizing SharePoint 2013 components including Web Parts, Site Collections, Forms, Content Types, Lists, Libraries, Pages, Views and Workflows
  • Exceptional knowledge of working across multiple environments supporting business goals (Production, Development, Testing, etc.)
  • Proficient in incorporating Security and Encryption features included in SQL Server
  • Strong ability to design and implement custom web parts with SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio


  • MS Windows
  • MS Office
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • SQL Server
  • HTML5 and CSS
  • .Net
  • InfoPath
  • Java Server
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator/ Dreamweaver / InDesign / Graphic Design Solutions
  • Blender
  • InkScape
  • NCIC/VCIN Operator


Confidential - Richmond VA

SharePoint Developer


  • Conducted systems analysis and design Information Systems and Data Management site.
  • Interacted with users (management and end-users) to determine the system requirements.
  • Created cross-list workflows in SharePoint Designer 2013.
  • Developed site identifications, locations, users’ access, time management, goal setting and enhancing productivity measures.
  • Identified creative solutions.
  • Delivered robust and efficient collaborated projects.
  • Worked on Site Collection, Site Template, Team Site, Lists, Document Libraries, Virtual Meeting Workspace, Blogs, Calendars, News and Discussion groups to share, interact, discuss and develop strong communication between remote office locations.
  • Collaborated with management and users regarding project status and maintenance.
  • Maintained project plans and associated deadlines.
  • Assisted end-user community with SharePoint customization, scripting and web page creation.
  • Developed automation and integration opportunities, process improvements and creative solutions.
  • Create Audience to target specific content to a defined set of users based on their profile.
  • Created Active Directory Security Group for the users to assign access and resources and SharePoint applications.

Confidential - Washington DC

SharePoint Developer/Language Analyst


  • Extensive experience with data fusion Platforms for integrating, managing and securing data from various sources, including SharePoint 2010, Palantir and Socio Spider.
  • Developed analytical applications to enable employees to interact smoothly with data, ask questions, share information and submit suggestions.
  • Worked on FBI's SharePoint site accessing different type of data and sharing information using SharePoint, Palantir and Socio Spider
  • Collected, analyzed, categorized sensitive data through Socio Spider to disseminate in SharePoint to various management levels accordingly.
  • Created User Profiles, allotted Permission Levels for secure SharePoint portal access.
  • Managed and monitored access levels, reported any discrepancies and violations to proper authority.
  • Worked inclusively with SharePoint Object Model to create custom Event Handlers, Features and Web Parts.
  • Provided subject matter expertise on various topics to SharePoint users by working closely with SharePoint Architects.
  • Performed classified special covert operations online.
  • Translating, transcription, reporting and analyzing material with national security ramification.
  • Use native language experience and analyzing skills to accomplish goals.
  • Assist HRT and HIGS at FBI Academy in Quantico.


Master Patrol Officer


  • Protecting life and property, negotiating disputes, and conducting investigations
  • Developed and managed SharePoint 2010 site to collaborate, share information among various Agencies on County, State and Federal Law Enforcement level using Nexus.
  • Developed and maintained inner Agency reporting system on SharePoint 2010.
  • Analyzed and Categorized suspects’ information including DNA results on SharePoint sites for all authorized users.
  • Developed Suspects Portfolios embedded with mugshots and Gang Affiliations in SharePoint site.
  • Created evidence Crime Lab results associated with crimes committed by named suspects.
  • Worked inclusively on suspects sketch using Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator for wanted flyers and posters to share on SharePoint site.
  • Upholding laws and codes of the Commonwealth of Virginia in a multi-jurisdictional capacity (sworn in three jurisdictions)
  • Acting as liaison between faculty and students
  • Using multi-lingual skills to translate between officers, faculty, students and other citizens
  • Specializing in interviews and interrogations

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