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Sharepoint Architect/consultant Resume


  • SharePoint 2010 Architect.
  • Successful implementation and/or migrations for several fortune 1000 enterprise level SharePoint environment worldwide.
  • Experience working with VMware, Hyper - V, and Sun Virtual Box virtual servers in simulation and production environments.
  • Network Infrastructure Analysis and Reporting specialist for Confidential
  • Disaster and Recovery planning for SharePoint, OCS and Lync 2010 environments
  • Experience with medical, educational, manufacturing, and point-of-sales information systems.
  • Specialize in office automation, inventory management, and electronic information management.
  • Specialize in research and development for SharePoint Deployments (systems, hardware, software and resources).
  • Broad knowledge of networking and information technology systems.


MS Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7

MS Windows Server 2k/2k3/2k8

VMware ESX/vSphere Server

Linux Ubuntu

Novell Netware




IBM System 3x - AS/400

Cisco Routers

Black Box

VMWare 2.0 (Windows based)


Citrix / 2x (Citrix clone)

Sun VirtualBox

MS SharePoint Server 2k3/2k7/2k10

MS Office Communicator 2007

MS Lync 2010

MS Office 3x/95/97/2k/2k3/2k7/2k10/365

Norton Ghost Corporate

Symantec Corporate

Adobe PDF Writer

MS Lync 2010

McAfee; Norton Utilities, Innoculan


MS Office 365

Confidential Document Management Syst



Wireless Technologies



MS SQL 7.0/2k/2k5/2k8

VB 6.0 (light)

MS Access



SharePoint Architect/Consultant



  • Designed and implemented their network with specific needs for their medical information system.
  • Upgraded their network infrastructure to provide improved connectivity, via giga-speed Ethernet and wireless technologies.
  • Created a virtual server farm for their medical information system running SOS patient medical management subsystem, Caretracker patient web subsystem, MS SharePoint Document collaboration web servers and MS SQL Servers for reliable service and portability between servers.
  • Upgraded their workstations to newer and faster hardware, establishing new standards and imaged-based workstations for greater support and manageability.
  • Created remote access portals for external users to VPN telecommute and remote support.

Owner & Network Engineer/SharePoint Administrator

Confidential, Lemont, PA


  • Have designed corporate standard network system for company’s clients.
  • Managed subcontractors when installing or upgrading multiple sites and/or providing services for larger clients.
  • Provided clients with asset management programs, via internet resale or unit refurbishments.
  • Specialized in data recovery of damaged hard drive units on desktops, servers and laptop units.
  • Trained staff to support our clients’ network and developed a company-wide help desk system to support our clients onsite and remotely.
  • Designed network for a medical care provider company, including network infrastructure, installation and configuration, and internal web-based, SharePoint Intranet servers, SQL-driven medical pplication system.
  • Administered entire enterprise remotely.
  • Installed VoIP system at a manufacturing facility to reduce and manage the internal communications between sites.
  • Installation included video conferencing systems for audio/visual meetings and trainings.
  • Installed financial networks at multiple sites for mortgage companies to link internal database and communication systems.

Information Technology Instructor/SharePoint Administrator

Confidential, Pleasant Gap, PA


  • Instructed high school vocational students on the IT Essentials and the Confidential curriculum, consisting of basic router skills, TCP/IP networking basics, computer hardware and software troubleshooting and repairs, A+ Certification prep training, and Network + training.
  • Created Cisco router simulations using Packet tracer software.
  • Created a MS SharePoint intranet-based network running on a VMWare server to maintain class lessons, labs, and exams, while providing the students with server and workstation simulations.

Implementation Analyst/Network Engineer/SharePoint Consultant

Confidential, State College, PA


  • Created business management and Electronic Document Management System(EDMS) solutions for clients in the insurance, education, manufacturing and medical fields, among others.
  • Offered network solutions services in a variety of web-based, centrally-hosted network environments.
  • Created a virtual training system environment using VMWare, allowingOIT to virtually train larger numbers of remote clients.
  • Created an MS SharePoint intranet site to collaborate with local and remote team members on a variety of projects.
  • Integrated MS SharePoint with Confidential for a total EDMS solution for clients.

Network Administrator/Information Systems Management

Confidential, Clearfield, PA


  • Administered network at local site for 500+ users and 6 remote sites. Implemented innovative technologies, including 3Com's New Giga-Speed Fiber Optic Backbone Network with Full Cat 5, Level 7 LAN scheme; provided Giga Speed Backbone communication, while providing switch able 10/100Mbps LAN communication to desktop users & data collection equipment; developed corporate intranet sites with SQL technology and ASP/HTML front-end to aid in WAN/LAN communication and data warehousing applications corporate wide; provided hardware/software support for all corporate users both in-house and remote access.
  • Redesigned the company’s network to downsize the amount of servers in a typical Windows NT network to an active directory model, which enabled other remote sites to interconnect via VPN and RDP through the internet.
  • Redesigned the cabling system to updated CAT6 and fiber optic network with managed switches from 3Com.
  • Developed an SQL-based data warehouse subsystem.

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