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Applications Developer Resume Profile

Columbus, OhiO

Areas of Strength Knowledge

  • 20 years experience COBOL, Assembler JCL
  • Systems Implementation
  • Network Administration
  • Applications Development
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Systems Auditing
  • Systems Security
  • Quality Control
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Fiserv ALS software experience
  • Client/Server Architecture
  • Software Configuration
  • Software Development
  • Project Lifecycle Management
  • Enterprise Release Testing
  • Customer Technical Support
  • Remote Systems Access
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • User Request Feasibility
  • Vendor Negotiations
  • Vendor Management
  • Technology Rightsizing
  • Document Imaging
  • Clearcase Methodologies
  • Expense Control
  • Data Management
  • Saturn Automated Testing
  • Mergers/Acquisitions

Professional Experience


Applications Developer

I am currently an Applications Developer in the Mortgage Support Services division of the Consumer and Community Banking line of business. An Application Developer designs, analyzes, develops, codes, tests, debugs and documents programming to satisfy business requirements. They support code release installs through such assigned tasks as file fixes, re-compiles, and validation of installed code. They participate in Application Developer and peer code reviews. I work closely with Business Analysts in testing and with problem resolution. I am closely involved with the Vendor Loans Systems VLS quarterly software releases which maintain and update the Fidelity Information Services FIS software. In addition to daily exposure to FIS APL software, I have taken four weeks of intensive FIS training classes, both in house and offsite with the vendor. This included API's, RPI's, DAG's, Data Dictionary, parms and Elements. One of my main duties is supporting testing in the numerous Chase Bank CICS test regions. I am responsible for validating input files, monitoring the testing process and resolving any issues which may occur. My most recent project which was installed in the first quarter release involved adding Spanish Language of Preference code to the Vendor Loans system. I did the initial analysis, and forecasted the time needed for coding, testing and implementation. In the process I added hundreds of lines of COBOL code to numerous programs. I am looking for another opportunity in the central Ohio area.

Technical environment includes: CICS, COBOL, IBM Assembler, JCL, VSAM, SHAREPOINT, Expeditor, Easytrieve Plus, Changeman, ZEKE, ZORS, CA View and SAR/ODS,


I am a member of the STN File Loading team that is responsible for loading and support of content data on the company licensed files on the online STN system. Activities include file loading/reloading, making enhancements to existing programs online tables, such as FDT B , SCT, and FET etc. , repairing data on files, migrating data content from mainframe platform to UNIX platform, test plan development, unit and integration testing including development of STN online test scripts , release prep and system documentation. Working effectively within the team as BAL expert, in both online and batch systems under the direction of STN Project Leader. Current assignment s involves skills use of BAL, PERL, JCL, UNIX scripts, SHAREPOINT, and various UNIX utilities/in-house tools.


In order to improve my programming skillset, I took classes towards an Associate's Degree in Computer Science, though I do already have my BS in Computer Science from the Ohio State University. I was 2 courses from attaining that degree when I began working at Chemical Abstracts. Among the courses I took were 2 quarters of JAVA, 2 quarters of Visual Basic, C , Web Programming, Database Programming, Systems Analysis and Mobile Software Development for Android and IPhone platforms. I maintained an overall 2.917 GPA at Columbus State University.


Leader in investment banking, financial services, asset and wealth management and private equity currently the second largest banking institution in the United States.

Programmer Analyst Consulting


Function in role responsible for technical project management as well as development, support and resolution of issues affecting 12 regional processing centers for check capture role provides comprehensive assistance to internal institution customers. Operate on-call and assume responsibility during weekend hours provided remote access to mainframe and problem ticket system Peregrine .

Responsibilities include analysis and resolution of problem tickets, service desk software updates and message broadcast allocation addressing incident details and resolutions also coordinate documentation for offshore resources providing ability to submit and maintain CPCS regions for regional processing centers . Authorized to grant/restrict access to onshore/offshore testers through check processing regions for 12 sites.

Appointed to enterprise release testing role responsible for contact with applications and end users to address issues and resolutions also collaborate with vendors to facilitate software problem resolution and well as gain insight to feasibility of user requests.

Technical environment includes: OS/2, ZEKE, ZORS, CA VIEW, SAR/ODS, OS/MVS, MICR8000, Lotus Notes, CHANGEMAN, WAAPASUT, Windows XP, COBOL, IBM Assembler, Easytrieve , JCL, ABENDAID, and CPCS 3890 sorters and 7780 sorters both used for document capture with imaging sub applications comprise ORBS Online Reconcilement and Balancing System , TCM The Control Machine , Cash Letter Acceptance System CLAS , Enhanced System Manager ESM , CIPS Conix Integrated Payment System and EFP.

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