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Sharepoint Developer Resume Profile

Technical Skills

I have over 15 years experience working with different technologies i a fast moving industry.


Staffing/Business Management

  • Responsible for driving navigatio with the city and DPD to establish land use permits and business licenses.
  • Created positions and job Descriptions for all employees of the non- profit
  • Responsible for hiring and assembling staff to work i a organized manner to ensure quality experience for the acts and patrons of the collective
  • Responsible for training of new hires for maximum quick ramp up


  • Worked as a support agent tier 1 tier 3 from 1995 until I started working with the training department i 2003
  • Consultant for English speaking support for PC Games/Finance/Home Productivity and Hardware located around the globe
  • Consultant for Windows 95, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP launch
  • Participated at a high level for MS Blaster support and contributed to resolutions presented i kb article until blaster fix file was implemented
  • Developed several supplemental triages based o trends i consulting queues

Technical Writing

  • Authored several KB articles for varying queues for examples, search VKB for the alias lowas
  • End to End instructional desig skills from Charter to assessments
  • Setup reporting and change control process for living training documents


Hold a MCSA certificatio for Windows 2000

Operating Systems

Have worked with, designed, writte and delivered training for the following Operating Systems: All versions of DOS, Windows 3.1 Vista, Mac OS up to X

Hardware and Networking Technologies

Adept at installing, configuring and troubleshooting: Routers, Wireless devices, Bluetooth Devices, All internal PC devices from bare bones to Video/Sound/Network cards, All MS Hardware devices, including Zune and the GPS included i MapPoint

Microsoft Applications

Office 98- 2007, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Frontpage/Sharepoint Designer Basic CSS and SQL, Visio, MS Project, OneNote

Other Microsoft Software/Hardware

Home Productivity Software Streets and Trips, MapPoint, Encarta, etc , Microsoft Money all versions from 1998 to 2005 , All Microsoft PC Games, Microsoft hardware devices such as Mice, Keyboards, etc

Internal Microsoft Tools

CAP/Clarify/Workbench, Visual KB, Sharepoint, LiveMeeting, Talisma Chat tool, The Microsoft Bug Database Project Studio , Hercules

Instructional Design/Development Software

Snag-It, Robodemo, Articulate, Voyager

Instructional Desig Technical Writing Skills

Instructional Desig for Instructor Led and Online Audience

I have 2 years experience with needs assessments, training design, and development using the ADDIE model. Have writte Knowledge Base articles, whitepapers, triages and full blow training based o a problem descriptio and solutio and cross reference steps required to fix a issue for English speaking support across several regions.

Instructor Led Training Delivery


Delivered New Hire Training to over 2000 Support Agents

I have over 3 years experience delivering classroom and Virtual Classroom instruction, trained new Agents for Microsoft PC Games/Hardware /Home Productivity/Finance and Office Mac support over the holiday seaso i several regions for English speaking support.

Project Management Skills

Manage all aspects of training development and delivery and IT projects

  • I have 4 years experience as a Training Curriculum Manager, Instructional Designer and Support Agent with various project management duties focused i the areas of Training. I also managed several small projects i the SMSG org.
  • Managed several projects i the Bing technical group from working out queue implementatio i CAP, Smart Responders routing rules to C-Sat improvement.

Professional experience Newest to oldest

Junior SharePoint Developer

Basic Job Description

  • Develop SharePoint sites using HTML, CSS some ASP.net and some xml
  • Create SharePoint Development environment and Develop using a VM
  • Prepare sites based o a very ambiguous spec sheet for various businesses i located Angola

Pentad Solutions Bing Bar/Bing for iPad

Escalatio Engineer

Basic Job Description

  • Create and ru midsized projects focused o CPE improvement, improved SLA/SOW metrics and SLA goal adherence
  • Engage customers and vendor as a T4 escalatio representative
  • Work with Product group by reporting top issues and metrics used to calculate cost of support for fix prioritization
  • Create reporting methods that appeal to all stake holders
  • Create and deliver training appropriate for all audiences based o approved Microsoft Style Guides
  • Create content as appropriate and deliver to vendor
  • Maintai vendor via round table calls and enforce SLA and C-Sat goal adherence

Idea Entity Corporation

12826 SE 40th L Ste A11

Kirkland, WA


New-Hire Training Roadmap Operations Project Manager SMSG


Mar 2008 August 2008

Basic Job Description

  • Manage the New Hire Training Roadmap website which presents a custom training roadmap for each individual filtered by Organization, Country, Group and Role
  • Desig and implement landing sites containing tasks to complete for each training the learner is about to complete

Microsoft Corporation

Issaquah, WA


Training Specialist


June 2005 August 2007

Basic Job Description

  • Desig and implement training for New Hire Core and New Product
  • Task Analysis, Create baseline docs charter, business justificatio doc, project doc, etc , Develop learner documentatio and instructor guide, Desig and develop online training, Desig and Develop assessments, Establish reporting mechanism and change control process

Microsoft Corporation

Partner Technical Lead

Basic Job Description

  • Partner with vendor leads to ensure that regular case reviews are completed, processes are adhered to, validate appropriate actio plans, and to conduct collaboratio sessions
  • Participate i vendor technical meetings i partnership with the supportability team to ensure informatio is shared across all support staff
  • Contribute to the development and maintenance of vendor Tier 2 and Technical leads by managing case wellness care , high technical efficiency and customer focused solutions
  • Ensure vendors are providing efficient, courteous, and empathic delivery of informatio to customers
  • Responsible for gathering support requirements, understanding new and emerging technology trends, and managing key relationships with vendors
  • Build and optimize the service model by developing and managing processes across businesses and vendors, standardize support engagement models that are used across teams and regions
  • Conduct site audits via round table meetings, observing training sessions, onsite monitoring, and 1:1 meetings with vendor staff
  • Partner with service delivery and quality monitoring teams to create and drive initiatives i order to positively impact solutio statistics solutio delivered first contact and problem solved
  • Review customer satisfactio and quality monitoring results, perform root cause analysis and implement corrective actio plans to meet or show sustained improvement towards meeting the overall Quality of Service target statistics
  • Managed case wellness showing sustained improvement towards meeting goals for aged and idle cases
  • Be proactively involved i case Recovery including escalating, providing feedback, and communicating to Microsoft and Partner management teams to help complete the process
  • Engage i training review, development, signoff, and delivery to ensure knowledge transfer is done i a timely manner to our support team as appropriate or as needed

Microsoft Corporation

Support Professional Escalatio

Basic Job Description

Handle inbound customer calls and see them through to resolution, Handle escalations i a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction, Provide high level consulting for Operating Systems and MS software titles, Develop and Deliver triages and training as appropriate

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