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Senior Sharepoint Developer Resume Profile

Des Moines, IA


Seniordeveloper, technical lead, or architect role, in an established .NET or SharePoint application development support team, utilizing the Microsoft development stack

Technical Skill Set
  • Ability to assess, design, develop, support maintain appropriate corporate communication collaboration tools based on.NET, IIS, SharePoint Server, and Office365
  • Detailed knowledge of best practices for C , .NET, jQuery, SPServices, Angular, Knockout, Bootstrap and other JavaScript libraries browser based frameworks DOM, JSOM, XML, HTML5, CSS3, REST, oData Entity Framework , LINQ, ASP.NET Web API
  • Understanding resulting from 7 years resolving web issues in infrastructure, governance policy and implementation , client side app development, coordinating outsourced consulting services, and optimizing service relationships with hosting/tenancy providers
  • Competency in tools such as SharePoint Designer, InfoPath Designer, Visual Studio, ReSharper, LinqPad, TFS, Office365 scripting IDE, and PowerShell
  • A strong understanding of issues faced with the governance of corporate SharePoint use both policy and implementation , particularly: information architecture, business unit required applications, general intranet support, team site development, provisioning, and configuration, information management policy, rights management, content auditing, QA, legal compliance, content security, storage quota, and performance optimization
  • Familiarity with the intricacies of: refactoring legacy code, consuming/providing SharePoint content to external systems, site collection hierarchy, enterprise navigation, multilingual content, targeting, taxonomy, content hub, template promotion, security, claims authentication, content search, multi-device master page design, and the implementation of corporate branding
  • Robust adoption of the 12 principles of AGILE development, single responsibility, dependency inversion, MVC frameworks, and interface segregation
Personal Assets and Skillset
  • Ability to communicate nuanced technical concepts to nontechnical audiences, both verbally and in standardized documentation
  • An enthusiastic code evangelist, promoting team adoption of endorsed implementations and interfaces
  • Ability to mentor technically na ve, encouraging peer code review, pair programming, and other AGILE development processes
  • A long, diverse IT career including interaction with various line-of-business disciplines, including financial services, insurance, and annuity
  • Direct, honest, approach to time organization, including the ability to provide manager realistic assessments of completion dates when projects face the inevitable unforeseen challenges, post startup
  • Experience with the complete software development life cycle, includingfunctional requirement gathering, design, prototyping, proof of concept, programming, testing/debugging, deployment, documentation,maintenance, and refactoring
  • A committed team player, who adheres to corporate/group policies/procedures identifies and promotes:design patterns,development frameworks, team unity, and conflict resolution
  • A clear facility to interpret complex client requirements, and translatetechnical business rules into application solutions
  • Solid pattern recognition and problem solving skills fiercely loyal, highly ethical, capable of self-management
Confidential Senior SharePoint Developer

Senior engineer of a corporate intranet migration project, subsequent to a corporate purchase and restructure. Participated in the planning, preparation, migration, and conversion remediation from SharePoint Server 2010 to Office365 SharePoint 2013

Senior SharePoint Developer


Technical lead in a 20 person development/QA team creating custom solutions for 55 thousand user corporate intranet, used in 4 continents, with content in 9 languages. Developed and maintained multilingual collaboration and information management applications, remediated deprecated and inefficient code. Developed business requirements and HLD with internal corporate clients. Coordinated with QA for testing and release management. Developed issue escalation procedure for publishers, involving team site, Tech Notes documentation, corporateHELP desk, and regional support teams

.NET Web Application Developer


Developed web applications, console applications, web services as part of integrated marketing strategy. Primarily in VB.NET, C .NET, ASP, ColdFusion,and WinForms. Projects:XML message router service customer satisfaction surveys various public facing sites, internal application frame work based utilizing nHibernate, continuous integration created data bound controls in Silverlight2.0 deployed SQL Server data warehouse

Director Information Technologies


Primary developer of medical clinic management software Developed and implemented strategies relating to all corporate information and communication technologies Worked closely with staff to establish program specifications and system designs Supervised contract programmers, and coordinated with outside vendors Developed and implemented secure patient data storage HIPAA and JCAHO compliant

IT Team Leader and Developer


Assisted in startup of the IT division Staffedup eight person Web Development team Inherited, refactored, created, and deployed web and intranet sites in Cold Fusion, ASP, SQL Server and Oracle

Desktop and Web Application Developer


Cofounded a databased application development constancy service Developed and deployed internet, network, and desktop applications for Iowa Independent Bankers, Iowa Department of Public Health, Iowa Ethics and Campaign Contributions Authority, Iowa Democratic Party, AFSCME Union, and others

Data Based Application Developer


Created distributed shipping applications for Federal Express Corporation Created real estate board management software.

Technical Writer


Created technical documents for SunPHIGS graphics language for C programmers Environment: Sun OS Unix , VI, Sun SPARCstation's, ManPages

Real Time ControlsProgramer


Programmed real time network based control devices at the machine level, developing corporate communication network controllers for international Fortune 500 companies. Built prototype wirewrap cards and programed Intel based CPUs and times for production circuit boards. Traveled eastern seaboard and Canada, installing systems. Clients included: ARCO, INCO, NYSE, Bell Labs, Union Carbide, Massey Ferguson, Wall Street Journal, and others

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