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Sharepoint Architect Resume

Owego, NY

SharePoint Manager

Currently on a long term contract to

Confidential in Tampa, FL (DoD) I have effectively lead projects on a global scale, culminating in two enterprise level SharePoint 2010 farms for the Department of Defense in two countries.

  • Installation, configuration of Windows Server 2008 R2 w/ Security hardening & multiple STIG s in a virtual environment
  • Created a development best practices and deployment plan
  • Created a development environment used by SharePoint developers.
  • Tier 3 support for developers, Site Administrators, and Senior Level Government and Military Leaders
  • Change / Configuration Management
  • Daily administration of multiple SharePoint farms, located in Tampa FL, and Doha Qatar, on multiple networks.
  • Requirements gathering and solution development
  • Development of SharePoint sites, custom pages & forms.
  • Development of custom web parts, features & solutions
  • End user training & site admin training.
  • Planning and architecture for new SharePoint farms within the middle east and US.
  • Product Evaluation for 3 rd party applications
  • Software Evaluation (web parts, solutions, features, etc)
  • Certifiation and Remediation of STIGS, patches, service packs
  • ON CALL support for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to support 24x7 operations
  • Define and ensure Best Practices, Policies are followed.
  • Education & Training of Designers, Developers & Site Owners
  • Administration of Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM)
  • Two way replication between Qatar and Tampa

Tools used:

Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2005, SharePoint 2007 Enterprise (MOSS 2007) Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) Metalogix Site Migrator, Syntergy Site Replicator Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010, SharePoint Designer 2007, SharePoint Designer 2010, VMWare ESXi 4, Virtual Infrastructure Client, vSphere 02/2008 08/2009

SharePoint Architect / DBA / Application Developer

Confidential, LLC

  • Provided personal Installation, configuration, administration, development & support services for MOSS2007, WSS3, WSS2, SQL Server, Windows Server 2003
  • Pre sales support for potential SharePoint customers
  • SolFocus is a global Green Technology Solution company
  • Provided personal planning, installation, and administration for a mid size MOSS2007 Enterprise farm including Intranet / extranet applications
  • Planned and built the overall architecture, including servers, applications, sites, navigation, etc
  • Support services included document migration, customization & creating custom workflows, views, etc.
  • GMO is a global investment management firm, which was currently using WSS3, and wanted to move forward with deploying SharePoint 2007.
  • I provided planning for the new server / farm topology, and presented a demo of SharePoint 2007 features and capabilities.
  • Provided support for Intranet Users were experiencing issues with pages after a new page was created using third party web parts.

Tools used:

SharePoint 2007 (MOSS2007, WSS 3), WSS 2.0 SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 Visual Studio .NET 2005 & 2008 SharePoint Designer Windows 2003 Server Key West, FL (DoD)


SharePoint Manager / SME / Administrator / Developer

During the initial planning phase, I specified, and ordered all the required hardware and software required for the implementation of MOSS 2007 Enterprise as a small farm consisting of two SQL Servers (dual node running active / passive), an application server running search and indexing, and a Web Front End server for rendering content to 400 users. The design was meant to be scaled for future growth. I was the system administrator for each of the 4 machines used, including both SQL Servers, and both SharePoint servers. This included remediation of DISA patches. Before deploying SharePoint to the entire command, I worked with the command directors, briefing them on the capabilities and use of SharePoint. After, briefing the directors, I identified, documented and worked the requirements. I worked with the Admiral and Chief of Staff for guidance on aesthetics, layouts and features available to the command.

  • J1 DOR for personnel tracking within SharePoint 2007
  • J2 Intel: Provided best practices in information management / records management
  • J3 Operations: General Support
  • J4 Logistics: Planned and build a SharePoint solution for managing RFP s, purchasing, and inventory management
  • J5 Planning: General Support
  • J6 C4I for reporting & documentation management, helpdesk, multiple Windows Administration efforts

I created all sites, libraries, navigation, master pages, layout pages, and initial content, and was responsible for the initial document migration of documents from existing shared drives to SharePoint. After training our directorate site administrators and deploying SharePoint to the command, the job of creating sites, lists and pages went to directorate site administrators, under my guidance and direction. I was responsible for creating a coordinated effort between the Joint Inter Agency Task Force (JIATF) South, and SOUTHCOM (US Southern Command).

Database Architect

I designed an Enterprise Database Schema (EDB) on Oracle 10g, used for tracking, capture, and prosecution of persons and objects of interest. The new database application was built by identifying the data elements captured through multiple disparate data sources, as well as identifying useful missing data elements. Populated the EDB with data from disparate legacy data sources, and integrated live track feeds from GCCS. This provided a more complete and in depth all encompassing data source, used by the watch floor, analysts, and other groups within the command. This is the primary mission critical application used by the command.

Tools Used:

SharePoint 2007 (MOSS2007) Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, SQL Plus, Dream Coder Visual Studio .NET 2005 & 2008 SharePoint Designer Windows 2003 Server VMWare Workstation / ESX Server

.NET Consultant

Confidential,Owego, NY

I Developed a C# application for the UK which created the appropriate roles within Active Directory, installed and configured AD & Exchange accounts for a fleet of mobile armored communication centers.

Tools Used:

  • Windows 2003 Server, Active Directory, DNS
  • Visual Studio .NET 2005
  • Exchange Server 2003

SharePoint Developer / DBA

Confidential, Camp Smith, HI

.NET Developer & Database Administrator (Contract)

I developed a custom SharePoint application using the .NET Framework for input and tracking of orders within the command. This application tracked personnel, orders, fitness reports, skills, evaluations and other features required by the J1 office. Developed a purchasing system with custom workflow (PRE SharePoint & WWF workflows), allowing the SK1 to follow military guidelines for purchasing, including the sourcing, bidding, and payment of inventory and special order items within the command. I developed a tracking database used in the Pacific AOR in the apprehension of known criminals and suspected terrorists and drug traffickers in that AOR by partner nations. Another version of this system was created to support the watch floor and analysts in the coordinated efforts in apprehension of drug traffickers within the Pacific AOR. While at the command, I gathered requirements from the Admiral, J1, J2 & J4 for multiple projects, and worked these requirements with little or no direction.

Job Functions included:

  • SharePoint Administration (SharePoint Portal Server 2003)
  • Database Administration (SQL Server 2000, 2005, Access 2003)
  • .NET Development (.NET 1.1, 2.0)
  • Conversion of classic ASP applications to ASP.NET
  • SharePoint Development
  • Creation of Web Parts, Web Part Applications & Pages, Lists, Libraries, etc.

Tools Used:

Visual Studio .NET Visual Studio .NET 2003 (VB.NET, C#, ADO.NET, ASP.NET) SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, MS Access 2003 Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003 SharePoint Server 2003 (SPPS 2003) Visio, Embarcadero

Application Developer / Support Consultant (Level 3)

Fidelity Investment Systems, Merrimack/NH

Support consultant (Level III)

  • Provide Level 3 support for technicians, administrators and developers
  • Built Web Applications to support existing 3rd party web applications.
  • Web server administration
  • Provided application support documentation, tools, and training
  • Provided problem tracking for application issues
  • Prioritized problems and manage to resolution
  • Managed the deployment of problem fixes & change management
  • Provided QA with test scripts and data that will be used to validate fixes
  • Provided coordination for the certification and deployment of new releases
  • Developed service level agreements (SLA s) with 3rd party application providers
  • Manage contracts / agreements
  • Manage vendor releases, support, and issues
  • Project manage new applications and upgrades into existing environment
  • Worked with MSMQ to troubleshoot nightly data feeds which included corporate information, including HR, etc.
  • SQL Server DBA
  • Supported and Aided in the implementation and deployment of 3rd party applications including:
  • Back Web
  • Retail Tools
  • Perception
  • Authorware
  • Click to Learn
  • Online Reference

Tools Used:

Visual Studio 6 Enterprise (VB6, C++6, InterDev 6) Visual Studio .NET ADO, VBScript, JavaScript, DHTML, ASP SQL Server 2000 Windows 2000 Server, NT4 Server & Workstation Visio 2000, Office 2000 Pro

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