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Sharepoint Administrator Resume



  • Overall 7+ years of IT experience in administration, migration and development using Microsoft and IBM Mainframe Technologies
  • 3+ years of experience in installation, configuration, administration and maintenance of WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007 and SP 2010
  • 4+ years of experience in mainframes technologies like COBOL, CICS, DB2, JCL and Xpeditor
  • Experience in migration from mainframes to Microfocus and then migration from Mainframes to Microsoft product
  • Experience in creating, configuring and Customizing Document libraries, Site collections , Content types, RSS, Custom lists and Web Applications
  • Extensively worked on the Active directory for user and group creation and integration into SharePoint
  • Worked with managing security for sites and Lists by setting up permission and permission levels for different users and groups
  • Experience on configuring Search, SSO, Excel Services and user profile management in SSP
  • Excellent in Customizing share point site, modifying content type, site column and navigation bars
  • Have worked on dashboard customization in the report center
  • Extensively worked on BDC and BCS to integrate MOSS 2007 into back end server applications
  • Quite good at creating sites, Sub sites, Lists, List views, Blogs, Wiki pages, alerts, page layouts, site templates, team sites, List templates and navigation
  • Midlevel .Net Development Experience
  • Working with Business Users for the SSRS report generation and Workflow process by closely working with development team
  • Have extensive experience in creating and modifying master pages and content pages in SharePoint designer 2010
  • Knowledgeable in creating workflows in SharePoint designer 2007/2010
  • Excellent understanding of the STSADM.EXE commands and Shared services functions such as managed properties, content source and crawling
  • Have worked on managed metadata, Taxonomy and PowerShell in SharePoint 2010
  • Expertise in working with Web Parts using Sandbox Solutions in SP 2010
  • Expertise in forms creation using INFOPATH 2007/2010
  • Extensive work experience in DNS, DHCP, VPN, SSL and web security architecture
  • Experience in designing and implementing Active Directory and Network fundamentals, protocols such as TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS and group policy
  • Extensive knowledge in designing and creating Stored procedures and using different table joins
  • Experience in creating KPIs to calculate the progress in projects
  • Experience in migration from SharePoint 2007 to 2010

Technical Skills

Microsoft Technologies: SharePoint Server 2010, MOSS 2007, WSS3.0, SP Designer 2007/2010, InfoPath 2007/2010, .Net Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0

Database: MS SQL Server 2008 R 2/2008/2005/2000

Web Servers: IIS 7.0/6.0

Operating Systems: Windows 7/XP/ Vista, Windows Server 2008/2003

Web Technologies: HTML

Mainframe Technology: COBOL, DB2, VSAM, CICS, JCL

Tools: Endevor, Xpeditor, CA7, Fileaid, Changeman

Professional Experience:

Confidential,Carat USA

  • Experience working with MOSS 2007 portal
  • Worked on the migration from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 and then to SharePoint 2013
  • Working with client requests for granting accesses to the users as day to day operations
  • Created Out of Box web parts based on client requirements
  • Designed a custom site for the client requirement
  • Created site content types and site columns in MOSS 2007
  • Created Custom site themes in CSS using Share Point 2010 Designer
  • Worked on the customization of master pages in MOSS 2007 and SP 2010
  • Deployed features and Web Parts in SP 2010
  • Worked with SQL server 2010 R2 for performing backup and restore operation
  • Created a migration deployment document with the steps required for migration
  • Added and installed solution packages using PowerShell

Confidential, NJ


  • Involved in migration of portal from MOSS 2007 to SP 2010
  • Worked on performance testing of the migrated sites using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate
  • Implemented and managed SQL server configurations and services
  • Deployed custom Web Parts and solution packages
  • Worked on monitoring systems in SharePoint 2010
  • Configured Search Services and created New scopes and Rules
  • Troubleshooting the issues faced during the migration
  • Performed backup and Restore operation using PowerShell
  • Added and Installed solution packages using PowerShell
  • Migrated SSRS database from MOSS 2007 to SP 2010
  • Knowledge in Business Intelligence tools such as SSRS and SSAS
  • Worked with Users for SSRS report generation


MOSS 2007, SP2010, Visual Studio 2010, C# 4.0, MS Office 2010, HTML, SQL Server 2008/R2, IIS 7.5/6 on Windows Server 2008 R2, SQLiteSpeed

Confidential , VA

SharePoint Administrator

In recent years, Confidential has widened the profession’s focus to link learning and performance to individual and organizational results, and is a sought-after voice on critical public policy issues.

Project Description

Confidential wanted to improve its websites and functionality. The firm wanted to boost its productivity, develop better business insights and achieve higher efficiency. With SharePoint Server 2010 Confidential created one unified corporate portal where the team members can access any and all information. Managers needed more analytical options to review the performance metrics in dashboards which was done using Excel Services in MOSS 2007, and hence they ran into limitations and time delays. There was a need for upgradation to SP 2010.


  • Involved in migration of portal from MOSS 2007 to SP 2010 using Hybrid Approach
  • Migrated the content DB from SQL Server 2005 to SQL server 2008 and attached the web applications to SQL Server 2008
  • Created Web Applications and site collections in SharePoint 2010
  • Created Sites and Sub Sites and installed solution Packages by using PowerShell in SharePoint 2010
  • Modified Pages, created and modified Web Parts based on project requirements
  • Created and configured Document Libraries and Record Center for various sub sites
  • Used BCS to integrate business data from back-end server application
  • Imported users from Active Directory to user profile in SharePoint 2010
  • Created KPIs to measure work in progress and performance of the project
  • Created Various forms Contact Us form and Members Area form for different programs by using InfoPath 2010
  • Used Web Parts to display KPIs
  • Worked extensively on Excel Services for displaying various data on Dashboard
  • Performed backup for the farm by using PowerShell , and restore content database through interface

Environment: MOSS 2007, SP2010, MS Office Communications Server 2007 R2, Visual Studio 2010, C# 4.0, InfoPath 2010, MS Office 2010, HTML, SQL Server 2008/R2, IIS 7/6 on Windows Server 2008.

Confidential , NY

SharePoint Administrator

The Company wanted to improve its website and its Website’s backend functionality. They wanted to increase their productivity and improve the business insight of the organization with MOSS 2007. They wanted to improve the paper-based workflow process used for content approvals.


  • Designed and created SharePoint Collaboration and Publishing Portal
  • Created and modified Master Pages and content Pages in SharePoint Designer 2007
  • Created and customized Document Libraries and Image Libraries for the marketing team
  • Assigned separate permissions and permission levels to groups and users for Sites and Lists
  • Configured Excel services to review performance metrics and Dashboards
  • Created various site Content types and Site Columns
  • Created and customized Sub Sites , Team Sites, Blogs, Wiki Sites and Alerts based on the needs
  • Worked on Search Features such as Search Indexing , Search Scopes , Criteria based Search, Business Data Search using BDC
  • Installed features on the server using STSADM , and activated them in site collection through the web based interface
  • Worked on Active Directory for creating groups and users and integrated them into SharePoint
  • Customized My Site for users based on the company needs
  • Used BDC to integrate business data from back-end server application
  • Set up and provided day-to-day end-user support through email, desktop, and telephone support in a highly collaborative team environment
  • Created new and managed the existing content types
  • Created site collection Policies

Environment: MOSS 2007, InfoPath 2007, C# 3.5, HTML, SQL Server 2008, Microsoft IIS 7.0, Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

Confidential, India

SharePoint Administrator

Confidential provides investment services and wholesale securities. Reducing cost between Internal and external systems, the bank built SOA with Microsoft application platform. Nearly 60 percent of the yearly licensing cost was reduced. Hence they chose Microsoft application platform.


The Bank decided to migrate its mission-critical business applications from its Mainframe to a new Intel-based platform. .Net Framework helped the Bank to respond to its customer’s requirements. MOSS 2007 had made the biggest impact on the business internally.


  • Testing of migrated code to Microsoft platform
  • Involved in installation and configuration of MOSS 2007
  • Created Task List, Project List and Calendar list based on business requirements
  • Created Active Directory and SharePoint groups
  • Created customer portal for the customers to manage their portfolios
  • Created dashboards for the employees to share information and monitor transactions and accounts
  • Created Web Application and Site Collections
  • Created Sub Sites for department to manage individual projects
  • Created and Customized Custom Lists, Custom Site templates, Content Types, multiple Document libraries, Search, and InfoPath Forms
  • Created Sub Sites, Team Sites, Wiki Pages, and Blogs for better collaboration
  • Backup and Restore operations from Central Administration
  • Exported data from Mainframe Server to SQL Server Database
  • Activated and deactivated features through STSADAM in MOSS 2007
  • Deployed features using stsadm.exe tool at different levels including site collections, web applications and site level

Environment: Windows Server 2008/ MOSS 2007, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Dot Net Framework 3.5, InfoPath 2007


System Engineer

The main focus of the project is to migrate some of the Lehman Bros applications from mainframes to Microfocus.


  • Meeting with business owners for requirements. Interact with the project managers and technical team to establish performance management scope and objectives
  • Involvement in the resource management including training
  • Defining and identifying the business requirements
  • Designing of the new sub applications which include database, process and UI
  • Analyze the programs and jobs for the application to be migrated
  • Retrieve the jobs from Endevor
  • Gathering the details to find the list of PROCS, JCLS, Programs, Control Cards to be migrated
  • These inputs are given to Revolve and get the information on the missing components and the incompatibilities
  • Moving the components to Net Express and then creating the Server to run jobs
  • Executing the jobs based on the job flow provided
  • Creating the input files required for the jobs
  • Running the jobs in the server and then the output should be compared with mainframe output to match the results
  • Was responsible for design document creation, Impact management documents
  • Preparation of the unit, system integration test cases for the team
  • Responsible for the testing the jobs
  • Coordination with other groups to ensure deliverables are met

Environment: COBOL, VSAM, DB2, CICS, JCL


System Engineer

UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company and leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. The maintenance and enhancement of a several UPS applications is being done by IBM.


  • Defining the system requirements
  • Breaking the system requirements into sub system level
  • Maintain the interface between sub systems and rest of the system
  • Responsible for managing daily and monthly deliverables
  • Performing the changes in coding wherever required
  • Preparing test plans and test cases for modified codes
  • Working in Endevor to create turnover packages
  • Migration of codes to System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, and Production
  • Working on Service requests raised during issues
  • Experience in working on-call production support



Applications Developer

It provides software development services for the Company's subsidiaries, including The Bank of New York and Pershing LLC.


  • Identify, define and model the application requirements
  • Providing continuity during the transition from stage to another
  • Define the physical program units based on logical model to satisfy the requirements of the application
  • Analyzing jobs: Responsible for analyzing the jobs and finding the root cause for more elapsed time and CPU time taken and delay in job running. Analyzed around 300 jobs and suggested optimization strategies
  • Developing modules based on requirements: Enhancing the programs, writing new programs and endeavor migration through various test regions to production
  • Creation of test environment for the jobs
  • Migration of programs to various test regions
  • Was instrumental in saving around 100,000 USD worth of CPU time as a direct result of job performance analysis and tuning

Projects involved

  • ACE - Dedicated Programming Group - iNautix Technologies India (P) Ltd.
  • Code Optimization
  • Endeavor migration
  • Target to meet SLAs

Environment: COBOL, JCL, VSAM, DB2, FILEAID, CA7, Changeman, Endevor, Xpeditor

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