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Sharepoint Developer And Site Administrator /technical Writer And Trainer Resume

Columbus, OH


PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, proprietary Confidential project management methodologies, proprietary Confidential implementation methodologies

PROJECT COORDINATION: Corporate-wide project planning and execution, outside software and support vendor contract negotiations;

PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS: MS Office, including Access, Excel (e.g., lookup tables, Boolean formulas, pivot tables), PowerPoint, Project, SharePoint (including site administration and workflow creation) and SharePoint Designer; Visio, Vignette; CSS, HTML and JavaScript editing


Confidential, COLUMBUS, OH

Project Coordinator/Business Analyst

SharePoint Developer and Site Administrator /Technical Writer and Trainer

  • Collecting content and requirements from multiple international engineering teams in order to design and implement websites with landing pages and relevant articles
  • Conducting weekly stakeholder and subject matter expert meetings for individual Global Technology Infrastructure (GTI) teams; sending out necessary agenda and meeting minutes with follow up items; making meeting arrangements for both video conferencing and face-to-face meetings
  • Moderating focus groups for the purpose of testing developed site design and content
  • Leading technical content teams from project inception to completion; collaborating with senior management and infrastructure subject matter experts
  • Converting content from various platforms (e.g., Excel, PDF, Vignette and Word) to HTML pages adhering to the Associated Press Stylebook
  • Creating web pages, as well as building and cleaning HTML code in SharePoint MOSS
  • Designing and publishing engineering articles in Vignette; migrating Vignette content to SharePoint
  • Providing ad hoc reporting for senior management and Corporate Development Office, including a SharePoint site which uses charts and graphs to illustrate Confidential employee site usage over all GTI sites
  • Working with Project Manager to update and maintain MS Project deliverables for multiple groups
  • SharePoint Site Manager for Confidential GTI intranet team sites and GTI technology sites for line of business acquisition and support purposes, including site build, migration and user administration

Confidential, DUBLIN, OH

SharePoint Analyst/Command Center Analyst

  • Gathering requirements from senior management to streamline an existing process using SharePoint and Excel, including development of training materials and classes for departmental innovations
  • Creating SharePoint site and multiple programs:
    • Innovation Idea repository: developed SharePoint tool to track innovation ideas submitted by employees and reported status to senior management
    • Major Event Checklist list: created database to track disaster recovery/production outage events
    • Staffing Change Request repository: developed database to track and facilitate new hires, separations, etc.
    • Command Center policy and pure documentation: created in both SharePoint and ServiceWare
  • Developing numerous critical reports that exported call statistics and staff scheduling adherence data, imported it into Excel and automatically updated the monthly pivot tables; documenting and automating the process for my peers
  • Creating Enterprise Information Technology Service Center (EITSC) Tool: this Excel tool, which utilized Boolean logic, allowed the Service Center team managers to easily develop daily schedules for their teams
  • Compiling staffing events into senior management reports utilizing Boolean logic, Excel lookup tables and pivot tables
  • Managing demand using Impact 360 and Blue Pumpkin tools for scheduling and approving agents’ requests for paid time off, meetings, etc.
  • Scribing for Priority One (disaster) teleconference events; creating and tracking Priority One tickets; attending post-event summary meetings

Confidential, COLUMBUS, OH

Systems Officer/Senior ITS Specialist/Technical Trainer

  • Leading enterprise line of business software inventory to meet federal requirements for enterprise and corporate software licensing
  • Conducting corporate-wide Hewlett-Packard laptop replacement: responsible for leading project, inventory control, training design and documentation, hardware repair and workflow design
  • Administering corporate Hewlett-Packard Channel Services Network: served as vendor liaison, conducted research, developed documentation, provided technical/procedural user support recommendations to senior management and created status and computer repair profit reports based on individual invoice reports and return parts reports submitted to outside vendor; reconciled work orders to ensure timely return of parts and monetary recompense to enterprise
  • Managing Huntington Business Service Center (BSC) cluster server migration project: worked as project leader, managed MS Project scheduling, Gantt charts and calendars
  • Overseeing corporate-wide Y2K PC updates: acted as project leader, produced training and federally-required documentation and researched technical hardware BIOS requirements
  • Coordinating Huntington BSC printer conversion project
  • Liaising with corporate software and support vendors (e.g., Lotus, Microsoft, Software Spectrum and WordPerfect); creating requests for proposals for PC software support and licensing
  • Establishing corporate line of business PC Coordinator Program: responsible for identifying, recruiting and training line of business PC Coordinators and conducting monthly meetings for education and collaboration
  • Taking on additional responsibilities as one of only two senior team leaders supporting the ITS Manager
  • Leading software and hardware evaluations for corporate-wide purchasing
  • Developing Business Area Computing Policy Manual for corporate lines of business
  • Conducting computer training courses, including Office products (Access, Excel and Word), Lotus products (Notes, 1-2-3), dBase, DOS

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