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Sharepoint / Web Architect Resume

West, PA


  • Implementing Office 365 / SharePoint Online(Cloud) environment as Web / SharePoint Architect in Confidential .
  • Having consulting experience with CEI, Confidential, IBM (4.5 years) HJ Heinz(Client), Capgemini, Netwoven.
  • 13+ years of IT Experience with 8 year of solid SharePoint experience with Architecture layout, Rollout Roadmap, Analysis, Design, Configure, Develop, Implement, Manage/Production Support of various intranet, multi tire web applications, played ‘Sr. SharePoint Consultant’ in H J Heinz HQ employed at IBM with 6 Offshore team member.
  • Current focus is in SharePoint Governance using ShareGate / Quest(Dell) tool set.
  • Over 9 year experience in designing and developing applications on the Microsoft .Net platform in SharePoint 2013/ 2010 / MOSS-2007 / WSS 3.0 / 2003. Used ODATA, CSOM, SPServices, Client Object Model, InfoPath & Workflow
  • Strong in Microsoft stack experience, worked in al SharePoint version SharePoint Apps/SandBox/WebPart/WorkFlow.
  • Extensive experience in developing Intranet and Web applications using SharePoint 365(cloud), SPS 2003, WSS 3.0/2.0 & Central Admin, SharePoint Apps, WebParts, WebPart Pages, Document Management, Smart InfoPath Form, Workflow, Custom Search, SP.js, ECMA, JavaScript 1.8, Angular.Js.
  • Advocate for Out Of the Box(OOTB), Manage Metadata, Content Type, Site-Def/Template, Forms, Custom Workflow, SharePoint Designer, Publishing Portal, Enterprise Content Management.
  • Profound knowledge of Content Search Web Part/Search Results, CQWP, Permission Level, Audiences, Security, CAML, Search, BCS, Services Application, Master page, Branding, Custom theme, PowerShell 3.0 using ISE
  • Experienced with OOPS, design patterns, Agile/SCRUM, Clean UI design, CSS 3 experience.
  • Experienced in C# 3.5/2.0, ASP.Net 2.0, WCF, ADO.Net, SQL 2012/2008 R2, 2005/T-SQL, SOAP,Web Services.
  • Worked extensively on SPServices, AJAX, Server Control, User Control & Custom Web Controls using C#
  • Expertise in Internet standards ODATA, XML, jQuery 2.0, JavaScript, XML, AJAX.
  • Knowledgeable in distributed global environment using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Over 3+ years of Administration experience in integrating SharePoint 2010 With Search Optimization.
  • Providing architecture roadmap, implement/configure/govern Confidential Office 365/Cloud SharePoint environment with 1000+ user (E3/E2) and 2200+ external users. Scoped for 20+TB content migration with record management.
  • Provided technical leadership and maintained of HeinzWeb (H J Heinz corporate intranet) with 15K+ user & 9+TB content and 5K+ communities on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Server, Integrated with Tibco Tibbr 4.0.
  • Applied rigorous Change Management practices in order to assure reliability and compliance. Used ITIL processes.
  • Established and document monitoring, maintenance for high available / performance SharePoint environment.
  • Planned and prioritize multiple work streams, offshore team (6), including major projects with day-to-day activities.
  • Managed relationships with outside partners/vendor including functional and technical requirements.
  • Provided Level 3(L3) technical guidance to SharePoint administrators across the large global enterprise.
  • Implemented Microsoft Operation Framework (MOF) for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checklist. Used Quest Site manager, Quest server administrator, Quest migrator. Used Microsoft System Center 2007.
  • Optimized SharePoint Usability, Adaptability, Search result, User profiles, Storage, Compression, and Caching.
EXPERTISE SUMMARY:ECM Experience: Office 365, SharePoint Online( Cloud), 2013/2010/2007

Languages & Tools/expertise: C#, .Net 3.5 / 2.0, PL-SQL, T-SQL, JavaScript 1.8, JQuery 2.0, ODATA, CSOM, SPServices, Ajax, SP.js SP Designer, ShareGate, Quest(Dell), PowerShell 3 ISE, STSADM, ShareVis, Tzunami, Nevron Gauge

Project Domain: Architecture, Development, Configure/Administration, Managed Application Solutions, Systems Integration, Performance Improvement.

RDBMS/Data store: MS SQL Server 2005/2000, ORACLE 10g, 9.x, MS-Access, MS-Excel, XML.

Methodologies: Agile Methodologies, SCRUM, UML, Object Oriented Design principals

Development Tools: Visual Studio, TFS, Enterprise Architect, Perf Monitor, Fiddler, Nevron, KWizCom


Confidential, West PA

Designation: SharePoint / Web Architect

Projects – Website enhancement, SEO, Application Migration, ECM roll out.


Designation: Sr. SharePoint Consultant

Role: Office 365 / SharePoint 2013 Consultant.


Designation: SharePoint Developer

Role: SharePoint 2010 developer/ Administrator.

Projects – Confidential Intranet.


Designation: Sr. Systems Engineer

Role: SharePoint Consultant / Microsoft Tower lead in SharePoint 2010 / MOSS and specialist for in HeinzWeb.

Projects – HeinzWeb, Project Calypso, Keystone Time Track, PriorityOne, iDepot57.


Designation: Consultant

Role: SharePoint Consultant

Projects: Authorization module for Municipality of Confidential


Designation: Sr. Software Engineer

Role: Application solution architect, Solution designer, SharePoint consultant, Developer.

Projects: Confidential, Esterline, Confidential, Ebay, Save the Children, Chevron

Design-Build / Development Project Details:

Client: Confidential

Role : Architect, Developer, Web Master, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Description : Confidential wanted to have WCM capability to their corporate web site includes publishing feature, due to low budget scenario SharePoint foundation has been used along with jQuery, JavaScript & SPServices to achieve WCM capabilities. This cost effective solution exactly fits Confidential need. This site has Job Application, ContactUs and Registration functionality.

Environment: SharePoint 2013, SPServices, jQuery, JavaScript, C#, Google Analytics

Role: Architect / Developer / Administrator

Description : This is a cloud migration of Confidential enterprise content management (ECM) from old SharePoint 2007 environment. The scope of work includes many custom LOB application migration, 20TB+ Content migration with mysite.
Environment : Office 365 / SharePoint Online, ShareGate, SPServices, jQuery, JavaScript, C#, SPD, NAPA

Client: Confidential

Role : SharePoint Developer/Solution designer

Description : Confidential Intranet is custom SharePoint application hosting platform for Confidential internal employee as well as external clinet through form based authentication. Confidential is building/migrating all LOB application and internal processes using SharePoint custom application. We are using SharePoint Object model, WebPart, Event Receiver, KWIzCom Suite, Nevron Gauge, InfoPath 2010, and SharePoint Designer to build business oriented application.

Environment : SharePoint 2010, InfoPath 2010, VS 2010, C#, WebPart, Event Receiver, KWIzCom Suite, Nevron Gauge, InfoPath 2010, SharePoint Designer

Client: Confidential

Role : Sr. SharePoint Developer

Description : This is a complex time keeping application. It allow SAP consultant to keep their timesheet which matches with Keystone invoices.

Environment : SharePoint 2010, InfoPath 2010, VS 2010, C#, WCF Service, Sql Server, Workflow.

Responsibilities :

  • Consult with business, Solution Design, roadmap preparation, Prepared TDD
  • Solution development & Portal configuration with extranet facility
  • Work breakdown, Allocate task, Coordinated with team member

Client: Confidential

Role : Sr. SharePoint Administrator/Developer

Description : This project is to create numerous customs Tools/Utility/Script

Environment : SharePoint 2010 Object Model, PowerShell, C#, VS2010

Responsibilities :

Solution development, implementation & support.

Client: Confidential

Role : SharePoint Consultant

Description : This project is to migrate and restructure SharePoint 2003 environment migration to SharePoint 2010

Environment : SharePoint 2010, Quest Migration, PowerShell, C#, VS2010, Tibbr

Responsibilities :

  • Understand and translate the migration strategy into an effective work plan.
  • Interface with business users and technical staff to translate requirements into technical documentation such as use cases, process diagrams, functional design documents, and other system documentation required by project lifecycle methodologies.
  • Analyze business requirements, explore and evaluate various options, configure the application to meet requirements, and coordinate testing with QA and User Acceptance testers.
  • Be a major player in business process improvement and a catalyst for building mature processes.
  • Manage requirements volatility, integrity and continuity via change management and reprioritization


Role : SharePoint Architect / Technical Lead

Description : This was a collaboration team portal for Confidential. Employee uses this intranet portal to interact with resource management group for Confidential

Environment : SharePoint 2007/WSS 3.0, Visual Studio 2005, SharePoint Designer, C#

Responsibilities :

  • Analysis and roadmap preparation
  • Solution development & Portal Design
  • Providing technical leadership

Confidential, NL

Role: Senior Analyst

Description: This is a windows service which works on OpenText eDocs Hummingbird. It set automatic authorization depends on document profile (metadata) & rule matrix. It runs on eDocs server(s) by using the eDocs server API.

Environment: VS 2008, Oracle 10g, eDoc Hummingbird DM API, SOA.

Responsibilities :

  • Created Functional Specs & Technical Design document.
  • Developed Authorization service, Search admin tool to set authorization and Developed Database objects
  • Review of source code
  • Prepared of Delivery Documents

Confidential, USA

Role: Senior Analyst

Description: Confidential uses document management software “Documentum 4i” to store a majority of its corporate controlled documents. It was outdated. We migrate and provide an enterprise document management environment in SharePoint 2007 document management system.

Environment: Tzunami Deployer, Documentum 4i, SharePoint 2007 / MOSS, C#, VS 2005, SQL server 2005.


  • Part of envisioning team (Vision and Scope document)
  • Evaluate “Tzunami Deployer” as migration tool and its limitation to generate Test Case and execute them.
  • Gap analysis and proposed solution.
  • Design Taxonomy on target environment.
  • Content Migration and Co-ordination between USA team and India team.

Client : Confidential, USA

Role: SharePoint Developer/Consultant

Description: This was a WCM (Web Content management) Site for Confidential. This caters their existing web contents into a uniformed web portal environment across the Confidential

Environment: SharePoint publishing Feature, SharePoint OOTB workflow, Custom Field Control, MasterPage Branding, .Net 3.0, C#, VS 2005, SQL server 2005.


  • Created uniform standard page template
  • Web Part, Smart authoring, Document Conversion, Configure Caching.
  • Branding (Master Page template), Search, Caching, configuration.
  • Conducted training for team members.

Client: Confidential, USA

Project: Supply chain management provisioning tools

Role: Senior Analyst

Description: This application helps Confidential to maintain their supply chain management system. It is capable to add, delete, and move Confidential ’s District, Division, and Stores (which are logical entity for Confidential ’s supply chain) as a folder structure in specific document library. It sets proper approval in SharePoint and form relation with distribution group, subgroup and user in AD.

Environment: SharePoint 2007, Microsoft .Net Framework, C#, VS 2005, Xml, AD, (SOA with REST)

Responsibilities :

  • Create TDD and Solution design.
  • Application Development using SharePoint Object model and .Net base class(System.DirectoryServices)
  • Created test cases and test plan. Performed unit testing.
  • Technical and User Manuals with SOP documentation

Client: Confidential, USA

Project: PRA - Product Recall Automation Role: SharePoint Developer / Programmer & TFS Admin.

Description : This automation enables product recall process for Confidential . It handles product withdrawal and recalls from various points. A product recall initiates by an agent upon customer demand by filling out a web form. An internal email and workflow management system manages the recall communication with the store and tracks its progress. The Confidential management gets a report that summarizes the progress of the recall across various divisions, districts and stores.

Environment : Microsoft .Net Framework, C#, VS 2005, Web Service, ASP.Net, jQuery, ADO.NET, SharePoint, IIS, Sql Server 2005, TFS, SOA.
Responsibilities :

  • Application development along with coordinated within Offshore with Onshore team.
  • Functional lead for web forms and played role of Source control manager
  • Co-coordinator for release and DB schema Change & versioning.

Client : Confidential

Role: Analyst

Description : It’s about SharePoint 2003 collaboration portal implementation. This was mainly team site for several departments like Software Development, Support, Implementation dept., HR, Law, Finance are few of them.
Environment : SharePoint 2003, WSS 2.0.

Responsibilities :

  • Portal Configuration according to requirement and Established document management system.
  • Conducted in-house training for end users.

Client : Confidential, USA

Role: Sr. Analyst

Description: Confidential works as a layer on top of LIS (Laboratory Information System). It places an order for a patient and receives their results after lab test. The orders and results are for patients, so maintaining patient information (demographic & insurance), Confidential handled efficiently. It offers lots of flexible functionalities based three main features (patient data, order, result).

Environment: C#, ASP.NET, Cache (Intersystem)


  • Development, Support and implementation
  • DB health checkups and monitoring.

Client: Confidential

Project: IT Infrastructure management Role: Manager

Environment: .Net 1.1, C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net Sql Server 2000, DTS, Predictive Dialer, Nortel Meridian 11C.

  • Lead for Contact (Leads) management, MIS, EDP.
  • Lead for Design, Implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for inbound and outbound telemarketing services and in-house payroll system.
  • In-house development like Online tracking system, Workforce management, Content Management.
  • Conducted technical recruitment process and technical Training

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