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Sharepoint Architect/sr. Sharepoint Developer Resume



Driven SharePoint specialist, experienced in all aspects of building, maintaining, testing and implementing SharePoint solutions. Familiar with all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle, from planning and inception to implementation, to training and support. Well-versed in aspects of database design, data querying and reporting, and administration with experience personal user and client support, as a help desk agent and mentor. Hands-on experience with SharePoint 2013, 2010 and MOSS 2007 with all major tools to include SharePoint Designer, Team Foundation Server and InfoPath.

Career Summary:

  • A total of 10+ years of professional experience in the IT industry
  • A total of 5 specific years with a focus in SharePoint
  • Expertise in SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 and MOSS 2007
  • Expertise in SharePoint 2013 application development using JavaScript and REST
  • Experience developing solutions for different SharePoint versions in Visual Studio using C#
  • Expertise in creation of sequential workflows using both SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio
  • Familiarity with SharePoint state machine workflows in both SharePoint 2010 (Visual Studio 2008) and SharePoint 2013 (SharePoint Designer 2013)
  • Experience generating functional and useful SharePoint Dashboards to solve high level business issues
  • Experience in SharePoint form creation with InfoPath Forms including validation and with code behind in C# or without code behind
  • Experience in the use and administration of SQL Server to support SharePoint as well as report creation using SSRS
  • Knowledgeable in creating solutions centered around OOB SharePoint 2013/2010 and MOSS 2007 functionality
  • Highly organized, utilizing the Microsoft Stack to track and organize tasks and timetables
  • Experienced in problem-solving, specifically in compartmentalizing large issues into small, achievable tasks
  • Skilled at working independently to code and working in groups to define requirements and develop user friendly training material
  • Skilled in training, mentoring and educating end users, junior developers and administrator/IT personnel in the use of new features and customizations in SharePoint
  • Excellent communication skills in explaining technical concepts to non-technical audience
  • Exhibit dedication and personal commitment to project responsibilities
  • Proficient in Data Querying and Analysis using SQL and Cognos Impromptu
  • Familiar with using SQL Server Analytical Services
  • Proficient in building WinForms backend application using C#, the .Net framework, SQLClient and ODBC
  • Expertise using Visual Studio to perform coding and debugging tasks
  • Knowledgeable in building ASP.Net web applications using HTML and CCS, specifically Databound Controls such as GridViews
  • Proficient with all popular versions of the Windows OS, client and Server, from Windows 2000 to present
  • Experienced in Rapid Prototyping methodology of Software Development
  • Experienced in the Agile Scrum methodology of project

Primary Skillset:

  • SharePoint SOM Development
  • SharePoint CSOM Development
  • Database Design
  • Database Administration
  • Data Reporting
  • Technical Support
  • Hardware Installation/Maintenance
  • SharePoint Architecture
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • App Installation/Maintenance/Support
  • Web Design
  • SharePoint Administration
  • Patch Application
  • Network Configuration
  • Firewall/Router Configuration
  • Automation Scripting
  • Technical Documentation
  • User Training

Specific Applications/Technologies:

SharePoint: SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, MOSS 2007

Application Development: C#, VB.NET, Java, C++

Web: ASP.NET, IIS, HTML, JavaScript

JavaScript Frameworks: JQuery, BootStrap, KnockOut

.Net Framework: 4.0, 3.5, 2.0, 1.0


Automation: SQL Server Integration Services, AutoIT

Database: MS SQL Server 2008R2/2005/2000, Oracle (8i and up), Sybase, MySQL

Data Warehousing: SQL Server Analysis Services

Reporting: SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, ActiveReports.NET, Cognos Impromptu 7 Series, Cognos 8, CognosBI

Operating System: Windows 2008R2/2005/XP/8/7/NT/3.x

Networking: Cisco ASA

Project Management Methodology: Agile, Waterfall, Rapid Application Development

Development/Debugging Tools: Visual Studio 2010/2008, Firebug, Visio (workflow)

Version Control: Visual Source Safe, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Git, GitHub

Healthcare: Philips OB Tracevue, Hill-Rom Watchchild, OBiX


Confidential, OH

SharePoint Architect/Sr. SharePoint Developer

The goal of this project was to install a brand new SharePoint 2013 environment and setup the baseline functionality and services revealed during analysis phase. This included developing necessary customizations to extend the OOB capabilities of SharePoint 2013.

  • Conducted in-depth systems requirements meetings with Project Manager, Major Stakeholders and Department Heads to define the scope of the project, three tiers of needs and expectations
  • Defined Information Architecture through additional, focused meetings resulting in detailed Information Rights Management planned for SharePoint 2013 documents and protectors to be installed on WFE
  • Developed detailed governance policy aimed at addressing proper use, regulations and procedures for interacting with and maintaining documents within SharePoint 2013 On-Premise
  • Designed and installed new SharePoint 2013 On-Premise farm and 4 staging environments supporting 27,000 users with 4 Web Front-End Servers, 2 Application servers and 3 SQL Server Database servers
  • Installed SQL Server 2012 database featuring mirroring and logging to support SharePoint 2013 with high availability
  • Configured Managed Metadata service and implemented a Taxonomy based upon the Information Architecture to support enterprise search requirements and security protocols
  • Ascertained a list of mission critical application (MCA) from Project Manager, designing a timetable and plan for POC to demonstration of features and functionality
  • Created Automated Deployment Script in PowerShell to be used for all custom solution deployment in testing, user acceptance testing and final deployment to production environment
  • Activated and configured necessary services justified by functionality list to include Search Service, User Profile Service, Secure Store Service, Managed Metadata Service, Excel Service and App Management Service
  • Generated a Site Management Console in Visual Studio 2013 leveraging JavaScript to obtain and populate the address, creation date and time, and user who created the site or subsite for any new site created in the past month
  • Initiated Site Management Console update monthly with a Web Application scoped timer job written in C# using Visual Studio 2013
  • Expanded base functionality of Site Management Console using JavaScript to allow for sorting by department and Site Collection for a more granular view of activity
  • Deployed personalized landing pages for employees, using RESTful web service to fetch stock ticker data and weather updates and automatically provide for each page
  • Executed numerous processes to be handled within SharePoint 2013 via SharePoint Designer 2013 based declarative sequential workflows, with one state machine workflow set to track the ongoing status of required feedback questionnaires created using InfoPath Forms 2010 and housed in SharePoint
  • Mentored development team on best practice and critical thinking on escalated SharePoint development tasks during code reviews

Confidential, Columbus, OH

(Provided SharePoint related solutions to OB wards in various hospitals)

SharePoint SME

Developed custom software solutions based on the specific needs of OB units in various hospitals and health systems. Managed all aspects of developing these solutions from initial meetings with clients to determine needs and requirements through developing, testing, implementing, user training, and maintenance.


SharePoint SME

Brought internal to lead development teams through entire SDLC and develop internal WSP packages common to hospitals using SharePoint for quick and easy functionality infusions.

  • Conducted first week meetings with each project to gather requirements, validate findings, and secure scope.
  • Documented functional and non-functional requirements and converted business requirements to specific SharePoint technology.
  • Evaluated and presented 1st and 3rd party solutions as well as SharePoint OOB and custom options available.
  • Migrated internal infrastructure from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 manually, ending with Visual Upgrade
  • Developed a SharePoint 2010 WSP solution in Visual Studio 2010 C# for quick deployment that handles nurse on-call scheduling.
  • Designed a feature option to deploy the on-call WSP automatically during site provisioning using feature stapling.
  • Manually deployed on-call solution in SharePoint 2010 test environment with PowerShell for thorough testing and later for demonstration of functionality and ease.
  • Tailored UI with custom CSS files saved as solution packages matching existing branding of associated hospitals.
  • Dynamically applied appropriate branding elements using JavaScript and hospital code identifier.
  • Coded Billing Assistant custom action web part in Visual Studio 2010 using C# to read a list of patient procedures and charges, then automate the process of completing and InfoPath 2010 form and submit readied bills to another list.
  • Notified billing manager via SharePoint Designer 2010 sequential workflow attached to list as new bills are added to the list.
  • Implemented alert phases added to sequential workflow if acknowledgement of bill being sent is not indicated within 72 hours of initial alert.
  • Configured BCS script package developed with PowerShell to create a BCS service connection, obtain source and establish link with confirmation message.
  • Obtained patient intake information with BCS connection to import information into SharePoint 2010, using data to design a dashboard to provide detailed demographic, symptom and TtT (Time to Triage) statistics.

OB Statistical Reporting

SharePoint Sr. Developer

The goal of this project was targeted at updating reporting capabilities and presentation of the same for management and decision makers with a focus on MOSS 2007 capabilities or tools.

  • Analyzed requirements and desires for overall success of the project, documenting needs from several groups including end users, administrators and stakeholders.
  • Conducted focused meetings with major decision makers, suggesting a Dashboard as a viable solution, to determine how success should be measured in their eyes, converting these concepts into KPI along with the KPI List.
  • Injected loosely coupled components by following MVC practices to segment the solution into three separate but related parts.
  • Implemented a MOSS 2007 Report Center to serve as basis for a brand new dashboard project to gather and display data using BDC.
  • Created new MOSS 2007 OB Stat Dashboard based on existing templates in the Dashboard Designer.
  • Populated the MOSS 2007 OB Stat Dashboard with web parts and graphs to display feedback history and trends, a report of areas rated unacceptable based on KPI, as well as a chart of specific OB data and Fetal Heart Rate statistics.
  • Configured Excel Services to have the ability to also include key Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as a data source and visual component of the Dashboard.
  • Evaluated the effectiveness the previous period and grade the outcome of the period with Scorecards in place, color coded for ease of scanning and gleaming outcomes.
  • Expanded core functionality of the Dashboard concept to include each department, repeating the process from developing KPI to launch, incorporating SSRS 2005 SP2 to base Dashboard on specific departments.
  • Developed an On-Demand web part to created ad hoc reports with filtering enabled in Visual Studio 2008 using C# for the code behind and ASP.net to for the visual aspects.
  • Coded C# methods to override the event receivers for buttons to specify the behavior of the buttons including cancelling the submission if one of the nurses was not available to complete the reassignment.
  • Wrote custom feature in Visual Studio 2008 with C# as the code base to provide functionality for Charge Nurse (with credentials) to sign in and reassign patient caretaker/nurse.
  • Customized Master Page by generating C# code behind to override
  • Updated ribbon with C# based implementation in Visual Studio 2008 to add a
  • Conducted team Scrum meetings under the Agile methodology to update as well as be updated on individual and team progress and reallocate resources as necessary.
  • Documented entire Dashboard solution with How-To guide, Frequently Asked Questions and Helpdesk Support contact information as well as personally serving for 6 month maintain phase.


SharePoint Developer

The goal of this project was to create and document a revamped MOSS 2007 process designed to elevate the billing for patients and record physician/nurse tracking per case.

  • Expanded baseline capabilities of MOSS 2007 to improve offerings and functionality geared specifically towards medical personnel.
  • Conducted functional expansion meetings to gauge the degree of specialization desired from major stakeholder groups
  • Reconciled conflicting desires between end users, management and administrators to solidify solutions to meet all standards and guidelines.
  • Created official governance document to ensure a consensus on regulations put on the MOSS 2007 farm and how interactions should be conducted acceptably.
  • Utilized Rapid Application Development methodology to present initial prototypes on Must-Have requirements to get initial feedback and amend design accordingly.
  • Developed a revised system for creation, submission and validation of documentation from Oracle backend by nurses using InfoPath as the primary tool and setting rules to strengthen data integrity.
  • Developed a C# standard web part in Visual Studio to extract billing information from all submitted bills to display to Charge Nurse on Duty to be reviewed and signed off on or rejected before the end of shift based CAML query to refine results.
  • Designed an asynchronous C# based event receiver in Visual Studio 2008 to check all items time stamped before the clock out time are checked either approved or rejected, sending an email to Head Nurse on duty if not.
  • Expanded MOSS 2007 to include a Financial Portal for the purpose of segmented these actions and associates able to view these records, and customizing specific functionality to aid in this role.
  • Conducted detailed and strenuous unit and system testing before activating in production environment for use.
  • Customized UI based on credentials using CSS for cohesive style, combined with HTML and JavaScript to alter major color scheme based on department.
  • Created functionality to reject incomplete forms using synchronous event received using Visual Studio to implement C# code logic.
  • Generated monthly reports initiated by a C# based timer job to identify and update progress of certain areas of improvement targeted to include: compliance with nurse note accuracy, quick and accurate billing, and shorter admission times, especially admission time to nurse ratio.
  • Documented all changes and new functionality, led training sessions and served under 6 month maintain and support phase.


.Net Lead Developer

The goal of this project was to create automation to interact and collect readings and make this easy and secure to access quickly.

  • Built a custom scheduling app using C# running against a SQL Server database to schedule and run jobs
  • Extracted data using ODBC from Perinatal documentation systems running on Sybase Adaptive Server and Oracle (Oracle 7i up)
  • Built custom discrete reports using DataDynamics’ Active Reports (Similar to Crystal Reports
  • Build HL7 text feeds containing discreet data for hospitals with needs other than visual EMRs (feeding discreet data into other patient management systems)
  • Worked with Nursing and Documentation Administrators at client hospitals to determine reporting requirements (to affect the dataset pulled) and layout/look and feel of each report (Admission Reports, Labor and Delivery Reports, Nursing Documentation, Discharge Reports, etc)
  • Worked with Nursing Administrators to build use cases to test that the reports populated correctly and conformed with legal/HIPAA standards
  • Built the functionality using SMB or FTP to deliver reports and HL7 feeds securely to client hospital’s document storage system (Horizon Patient Folders, Epic, etc)
  • Worked with Network and Documentation administrators to ensure final reports reached their destination satisfactorily.
  • Provided extended maintenance as reporting and documentation requirements changed, making updates to the structure of reports and how/when they ran and where they were delivered.

Confidential, Upper Arlington, OH

.Net Developer

The goal of this project was to update a Visual Basic.NET application and implement a new Web Application designed to manage information relating to members of the church, provide the ability to print mailing labels, and create a church directory.

  • Performed analysis activities to get scope of problem and define specific desired outcome
  • Designed and document solution, obtaining clarification
  • Assigned resources based on strengths and impending deadlines to oversee timeliness
  • Demonstrated initial prototype solution to garner feedback
  • Restructured and normalized entries in Access Database to increase efficiency in search and accessing data, especially for family members
  • Wrote custom data link layer to connect to Microsoft Access database and provide a class for interactions in VB.net
  • Crafted an interface to display the resulting report for filtered list of contact details
  • Formatted application to fill exactly dimensions of a standard sheet of paper as well as customized sheets for label printing

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