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Senior Software Developer Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Strong background in large-scale modular software analysis, design and development, extensive telecommunications and financial industry experience, sound knowledge of, OO, C, C++, real-time, TCP/IP, UDP, multithreading, Fix4.2, Tibco, 29West/LBM, MySQL, SQLAPI++,low latency, debugging, testing, work experience, on Unix, Linux, Solaris, Windows.


Senior Software Developer
Confidential, Chicago, IL Dec.2010 - Jan.2011

  • BlueTooth pilot project implementation for a traffic system.
  • Used C++, SQL Server 2005,SQLAPI++, Windows API.

Senior Software Developer Sept. 2010 - Sept.2010
Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Development and testing of a CME gateway for the Borsa Malayesia feedon Linux.
  • Used C++, STL, ACE, Fast Fix, Subversion.

Senior Software Developer Jun. 2009 - Aug.2010
Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Software development for areal-time options trading platform.
  • Development in client server architecture of amultithreadedsystem for the detection and notification of unexpectedly large price movementsin the security and futures market.
  • Design and implement options and equity order router.
  • Lead the design and development of FIX gateways providing connectivity to all major US exchanges for options and equity trading.
  • Enhance, maintain and support 2 real-time systems processing PHLX option trades.
  • Troubleshoot production reported issues and provided timely, efficient resolutions.Development platform: Linux, Windows, OO, C++, TCP/IP, Multicast/IP, Python, LBM, XML.

Senior Software Developer Jun. 2004 - May.2009
Confidential Chicago, IL

  • Software development on a platform designed forreal-time options trading and risk management.
  • Design andimplementation of low latency multithreaded, real-time systems providing for equity and option order management.
  • Development of servers to exchange specifications (CBOE, PHLX, ISE, AMEX) for market data, specialized order feed and order routing over Fix4.2 and proprietary protocols.
  • Provided connectivity to an in house Fix trading network, and gateways.
  • Actively support the existing applications, upgraded with new features, analyzed production issues, proposed and implemented solutions, performed rewrites and redesigns based on a new framework, troubleshoot system problems, diagnose and resolve product defects and bugs.
  • Build C# test applications of managed C++ code.
  • Ported code to VS2008, generate 64 bit builds.
  • The development platform consists of a distributed client/server environment and utilizes: OO, C/C++, STL, Windows XP, TCP/IP, SQL, Tibco, Fix4.2.

Senior Software Developer Nov. 2001 - May. 2004
Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Working on a multi-tier real-time distributed server architecture, made up of exchange, feed and quote servers.
  • Responsible for the design, and implementation of the processors receiving real-time updates from exchanges for equities and derivatives. Implementation of the intraday, interday history bars and tick databases for the securities trading on the exchange on the server side.
  • Provided on site support as required, troubleshooting of production crashes, timeouts, bugs, memory leaks.
  • This is a OO system, written in C++, uses TCP/IP, Multicast IP and UDP for network communication and runs on Windows 2000/NT.

Senior Software Developer May. 2001 - Oct. 2001
Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Worked on the implementation and testing of a complex, high-performance real-time price server running in a client server environment. The system provides customers with equity and option prices.
  • Responsible for the migration and full configuration of several servers in production. Provided production support and mentored the team in charge of server's operation.
  • Debugged server crashes, memory overwrites and leaks.
  • The system was developed on Unix, using C++, threads library, TCP/IP.

Senior Software Engineer
Confidential, Rolling Meadows, ILJune.2000 - April.2001

  • Involved in the development of a fully portable, high performance multithreaded concurrent SIP Signaling Server and SIP User Agent Stack SDK.
  • The system has been coded in C/ C++, uses TCP/IP and UDP for inter network communication (socket programming, semaphores, timers, queues) and runs on Windows, Solaris and Linux.
  • Performed testing, troubleshooting and bug fixing using a LAN packet sniffer and the VC++ debugger.

Senior Software Engineer
Confidential, Buffalo Grove, IL.Nov.99 - May.2000

  • Worked on the firmware of a real time, multitasking embedded system for the building automation industry, built on top of the pSOS. Responsible for integrating the system on the industry standard Lon Works network, using a third party API.
  • The design uses the OO methodology and is implemented in C/C++. The host development platform is a Windows NT workstation, using the Prism IDE. The code is stored in VSS, testing and debugging is executed upon uploading the firmware on the on the target micro controller board.

Senior Software Engineer
Confidential, Naperville, IL.Apr.98 - Oct.99

  • Performed GSM Wireless Intelligent Network system design, development and testing for the 5ESS switch.
  • Development of Computerized Application for Mobile Electronic Network Logic, Suppression of Announcements and IN digit analysis features.
  • Executed white box and deliverable testing using an in-house emulator and the 5ESS switch.
  • The implementation was done in C/C++, SDL, on Sun workstations running Solaris OS.

Senior Software Engineer
Motorola - Arlington Heights, IL. Mar.97 - Apr.98

  • Worked on the call processing of the EMX2500 cellular switch covering the paging and handoff features.
  • Responsible for the full life cycle (design, development and test) of the following projects:
  • Splitting of the Mobile Call Processing programs close to the limit of 64k into two separate program segments, using a specific facility provided by the OS.
  • Enhanced a paging specific feature, which affects the manner in which pages are distributed throughout a cellular network. Designed the feature architecture, added and integrated new functionality by creating new modules and updated existing code followed by unit testing and feature testing on the switch.
  • Responsible for fixing, upgrading and debugging call processing software problems.
  • The development platform consisted of SUN/Unix/C/C++/Clearcase/assembler Z8000 and requires the handling of tasks creation, scheduling, communication and synchronization .

Software Designer
Confidential, Ottawa, ON.Aug.93 - Feb.97

  • Involved in the design and implementation of Telephony services based on a new Object-Oriented call processing architecture. Due to the large scale of the project and the constant evolution of the architecture, work requires inter-personal communication to resolve design issues, and the ability to deal with making design decisions.
  • Prototyped telephony services based on the new system architecture using Smalltalk.
  • Implementation of the following telephony services in C/C++: Hunting, Inhibit Make Busy,Inhibit Line Busy, Make Busy Key, Operator Hold & Rering services for the Global market and Hunt Make Busy and Hunt Stop Hunt services for the North American market.
  • Designed, implemented and tested several call processing and provisioning capabilities in C++.
  • Performed feature testing using in-house emulators as well as on the switch.
  • Responsible for the service real-time impact on call processing and memory store measurements.

Software Developer
Confidential. Toronto, ON.Sep.91 - Aug.93

  • Member of the software development group. Design, development of a transportation software package system in a multi-user environment.
  • Interacted closely with users to define and design the appropriate relational database and customizing requirements.
  • Performed database queries and user interface development. Provided end-users support.
  • The development environment consisted of: C/C++, Btrieve, DOS, Novell.

Software Engineer
Confidential, Cluj, Romania.1983 - 1991

  • Developed in dBase III+, CLIPPER database applications for our clients.
  • This including system definition, design and test. These systems were developed on PC\'s running DOS.
  • Responsible for user support, maintenance and up dating of these systems, provided software modifications specific to company requirements.


  • Master in Computer Engineering,Confidential, Romania


Languages: C/C++, SQL
Assembler: Z8000, 8080
OS/OE: Solaris, Unix, AIX, Windows XP, 2000, NT,
Databases: MYSQL, RDMS, BTRIEVE 5.15, CLIPPER 5.0, dBase III+/IV
Libraries: C++ STL
Certifications: C++

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