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Sql Server Dba Resume

Farmington Hill, MI

Professional summary:

  • 7 years of Database Administrationand Developmentexperience onMS SQL Server 2008 R2/2008/2005/2000in 24*7 environment and Large Data bases in size.
  • Experience in MS SQL Server database development and administration in enterprise production environment including server installation, configuration, upgrade, maintenance, performance tuning, query optimization, backup/restore, recovery, migration, monitoring, security planning and trouble-shooting.
  • Hands on experience and outstanding knowledge of high availability SQL Server solutions, including replication and SQLServer clustering, log shipping and Mirroring.
  • Proficient with SQL Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, Management Studio, Business Intelligence development studio, rescheduling jobs with SQL Server Agent, SQL Profiler, restoring database using full, differential, and log backups. OLAP, OLTP, data warehouse design, trouble shooting.
  • Extensive experience in using SQL Server Profilerto monitor the SQL server fordeadlocks, long running queriesand tunes the same to improve performance.
  • Experience in Batch processes,Import, Export, Backup, Database Monitoring toolsand Application support. Extensive usage of Proactive Monitoring tools of SQL Server.
  • Extensive experience with Storage Capacity Planning, including system storage allocation, on-going capacity analysis and planning future storage requirements
  • Worked closely with developers and testers, my objective was to deliver projects within scope, time and costs while following department standards, methodologies and guidelines.
  • Worked in production environment providing Production Support, Production database server implementation, Database Migration
  • In-depth knowledge ofT-SQLand havingexperience in creating indexed views, complex stored procedures, effective triggers, and useful functions to facilitate efficient data manipulation and consistent data storage.
  • Experience in implementing & monitoring of Replication Models Snapshot, Merge and Transactional
  • Experience of server-client computing and good understanding of relational database environments
  • Provide capacity planning analysis for database resource requirements. Support and trouble-shoot jobs and other system control processes.
  • Experience in planning and implementing MS SQL Server Security and database permissions.
  • Experience in creating Jobs, Alerts, Database / SQL Mail Agent.
  • An excellent team member with an ability to perform individually, good interpersonal relations, strong communication skills, hard working and high level of motivation. A quick learner with an aptitude for taking responsibilities

Educational Qualifications:Bachelor of Technology from Confidential University

Skill set:


MS-SQL Server 2008, 2005, 2000,MS Access



Programming Languages:

C, C++, Java (core), T-SQL, MSSQL

Operating Systems:

Win 2k8/2k3/Win 7/XP, Win NT 4.0, Win server 2003/2008/ 2008 R2

Professional Experience:

Confidential, Farmington Hill, MI July 2010 – Till Date
SQL Server DBA
Confidential is one of the leading captive financial services providers in the world, and the global financial services company of Daimler AG. Our main center of activity is in North America, the largest automotive market in the world. This is where leasing as a financing concept was developed and it still leads the way today when it comes to extending our range of services around the world.


  • Highly worked onAdministration, Database Design, and Performance Analysison very large and highly transactional production databases.
  • Installed and configuredSQL Server 2005/2008 (R2)on new servers with service packs.
  • Extensively work onSnapshot and Transactional Replication.
  • Work on 32 bit, x64 bit and i64 clustered and standalone server environments.
  • Reconfigure the default locations of the data files; log files and error log files onto the SAN environment for all the servers.
  • Provide flexibility and performance to simplify the creation and maintenance of partitioned tables in SQL Server 2005.
  • Applied hot patches onMSCS (Microsoft Clusters)and Fixed few bugs in Microsoft Cluster and SQL Virtual Servers.
  • Extensively work ondatabase partitioningfor better performance in SQL Server 2005.
  • Fix data issues and write various SQL scripts and procedures for migration process.
  • Expert in using and implementingDMV’s, DMF’s, data partitioning, DDL triggers, Mirroring and Online indexing.
  • Develop all the required stored procedures, user defined functions, and triggers using T-SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Implement data availability solutions like Replication; Log shipping Database Snapshot, and Fast Recovery.
  • Optimize the performance of queries with modifications in T-SQL queries, remove unnecessary columns, eliminate redundant and inconsistent data, and normalize tables.
  • Create and modify Stored Procedures and Functions to generate reports.
  • Monitor and modify performance using execution plans and Index tuning.
  • MigratedSQL Server 2000 to 2005, SQL Server 2005 to 2008 R2
  • Designed a report on the monitoring of SQL Server Performance. This report gives a detail report to the management on the Performance of the server. Installed couple of SQL Server 2005/2008 on cluster environment.
  • Implement and manage the clustering environment likeActive/Passive and Active / Active
  • Use log shipping for synchronization of database.
  • Responsible for day-to-day activities, such as backups to the disk and restore the databases and transaction log on production/development servers as per business / IT needs using SQL Safe.
  • Maintain the database consistency withDBCC, DMF and DMV’sat regular intervals.
  • Troubleshoot and fine-tune databases for performance and concurrency.
  • Provide 24x7 Production Database on-call support.

Hardware/Software:Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, MS Windows Server 2003/2008,Visual Studio, T-SQL, XML and SQL Profiler.

Confidential, Detroit, MichiganOct 2009-June 2010
SQL Server DBA
Confidential, specializes in tax and advisory services. With annual revenues of more than $28 billion, the company has been in operation since 1998. It serves clients in the aerospace, defense, automotive, energy, entertainment, insurance, chemical, financial service, communications and logistics industries. PricewaterhouseCoopers offers financial accounting, internal auditing and human resources management services. It also provides assistance with cases related to acquisitions and mergers. The company offers business recovery and consultation and modeling and business planning services.


  • Monitoring SQL jobs, Performance bottlenecks, configuring databases, backup/restore DBs.
  • Implemented different types ofReplication Models like Snapshot, Merge and Transactionalusing SQL SERVER 2008.
  • Using performance tools like Index Tuning Wizard, SQL Profiler, and Windows Performance Monitor for Monitoring and Tuning MS SQL Server Performance.
  • Added error handling techniques like TRY-CATCH in the procs.
  • Raidster internal tool used to track the bugs and to get the consolidated bug reports.
  • Involved in the Design of Database and creation of tables, stored procedures, User Defined Functions, DTS packages using SQL Server 2005, 2000.
  • Experience in planning and implementing MS SQL Server Security and database permissions.
  • Daily Ticketsand otherDeployment/New Application Rollout’sand Change Requests.
  • Implemented SQL security for application users using Active Directory
  • Monitoring the CPU usage, IO statistics, Memory Usage to identify any OS level performance killers, enabling database level trace for performance test.
  • Migrating entire database environment fromSQL 2005 to SQL 2008.
  • Query tuning and performance optimization for the database and highly transactional 100% Uptime applications.
  • Database space management/OS level space management.
  • Query tuning and performance optimization for the database.
  • Setting up Alerts using SQL Mail.
  • Involved in all new projects/application development based on SQL Server, Client/Server Environment.
  • Hardware/Software:MS SQL Server 2008/2008R2, Windows 2003/2007, SQL, MS Access, Erwin.

Confidential, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Mar 2008-Sep 2009
SQL Server DBA
Confidential sells personal and commercial property/casualty insurance across the upper Midwest and Northwest. Products include automobile, homeowners, farm owners, and mobile home and other dwellings coverage. Other offerings include business owner’s coverage, commercial and personal umbrella liability, and workers\' compensation.


  • Installation and configuration of SQL Server 2000/2005 on windows 2003 and maintenance of Servers in Production, QA and Development Environment.
  • Developed and optimized database structures, stored procedures, Dynamic Management views, DDL triggers and user-defined functions
  • Up-gradation of SQL databases from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005
  • Monitored and tuned databases to meet the performance and availability requirements of on-line systems and multiple applications.
  • Scheduled and monitored all maintenance activities of SQL Server 2000 including database consistency check, and index de-fragmentation by DBDEFRAG and DBREINDEX.
  • Monitored database status including CPU, memory, I/O, space, and dead lock issues using SQL Server Utilities
  • Implemented database mirroring
  • Installed, authored, and managed reports using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services
  • Used third party tool like Quest lite speed for taking backups and restoring them.
  • Created Jobs to Automate & Schedule database administrative tasks.
  • Created alerts, notifications, and emails for system errors, insufficient resources, fatal database errors, hardware errors, and security breach.
  • Used SQL Profiler for troubleshooting, monitoring, optimization of SQL Server and non-production database code as well as T-SQL code from developers.
  • Worked on all phases of database management with application development team and other vendors to maintain maximum availability.

Hardware/Software: SQL Server 2000/2005, Windows 2000/NT, Excel, Access, SQL Profiler, Replication, Enterprise Manager, Lite Speed Backup software, DTS, T-SQL.

Confidential, New Jersey, NJ Nov 2007 –Mar 2008
SQL Server DBA
Confidentialis a global medical-device company that pioneered the invisible-orthodontics market with the introduction of the Invisalign system, a clear, removable orthodontic-treatment option for straightening teeth.Invisalign products combine proprietary software and a series of medical-grade plastic appliances called “aligners” to move teeth in stages as determined by the treating doctor.

Being a part of IT operations DBA team, it’s my responsibility to build/deploy/maintain the production, pre-production, development and various staging environments.


  • Installing, configuring and administration of SQL Server databases.
  • Logical and Physical design of SQL Server databases.
  • Database configuration including instance and database creation, database sizing, file placement, specification of storage media.
  • Creation and configuration of database objects such as tables, indexes, sequences, procedures, functions and triggers.
  • Writing and tuning of database resident code such as procedures, functions, triggers and views for consistent enforcement of rules.
  • Database logical and physical design – file groups, segments and data files.
  • Utilized tuning tools such as Perfmon, Trace files, Sql profiler, and Query analyzer to diagnose performance issues and tune the database.
  • Design and develop backup and restore plans and procedures for backup, full and incremental backups.
  • Utilized import and export utilities to supplement backup and recovery routines.
  • Developed and implemented security plan used to monitor and restrict database access.
  • Provided on-call services after hour and weekends.
  • Participated in disaster recovery, high availability and business continuity planning.
  • Migrate; upgrade databases within specified downtime and minimal production impact.
  • Creation and management of logins, user accounts, schemas, roles, profiles and privileges.
  • Participated in defining and documenting policies and procedures for maintenance of the systems.

Hardware/Software:MS SQL Server 2000, Windows NT 4.0, and Perfmon.

Confidential June 2005 – Sep 2007
Confidential a Minority Based Entrepreneur (MBE) for MA, NY and GSA certified company with offices in Boston (Massachusetts) & Kolhapur (India) offers IT/Software Staffing, Consulting and Outsourcing Services for customers.

  • Responsible for Database and Log Backups & Restoration Strategies.
  • Backing up system & user databases and restoring them when necessary.
  • Developed stored procedures and triggers.
  • Performed daily administration, monitoring, and documentation of SQL Servers.
  • Provided assistance to development teams on tuning data, indexes and queries.
  • Scheduled and monitored all maintenance activities including database consistency check and index de-fragmentation.
  • Monitoring CPU usage, memory, I/O, space management, and resolving blocking and dead locks.
  • Used all Declarative Constraints for maintaining Data Integrity.

Hardware/Software: MS SQL server 2000, Windows 2000, VB .Net, Enterprise manager, Query Analyzer, SQL profiler

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