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Sr Pl/sql Developer Resume

Losangeles, CA

Professional Summary:

  • Over 7 years of experience in designing, developing and providing support for theeffective implementation of Enterprise Applications software, to suit the business needs of corporations
  • Experienced in working with Oracle (9i, 10g, 11g), DB2, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, MySQL, Sybase databases on various platforms like UNIX (Solaris, AIX), Linux (RHEL, Fedora, SUSE) and Microsoft NT/2000/2003 Server.
  • Excellent skills in designing and development of applications using SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Database 9i, Designer 2000, SQL*Loader
  • Expertise in PL/SQL functions, stored procedures/packages, triggers, constraints, cursors and views, writing test scripts, creating alerts.
  • Expert in creating indexed Views, complex Stored Procedures, effective functions, appropriate Triggers to facilitate efficient data manipulation and data consistency.
  • Expertise in loading data from legacy systems using SQL*Loader.
  • Experience in Database modeling and database object definitions using tools like Oracle Designer.
  • Developed Database Triggers to enforce Data integrity and additional Referential Integrity.
  • Experience in writing Technical design documents and developing unit test documents.
  • Supported integration and end user testing with efficient defect management process.
  • Worked in Performance Tuning, Query Optimization, Client/Server Connectivity and Database Consistency Checks using DBCC Utilities.
  • Strong Analytical, Problem solving and communication skills.
  • Extensively involved in communicating with the onsite users in resolving the issues and contributing my part of technical support to the team.
  • Expertise in SQL and PL/SQL programming, developing complex code units and using the latest features to optimize performance (Bulk Binds, Materialized views, Inline views, Global Temporary Tables).
  • Proficient in Oracle Server Installation, Database creation, Administration, Up-gradation, Backup and Recovery, Migration on Windows and Unix environment for versions 9i, 10g & 11g .
  • Good Knowledge in setup of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 9i/(Grid Control) 10g for database monitoring /performance/ diagnostics.
  • Expert in upgrading Oracle databases using Database Upgrade Assistant and manual up gradation, Oracle Data Guard, and export/import utilities in a highly compressed time frame minimizing downtime for smooth and successful migration..
  • Strong knowledge on OLAP components development.
  • Experienced in Performance Tuning such as tuning of application, shared pool, buffer cache, I/O distribution, rollback segments, and redo mechanisms.
  • Expert in monitoring Oracle database using Quest tools (Toad), Embarcadero tools (Performance Center, DB Artisan), OEM, and Grid Control to resolve performance problems, detect and troubleshoot any issues, patch and provision Oracle software.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills, excellent communication and presentation skills, and a good team player.

Education Qualifications: MS in Computer Science

Skillset: HP-UX 11.0, Sun Solaris 5.8,5.9&5.10, Red Hat Linux, Windows 2003/ XP/NT, Unix Shell scripting, Perl scripting, Erwin, Oracle 9i/10gRAC, MS Project 2003, MS Office 2003, SQL*PLUS, SQL*Loader, Developer 2000/6i, SQL, PL/SQL, C, UNIX, Linux, Windows NT/2000, MS-Dos, SQL Navigator, TOAD,golden gate.

Projects Summary:

Confidential. LosAngeles, CA6/2011 - current Sr PL/SQL Developer Confidential Tracking Activation Offer System is the backend offer and commitment tracking system. This system keeps tracks of offers and issues credits to the customers based on the offer types. Hardware/Software: Oracle database 10g, Linux, Toad, Filezilla Responsibilities:

  • Worked in System Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Development and Documentation.
  • Worked in validating and developing the design and logical phase of the requirement.
  • Extensively worked in developing many packages with procedures, functions with cursors and refcursors.
  • Worked with PL/SQL advanced features like collections and records and PL/SQL objects types, involved in performance tuning and development.
  • Worked in writing many stored procedures, various functions, triggers and developed monthly and weekly reports.
  • Created views, materialized views and indexes on tables as a matter of performance improvement and optimization.
  • Worked with Native dynamic SQL in various stored procedures and functions.
  • Export and Text IO packages and Written many Stored Procedures and in many Forms and Reports. Worked with Unix shell scripts and PERL scripts to generate daily reports.
  • Good knowledge in database links, Worked on tables, various types of views like inline and materialized views in different databases by linking the databases.
  • Worked with advanced PL/SQL concepts like collections, PL/SQL objects and records used them in building procedures and functions.
  • Extensive knowledge in performance tuning the queries and development, built indexes as part of tuning and optimization.
  • Worked with Export and Text IO packages and wrote many Stored Procedures in many Forms and Reports. Worked with Unix shell scripts and PERL scripts to generate daily reports.
  • Worked on tables in various databases by linking the databases.
  • Worked in data transfer and retrieval through various schemas used TOAD and MySQL.
  • Worked with many complex SQL queries with joins, date functions, inline functions, sub queries to generate reports.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA 4/2010 - 5/2011 PL/SQL Developer Confidential with corporate offices in Cincinnati and New York, is one of the nation's premier retailers, with fiscal 2010 sales of $25 billion. The Confidential brand includes about 810 Confidential department stores and furniture galleries in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico, as well as macys.com. Material Inventory system: Involved in development and maintenance of the application database. The system was designed to keep track of all kind of Business transactions. This project is mostly used to handle the goods that come into the warehouses, the system keep tracks of all the orders of the customers, the exact dates that the goods have to be delivered. The system generates the action plan that has to be followed to deliver the goods in time. Hardware/Software: Oracle database 10g, Linux, OEM, support central queue, Toad. Responsibilities:

  • Involved in designing of the logical and physical databases by using the database tools such as ERWIN
  • Developed and modified database procedures, functions, triggers, packages to enhance and improved functionality using PL/SQL.
  • Managed and monitored standby database using (Data Guard) as well as monitoring primary database created the database monitoring scripts by using Unix Shell scripting and Perl scripts
  • Developed tables with partitions and created indexes, constraints, triggers, synonyms, database links, table spaces, roles etc in different schemas.
  • Developed numerous programs using PL/SQL and many packages to do the validations as per requirements.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries using joins, sub queries and correlated sub queries.
  • Created stored procedures with cursors to load the data from staging to analysis tables.
  • Worked with various complex queries with joins, sub-queries, and nested queries in SQL queries..
  • Prepared and reviewed database specifications, testing and change control management programs migrations.
  • Provided database/application tuning including such as reducing lock contention, modifying db parameters, balancing I/O across controllers, analyzing objects, pinning objects, and eliminating chained row.
  • Assisted developers in SQL Tuning of offensive queries in several environments. Install, configure and maintain Oracle Single Sign-On with Active Directory and Oracle Internet Directory.
  • Worked with dynamic SQL, developed many procedures and function with dynamic SQL.

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN 2/2009 - 3/2010 PL/SQL Developer Confidential is the 10th largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Across the globe, Confidential has developed productive alliances and partnerships that advance the capacity to develop innovative medicines at lower costs. HR-CMS: This is called as the Content management System of our company. It is a complete web enabled project for managing the work of Human Resources Department of the company. The managers and employees should access the system with unique ids and passwords. Where some information is publicly visible to other employees and some confidential information to the authorized users only. Hardware/Software: Oracle Server 10G RAC, OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager), SQL*Plus,, Toad 8.6 , UNIX Shell Scripts , Windows 2000 and XP Pro, 40 databases ranging from 200GB to 10TB Responsibilities:

  • Understanding the customer requirements, analysis, design, development and implementation into the system.
  • Developed and modified database procedures, functions, triggers, packages to enhance and improved functionality using PL/SQL. .
  • Extensively used the advanced features of PL/SQL like Subtypes, Records, Tables, Object types and Dynamic SQL.
  • Worked on data export and import wizard to transfer data between different schemas in oracle using TOAD, MySQL.
  • Involved in performance fine-tuning of the queries using PL/SQL and SQL*Plus.
  • Writing Unix Shell Scripts to automate backend jobs, loading data into the Database using SQL* loader utility. Embedded programming using Pro*C.
  • Merging & updating of Tables using Merge features of SQL*PLUS.
  • Vast experience in Performance Tuning (I/O, Memory & SQL Tuning etc) by working in development area in using ESTAT/BSTAT and more with STATSPACK and AWR as the main tool to tune SQL queries.
  • Implemented database monitoring and tuning, application, and queries using TKPROF, Explain Plan, OEM, and custom scripts for optimum performance within testing, development, and production environments.

Confidential, Houston, TX 1/2008 - 2/2009 Oracle PL/SQL Developer Confidential Energy markets electricity and related services to customers throughout Texas. It is the largest manufacturer of electricity in Texas. It focuses on keeping power costs as low as possible. This project was for the high-level management personnel, it is called as "Project Calendar", this is developed to track the current projects undergoing in the organization. It tracks all the departments and their major functions in the company. The mangers would easily identify the associate"s performance and the work done at a particular period. Hardware/Software: Oracle 9i, SQL*Plus, SQL * Loader, Erwin, UNIX shell scripts, XML, Oracle Procedure Builder, HP-UX Windows XP Professional Responsibilities:

  • Coordinated with users to define and design needs, developed technical solutions ensuring software integrity.
  • Created packages, stored procedures and user-defined functions using PL/SQL and Oracle Procedure Builder for various business operations.
  • Wrote complex business logic triggers for validation and updating of data using PL/ SQL.
  • Designed and developed primary database objects using referential integrity rules on (tables, views, indexes).
  • Wrote SQL*Loader scripts for loading data into the Oracle database.
  • Reverse engineered the existing database to add extra functionality utilizing Oracle Designer 2000.
  • Embedded programming using Pro *C.
  • Tuned the SQL Queries with the output of Oracle Tools like Explain Plan, TKPROF.
  • Fixing bugs according to the software change requirement.
  • Used TOAD, PL/SQL developer tools for faster application design and developments
  • Performance tuning, SQL tuning.
  • Developed complex procedures to handle errors and exceptions at database level using PL/SQL.
  • Created views, materialized views and indexes on tables as a matter of performance improvement and optimization.
  • Application performance & Tuning using TKPROF generating report from SQL trace file.
  • Recommended improvements to existing application for performance and scalability requirements.
  • Wrote the UNIX shell scripts to automate the data load processes. Documented all the scripts used in the project for easier maintenance.

Confidential, Freelance, PA 9/2006 - 12/2007 PL/SQL Developer Confidential is a leading research-driven pharmaceutical products and services company. Confidential discovers, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of innovative products to improve human and animal health, directly and through its joint ventures. Payroll Maintenance Portal: This project is used to generate the payrolls for the employers, this works on the company norms that are created for employees. I was responsible to generate queries on the Oracle database for each type of employee. Involved in System Analysis & Designing, Testing, and Planning and writing source code. Database designing, integration of different modules to construct the real Software application. Hardware/Software: Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, SQL, Case Designer 2000, ASP,Visual Basic 6.0, Windows 2000, HP-UX, XML, UNIX, PRO * C, C Responsibilities:

  • Researched and determined business and systems requirements to address a wide range of complex business issues.
  • Designed Database using ORACLE 8i & system development under programming environment PL/SQL.
  • Wrote procedure, functions using Oracle Procedure builder.
  • Created PL/SQL Database Triggers, Procedures, and Functions for Payroll Processing.
  • Designed User Interface using Visual Basics controls Text box, Label, List Box, Combo Box, and Data Grid).
  • Developed the messaging system in PL/SQL using DBMS_AQ package for Advance Queuing.
  • Wrote and validated functional specification, Prototypes, Design Documents.
  • Extensively involved in the process of trouble-shooting and application enhancements for performance.

Confidential, Chennai, India 1/2004 - 8/2006 PL/SQL Developer Confidential is a global provider of IT and Process outsourcing services. It focuses exclusively on maximizing client returns from outsourcing and off-shoring. Enterprise Data Management: Description: The project included extensive development of Packages. Grouping the Procedures and Functions that were already written into respective packages and to increase the system performance, Created Indexes on tables with large data volumes. Hardware/Software: Oracle RDBMS 9i, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, XML, Toad. MySQL Responsibilities:.

  • Interacted with the business users on a regular basis to collect Business Requirements andSpecifications.
  • Tested new enhancements and bug fixes before Deployment into the Production environment.
  • Worked as part of a team to launch new Application Releases under strict time deadlines
  • Coded database Triggers, Package, Functions, and Procedures using PL/SQL and maintained the scripts for various data feeds.
  • Optimized and Tuned PL/SQL to reduce the loading process - Utilized SQL*Loader to perform bulk data loads into database tables from external data files.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries using joins, sub queries and correlated sub queries.
  • Responsible for designing and maintaining fully integrated and multiple levels help system for the modules.
  • Prepared functional specifications, release notes, training materials and other documentation.
  • Review of Security policies in the SQL Server and ensuring its effective implementation
  • Maintenance of up-to-date documentation

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