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Senior Programmer Resume

New Jersey, NJ

OBJECTIVE: A leadership/senior level programming position with emphasis in Application software development and/or Client/Server System development.

  • HARDWARE: Vax, Silicon Graphics, SunSPARC, IBM PC.
  • SOFTWARE: UNIX, Windows NT, Data Bases, 3-D Graphics Simulations, MS Office Software, PC Application Software, PowerBuilder 10.5, PowerBuilder’s Foundation Class, PowerDesigner, TCP/IP, DML, DDL, SQL, Oracle 9i, Sybase System 11, and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Familiar with most Source Code Control Systems.
  • LANGUAGES: C, C++, Fortran 77, GL, PHIGS, PowerBuilder Powerscript, J2EE and Matlab/Simulink and STK application.
  • EDUCATION: Confidential
    Received a BS in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Aerospace Engineering Department.

Earned a MS in Aerospace Engineering with the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Sciences through a continuing education program. Focus area was primarily in Control Systems design. Currently have 5 years of Matlab/Simulink and some STK experience.


Independent Contractor
Self employment began with a 1 year contract with Information Engineering LLP. More than 14 years of Powerbuilder experience and more than 10 years of PFC experience. Experienced team leadership and full life cycle software development. Detail oriented and quality conscious. Ability to work with tight schedules and budgets. Strong analytical skills applicable to gathering user requirements, directing requirements sessions and developing process maps. Excellent interpersonal skills and written/oral communication skills. Independently motivated and currently learning J2EE.

The following are past clients:

6/07 – 6/08
Provided senior level system design and software development for a client\'s graphically based software for fuel parametric monitoring and review. The software utilized PowerBuilder programming and TSQL trigger and stored procedure design. The system utilized Microsoft SQL Server 2005, PowerBuilder 9.0.3 and the PFC.

9/06 – 12/06

Maintained a movie viewing system and incorporated a number of enhancements specifically designed for the legal department. Supported the organization with senior level PowerBuilder programming and with TSQL trigger and stored procedure design. The system utilized Sybase System 11, PowerBuilder 9.0.1 and the PFC.

4/06 – 8/06
Responsible for the SDLC of integrated enhancements to a medical device tracking system. The tracking system handles critical events that occur globally with implanted/explanted medical devices. The system was designed to generate various reports in accordance to the handling of the events and allowed for the synchronization of data between two separate Database systems. The project utilized Oracle 8i, PowerBuilder 10.5 migrated from version 9.0.3 and the PFC.

Confidential 7/05 – 3/06 Senior programmer tasked to coordinate, develop and maintain OppenheimerFund’s business processing software utilizing PowerBuilder 9.0.1. Three new applications and the modification and maintenance of 10 separate financial analysis and reporting systems was required for the corporate accounting merger between Mass Mutual and OppenheimerFunds, Inc. Responsible for performing financial analysis, software analysis, s/w verification and QA. Also, responsible for Oracle and Sybase database development and maintenance using DDL, stored procedures and functions.

10/04 – 7/05

Returned to the state to re-design the Trails application framework in support of a new top level navigation system. Working to integrate the PFC functionality within the current framework and ancestor object set. Also, generated a number of Oracle procedures to assist in the management of production data. Continued to work in a maintenance capacity with additional support in the implementation of the PFC security model.

8/01 – 2/04

Provided senior programming services using PowerBuilder 8.0.3 with the PFC. Sequoia Voting Systems provides electronic voting machines for election systems. Use of OCX/OLE objects as the control interfaces for hardware interaction and vote tabulation control. MS Sql Server 2000 interfaces were mostly through triggers, and functions. Maintained extremely complex functional database procedures and interfaces. The PowerBuilder software design and development was modularized and portable.

8/00 – 5/01

Returned to the state to support security problem resolution with the Child Welfare application just prior to rollout. Completed work on the menu integration process of the Child, Youth and Families application with the Department of Youth Corrections application. The system utilized Oracle 8.0, Powerbuilder 6.5 and PFC version 6.5.

5/99 - 8/00

Employed as a senior PowerBuilder programmer. Responsible for the design and development of a contract reconciliation tool. Duties included development of the PFC version 6.5 system framework, ancestor object design, system security design and development, mentorship, core functional area development and Oracle 8.0 stored procedure backend coding with wrappers and PL/SQL.

2/99 - 4/99

Integrated the PFC into the Child, Youth, and Family application by modifying the system’s framework. The application is a transfer system using PowerBuilder 2.0 methodologies. Supported the incorporation of a new ancestor design and PFC based security. The system utilized Oracle 8.0, Powerbuilder 6.5 and PFC version 6.5.

2/98 - 2/99

Supported the organization with senior level PowerBuilder 5.0 development. The system is a state based worker’s compensation insurance application using Oracle 7.3.

10/96 - 2/98
Senior Programmer

Performed as the chief researcher of an extension library to PowerBuilder’s Foundation Class for the Promise Keepers organization. The library has a consortium of objects that provide for a wide range of functionality. Integration of the library into the PFC’s framework coupled with security handling provided for a robust development environment. Also, researched the PFC’s 3-tiered architecture for potential implementation. Sybase SQL Server system 11.0 database stored procedures were developed utilizing TSQL.

6/96 - 10/96
Senior Systems Analyst

Converted an inventory and invoicing system for the Accu-Tube Corporation. The system provides data management across their full production cycle. The system resides on a UNIX platform and has Informix’s 4GL and DB systems. The newer system is being designed utilizing NT 3.51, PowerBuilder 5.0, PowerTool 5.0 when released and Sybase SQL Server System 11.0.

Previously certified for more than 1 years at PowerBuilder 3.0a.

5/95 - 6/96
Senior Systems Analyst

Chief designer/developer of a Water Waste Case Management System for the city of Albuquerque. The application utilizes PowerBuilder 4.0a, Sybase’s SQL Server System 10 and PowerTool 4.0. PowerTool is an object library containing a diverse set of PowerBuilder ancestor objects, a built-in navigation and control system, and (MDI/SDI) Multiple/Single Document Interface application framework.

SECRET Clearance reinstated.

8/94 - 4/95
Software Designer

Attained certification for PowerBuilder 3.0a development. Assigned to the Morton International Automotive Division to assist in designing a manufacturing database application. The application utilized PowerBuilder front-end development and Oracle 7.0 database prototyping for an airbag production system.

11/82 - 7/94
Software Design Engineer

Over 12 years of experience in program conversion, translation, design, development, integration and evaluation of various software packages, data bases, engineering models, simulations, and application software. Experienced with most graphics packages, peripheral interfaces, programming methodologies, workstations and security issues.

SPECIAL Confidential
PROJECTS: Responsible for performing various mission analyses, for more than two years, utilizing (AMEM) the Army\'s Multiple Engagement Model designed by SAIC. Duties included: effectiveness trade studies, engagement statistics including the impact of nuclear environments and requirement\'s flow-down for DOD review, hardware and software design and development, program post processing, and VAX/VMS systems administration. Responsible for maintaining classified computing environments and confined facilities. Tasks required skills on mini-computers, UNIX based workstations, personal computers, networking software and hardware experience.

Advanced Programs Support
Performed as a project lead for the design and development of a Mass Properties predictions tool for phase \'A\' vehicle studies and proposals. The program was designed to automate the collective information process and to provide traceability and repeatability previously unattained. The program required an extensive data base, analysis software, and a windows definition library.

National Aerospace Plane Proposal Effort
Responsible for integrating a number of software programs utilized in the preliminary configuration design loop. Also responsible for VAX/VMS operating system support and maintenance.

A SECRET clearance was acquired for the project.

Space Station Proposal Effort
Worked as the design engineer of an (RMS) Remote Manipulator System simulation tool. The program was designed to perform near real-time kinematics simulation. It utilized a 2-D graphics driver and performed 3-D graphics simulations of orbiter payload deployment and retrieval, and collision detection for various Space Station assembly sequences. The tool resides on the VAX/VMS system and required knowledge of kinematics, CAE tools and various graphics modeling techniques.

Shuttle Program
Converted a number of global atmospheric models from UNIVAC to CDC. One that included a 4-D trajectory model of shuttle launches and orbiter descents. Application of a 3-D graphics interpolative routine displayed the atmospheric parameters at various altitudes and trajectories for wind shearing avoidance and preferred flight path determination.

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