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Sql Developer Resume

New Jersy, NJ


An Intern/Co-op position starting spring 2010 in IT Services where my problem solving skills and experience in IT and ability to work in groups can effectively contribute to the profitability of the organization.


  • M.S. in Computer
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista, Linux, UNIX.
  • Languages: C, C++, PL/SQL, Java, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, UML, XML,PERL.
  • Applications: Oracle 9i, MS Office Pro, MS-SQL, Visual Basic, Rational Rose.
  • Networking: TCP/IP, Wired/Wireless Network Setup, Firewall Setup.

Professional Experience:

  • Summer Internship Confidential,May-July 2008

  • Was chosen among a batch of 500 recruits. Only 12 were selected.
  • Worked as a SQL Developer to design, develop and maintain SQL 2000/2005 databases.
  • Summer Internship – Confidential,May – July 2007

  • Responsibilities included DBMS installation, sizing, and building databases and tables, monitoring, tuning, and performance management of the DB environment.
  • Summer Internship – Confidential,May – July 2006
  • Software Developer: Designed and developed various 3 –Tier applications using PERL, JAVASCRIPT, MS SQL SERVER 2000, XML and HTML.

Related Coursework & Academic Projects:

  • Web Log Analyzer – Confidential,(Fall 2007)

The aim of this project is to monitor the number of hits on Air India website. This tool allows the developer to keep a complete statistical track of the popularity of the website.

Role & Contribution:

  • Lead Java programmer in the project.
  • Performed the Requirement gathering, Analysis and Documentation for this tool.
  • Designed the GUI and modules used for generating the web page after displaying the desired results.
  • Confidential, (SPRING 2008):Authentication protocol for wireless networks was designed which was customized to meet the needs of our college. Configuration of FreeRadius and LDAP servers along with client side support was a part of the project.
  • Confidential, (Fall 2008): Simulation of a multicast protocol for a wireless network. The protocol was based on the underlying Link State Multicast protocol and designed according to the problem definition. The protocol was implemented using Java
  • Software Testing Projects :
  • Black Box Testing Using SilkTest (SPRING 2009 ):This project included creating an automated test suite for software ‘BULK RENAMING UTILITY\'. SilkTest was the tool used to exercise Black Box Testing and a complete IEEE standard documentation was created.
  • White Box Testing Using xSuds (SPRING 2009 ):The project included testing UNIX text utility ‘ptx’ .The goal of this project was to create a test suite to exercise the source code ‘ptx.c’. xSuds testing tool was used to measure block and decision coverage as well as c-use and p-use coverage.

  • Database Projects:

  • Database Management (Fall 2008): Complete Database Design including actual database and query retrieval and ER and EER design for the administration of a company database using Oracle.
  • Database Management Client Server Application: Used Java and My SQL to develop the front and back ends of the distributed database respectively. The database addressed at providing functionality like adding, deleting or modifying records and creating weekly schedules and payment details and other information and also setting access rights on the data accessed.

  • Access Control for Web Systems (Spring 2009): Created a web application wherein access control was performed using Javascript and ASP.Net and the database was embedded from XML into HTML
  • Advanced operating system (Fall 2009) – Distributed Chat application, using Socket connection, MultiThreading and RPC. Coded in Java.
    • Pizza Delivery System (Fall 2008): Created UML diagrams using Rational Rose and simulated a system for pizza delivery system as part of Object Oriented Analysis and Design Course at the UTD Fall 2008.

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