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Project Lead Resume

Wayne, NJ

Technology professional with 20 + years of experience in the Financial Services and Manufacturing Industry operations group. Senior IT professional experienced in all phases of system development in a variety of business applications. Experience in development, maintenance, support, and business analysis of systems written in VB.Net, VBScript, VB 6, VBA, ASP.Net, Excel, Access, Word, Sybase, & SQL Serverfor data analysis and detailed reporting.

Software:VB.Net, VBScript, VB 6, Excel VBA, Access, ASP, SQL, Crystal Reports
Database:MS SQL Server, Sybase 12, Oracle, MS Access (Jet-database)


Confidential, Wayne, NJ02/05 to Present
Project Lead /Software Developer programming in VB.Net, VBScript, VB 6.0, Access, Asp.net, Excel, SQL, Sql Server and Sybase for data analysis and reporting
Project Lead /Software Developer responsible for developing, managing, supporting, and delivering complex projects and tasks for operations group on time. Responsibilities include: setting up project plans;developing customized software based on the analysis of day to day tasks or analysis of intricate process in need of automation; reviewing work; testing code and managing consultants. In my position, I created customized software applications to streamline the flowof information and reduce errors for the operations group. Applications also increase the quality and visibilityof the information needed to make informed decisions.Responsible for managing and developing RADand long term new systems and enhancements beginning with requirements gathering through implementation and support. For example...

  • Created a multifunctional toolset which provides design analysis,product performance evaluation, and product costs management for newand existing assemblies. The system is a design for assembly /manufacturability application which utilizes software and designsupport guidelines to improve producibility, reduce cost, and improvefirst pass yield of new and or emerging designs.
    Provide and manage detailed or adhoc reports on data from Sql Serveror Access database. These reports / apps reviewbudgets, cost management, check to see if targets are being met andprovide analysis of the operations group daily activites.
  • Created application to gather, track and report on process improvements.
    Created application to manage and archive Engineering method sheets.
    Created software that displays Pareto charts of an analysis of an assembly.
    Coordination & Management of data integrity between PDM, APL, andOracle ERP system.

Confidential, New York, NY 06/04 to 02/05
Programming in VB, VBA, Access, Excel, Sybase, and SQL
Primary developer for the Equity Finance Product Control Group. Responsibilities include the development of new applications and troubleshooting and enhancement to existing SwapsP&L and Equity Finance applications for the group. The financing applications support synthetic swaps, margin debits, free credit, short financing, long financing, and matched book. Also provide support for morning and nightly batch jobs.
Developed,supported / enhanced primary application used to provide P&L customer financing information of clients (Prime Broker, Private clients, and Equity desk positions).
Supported / enhanced daily, monthly, YTD Revenue forecast and Financial Overview reports.

Confidential, Wayne, NJ11/03 to 06/04
Consultant programming in VB, VBA, Access, Excel, Sybase and SQL
As part of the EFM (Effective Flow Management) team, developed software to create an automated/paperless environment for a group of managers. Responsibilities included the creation and development of applications written in VB, Access and PowerPoint. Created applications to manage an inventory of shop order parts; a task management system used to track updates to methods, calculation of rewards and creation of reports and expenses; created an electronic notebook; also created a PowerPoint application to run a carousel of parts and a robot arm used in developing radio components.

Confidential, Columbia, MD 8/03 to9/05
Consultant programming in VB, VBA, Access, Exceland SQL
Part Time Software developer responsible for the creation, development, analysis and support of an application written in VB and Access. Created an application called ASTARS, which is a document retrieval system. My duties included the following: Project management, Interpreted business requirements, designed new functionality, created technical specs, data modeling and created the project plan. Wrote and tested program specifications which organizes documents (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) by a user defined category and allows them to bring up the document from a vb interface. Created the installation script and defined and executed test plans; also responsible for updating application with new functions and procedures.

Confidential, Meadowlands, NJ 8/03 to 10/03
Consultant responsible for development and support of applications written in VB, SQL Server, VBA and Access.
As part of a group that supported the Elite Information Systems package, I developed a standalone application to support this package. My duties included the following: created an account mapping system that inserted, updated, and deleted Product and GL accounts between Elite and GFIS; conducted the analysis, coding, and testing for maintaining the account logic; created test scripts; also created functionality to download reports into Excel. Provided day-to-day support of Elite Information Systems and standalone access applications.

Confidential, New York, NY 7/00 to 12/02
Senior Programmer/Analyst responsible for the development, maintenance and user support of derivative system written in VB, VBA, Excel, Sybase & UNIX.
As part of Global derivative applications team, supported an application called ASAP-Settlements. I worked closely with the middle office group on day-to-day operations, planning, and analysis of business needs for the application. ASAP is a Fixed Income Derivatives system which processes and consolidates derivatives cash flows, generates customer notices, creates global treasury funding numbers, enables payment confirmations, creates SWIFT messages, and hands off data to the back-office P&L and SWIFT systems. Developed using Visual Basic as the front-end tool, a Sybase 12.0 database and Excel VBA reports.

  • Developed and made enhancements of several functions and procedures, as well as trouble shooting bugs.
  • Wrote and tested VB Code
  • GUI development of screens and the processing of information
  • Created user specs.
  • Conducted weekly meetings with middle office group in London, NY and Tokyo.
  • Integrated legacy applications into ASAP-Settlements.
  • Created the process to convert Excel reports to Adobe Acrobat pdf files
  • Convert application from VB5 to VB6
  • Created stored procedures and sql routines
  • Data modeling of user specs and business model.
  • Data analysis of user specifications.
  • Tested and made enhancements to application to run under XP
  • Supported and developed Excel based reports
  • Provided daily support to a global group of users in New York, London, & Tokyo.
  • Produced AdHoc Reports from database for analysis

Confidential, Weehawken, NJ 6/98 to 7/00
Senior Associate responsible for the development, maintenance, and implementation of VB applications, web applications, Asp, Sql Server, Sybase, Oracle and Crystal Reports.
As part of the Desktop Strategies and Support team, provided analysis, development & maintenance support for the Mutual Fund Trading Desk Operations.

  • Supported a VB5 application that tracks the buying & selling of Paine Webber mutual funds.
  • Responsibilities included system enhancements, business analysis to a VB5 & Crystal Reports front end, Sybase back end and Unix batch scripts. Also supported several Access based applications.
  • Supported web applications currently being used by several back office operations groups.
  • Duties include providing system enhancements and production support for these applications.
  • Supported several Access based applications.
  • Created adhoc application based on user
  • The lead client server developer in the rewrite of the Product Reference database (PRDB) system. This system allows users to track & update Paine Webber securities.
  • Responsibilities included rewriting the middleware data software piece and configuring the CISAIX1 Server that acts as the middleware between the PC and the mainframe. I was the lead developer in setting up the VB5 code architecture, creating the GUI interface, working with the mainframe developer in developing the architecture for the input/output data feeds using the Interspace software.
  • Created Excel based exceptions reports

Confidential, New York, NY 12/92 to 6/98
Programmer/ Business Analystresponsible for developing and implementing client server applications for BT Securities. Most of the projects involved business analysis and the implementation of this analysis into application that automated or improving manual office procedures. These applications were written with a Visual Basic front end with connections to MS SQL Server, Sybase, RDB or Access back ends.

  • Lead Y2k effort in converting non-compliant applications to VB5 and SQL Server.
  • As part of a team, developed KARMA, a Repo system.
  • Responsibilities included developing input and output file processing, validation processing, creating GUI interfaces, ODBC connections, developing VB classes and creating OLE automation to Excel.
  • Created a multi-user customer securities database.
  • Created 30 day-letter application. This is an application, which generates cover letters and trade details for securities that are being held over 30 days.
  • Modified & enhanced P&L application written in VB4 with an Access database and Crystal Reports.
  • Supported several Access / Excel based applications.
  • Reviewed business requirements to produce RAD (rapid application development) systems.
  • As part of a team, worked on the Clearance & Settlement Systems.
  • Responsibilities included coding and testing for the Confirm/Affirmation piece, Interactive ID 3-Day Settlement Cycle, and many enhancements to the online functions. The implementation of NDM software for the transferring and receiving of DTC files.


Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science
CERTIFICATION: Passed Visual Basic part of Microsoft Solutions Provider Certification.

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