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It Consultant Resume

Radnor, PA

IT Work Experience:

Programming Experience:
Object oriented programming, data structure and algorithm (From 2008 to present)

C# (from 2009 to present):
Winform, Console application, Ado.net, Linq, dataset, System.Diagnostics, ASP.net/MVC, multithread programming, time clock implementation, XML reading and writing, DOM, report generation, Business intelligence studio related data analysis programming.

Java/C/C++/visual basic/VB.net/Matlab/PHP/Javascript (From 2008 to 2012): Class, struct, linklist, tree, dictionary, hashtable, stacks, Winform, recursive function call, semaphore/mutex/spin lock implementation, file reading and writing, Matrix manipulation, computing performance enhancement via parallel computing and algorithm optimization.

Database (from 2009 to Now):
SQL query, data modeling, database construction, index, load balancing, real time database replication, SQL performance enhancement via parallel computing.

Data mining and machine learning (from 2009 to Now)
Data analysis for database and business, Data warehousing, Neural network, decision tree, Bayesian network, regression study, Actuary certification related to financial mathematics.

Testing (from 2009 to now):
Unit test, QA test, Sniff test, Smoke test, Web testing by developer tools in Firefox/Internet Explorer, xml schema validation, data model integration analysis, Performance test, Load test, automatic testing tool development for Database, software products, etc.

Tech support and administration ( from 2010 to 2011)
SQL database maintenance and ETL, tech support for SQL server upgrade by a parallel programming product, Cloud computing implementation(Amazon), RAID, Linux/Unix operation.

Business Experience ( 10 years plus):

Project planning, design; Knowledge discovery; Logic and Math; Trouble shooting, problem solving; Negotiation; collaboration; Profession Communication (Writing and reading); Strategic Consulting; New method/system/product development; Booking keeping/logging; Customer service/relationship, Marketing.

Industried Served ( 10 years plus):

IT (Software and database), Consulting, Aerospace, Medical/Health, Basic Research, Insurance, Bank, Business Intelligence and reporting, Entertainment, Communication.

Work History

IT consultant(Confidential), Radnor/PA 2012, June to Present
SQL data structure/database analysis, XML/XSD format and validation, QA testing, , XML/text file large scale data ETL process.
SQL 2008 R2, SQL 2012 (SQl query, stored procedure, function, trigger, SSIS, etc.)
Programming/debugging for automatic testing tool (winform, object oriented programming, ado.net, stored procedure), Visual Studio 2008/2010 professional, Dev Express.
Tech writing for IT industry.

Clinical Data Analyst/SQL programmer, Confidential 2011, July to June 2012
Complicated TSQL query development with table joins, partition, calculation (min, max, etc), case when logic structure, etc; SQL 2008 management Studio, Access, Excel visual basic programming; Data transformation ; Pivot table, Microsoft Mappoint, automatic report generation; Healthcare data analysis (ICD9, Hedis, BPHP, Hospital admission and billing, patient care management, facility utilization), insurance related business analysis.
NextGen, QNXT related data warehousing, data mining.

IT Consultant, Confidential 2011, Sep to Present
Develop a stack trace analysis software for LeanServer LLC.
Techniques: C#, linq, dataset, ADO.net, Team Foundation, Tree, linklist, struct and dataset data structure, recursive function call, stack trace analysis, System.Diagnostics .NET programming.

Web programming for Wlmarketing.com
Techniques: MySQL, PHP, Javascript, HTML

Data transformation, SQL, ACCESS, Asp.Net, etc. Web auto search, data scraping (Web browser/web client in C#)

Developer, Confidential 2011, March to July, 2011
C#, SQL, Winform, Ado.net program development and debugging, financial software development in relation to trading. Fee and interest rate calculation for CD, bond, and other financial products.

Database consultant, Confidential 2010, May to March, 2011
Code review for ETL process of Oracle data warehouse project “CARE” (5 million records) for city government of Philadelphia. Identify suitable features/columns for table partition to allow parallel computing.
Write multi-thread testing codes in VC++ for SQL cluster performance analysis
Multi-thread parallel computing and oracle database cluster management software development, network programming with sockets, mutex implementation.
SQL server performance enhancement with distributed partitioned view
CRM website development and HTML: http://sites.google.com/a/pcticorp.com/launch3/
Technical support for DBx software installation and configuration for SQL clusters
Marketing analysis and development for software products.
Data transformation, ETL, SSIS, Oracle data base analysis.

Developer/DBA, Confidential 2010, August to March 2011
Raid data storage repair/installation, Hard disk installation
SQL database management (Installation, backup, copy, attach/detach, shrink) for over 3 TB data.
SQL query, C#, ASP.Net MVC, linq programming, Java script. (Visual Studio, Fiddler web debugger) ( over 2 million records), SQL reporting service, SQL business intelligence development, data mining with neural network related tools (over 10 GB data).
Access database construction/data processing
Windows Server installation, management, scheduled data backup.
Data transformation, ETL.

Researcher, Confidential 2009, Jan to Dec. 2010
Matlab, JAVA, C/C++, Visual Basic, SAS and object oriented programming.
Data transformation,
Large scale data mining/processing ( over 100 MB).
Neural network, regression analysis.
Scientific and technical writing.

Programmer/Developer,Confidential,Pennsylvania 2010, Jan-March
QA test,
Developed a multi-thread, timer implemented program in C# for web server application.
Used Visual sourcesafe, Robohelp and other softwares.

Software developer, Confidential 2009, Aug-Dec.2009
developed data/image analysis software package and related GUI in MATLab with focus on matrix calculation and image processing.

Consultant, Confidential 2005-2007
Strategic consulting in relation to investment in biotech/pharmaceutical industry

Research Fellow, Confidential 2008
Data analysis, problem solving, scientific research, scientific writing

Researcher, Confidential2001 to 2008
Scientific design, research and analysis

Exam Passed
HTML Exam, level I, top 11% (Freelancer.com)
SQL Exam, level I, top 8% (Freelancer.com)
Actuary Probability Theory Exam (8.0 out of 10.0)
Actuary Financial Mathematics Exam (9.0 out of 10.0)

Statistics/mathematics experience

  • Linear regression, logistical regression, least angle regression.
  • descriptive statistics, ANOVA, t-test
  • Probability Theory, calculus, discrete mathematics, algebra, geometry.
  • Statistical analysis, neural network, decision tree, regression, Chi-square analysis. False discovery rate control, feature reduction, streamwise feature selection, correlation analysis.

Management experience

  • Project management, Experimental design, Method/reagent development, trouble shooting, Data analysis, Medical/scientific writing ( in English and Chinese ).
  • Teach and train students and technicians.

Master in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science
Ph.D. in Pharmacology,

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