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Micro Strategy Developer/ Architect Resume

Bethpage, NY


  • Over 10+ years of IT experience in performing MicroStrategy Developer, MicroStrategy Architect, MicroStrategy Administrator and business intelligence solutions.
  • Experience using MicroStrategy 10/9/8x/7x and other Data Warehousing tools such as Informatica and Data Stage.
  • Experience in MicroStrategy tool Suite (MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, MicroStrategy Administrator, MicroStrategy Architect, MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy OLAP Provider, MicroStrategy Web and MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server).
  • Experience in Designing Data Marts using different multi dimensional modeling techniques such as Star Schema and Snowflake Schema, FACT and Dimensional tables, Logical and Physical data modeling.
  • System Optimization, performance monitoring and tuning experience in Multiple BI applications.
  • Strong troubleshooting capabilities in MicroStrategy Desktop.
  • Extensively worked in creating and integrating MicroStrategy reports and objects (Attributes, Filters, Metrics, Facts, Prompts, Templates, Hierarchy, Consolidation and Custom Groups) with the data warehouse.
  • Extensive experience in creation of Dashboards and scorecards which helps in better understanding of the Business trends.
  • Develop different scorecards and dashboards using MicroStrategy best practices as recommended by visual design experts, using selectors, widgets, multi - panels, etc.
  • Implemented proactive delivery reports and implemented the business intelligence solutions using MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server.
  • Sound working knowledge of 2-Tier client/server architecture and 3-Tier architecture.
  • Experience in Upgrading Microstrategy environment(9/8x/7x)
  • Experience creating new user accounts, assingning groups and security privileges.
  • Worked extensively in the Oracle, Netezza, Teradata, Confidential DB2 and SQL Server Database environments
  • Undergone extensive training on MicroStrategy, DataStage and Informatica.
  • Extensive experience in writing oracle SQL and PL-SQL procedures, functions, triggers and packages
  • Knowledge in Optimization of Data Migration, ETL Processes.
  • Exposure to client interaction, user-requirement analysis and User support.
  • Six Sigma Green Belts Certified.
  • Team player with good interpersonal, communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment.
  • Good leadership qualities with experience in training developers, advising technical groups on coding best practices and problem solving skills.
  • Excellent multitasking capability, efficiently plan and prioritize projects with strong technical and business management skills.


OLAP / MicroStrategy: Desktop 9/8x/7x, MicroStrategy Architect, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, Intelligence MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server, MicroStrategy OLAP Services, MicroStrategy Office.

Data Modeling: Erwin 7.0, 4.1, 4.0, Microsoft Visio 2002

ETL Tools: Informatica 7.1.1 (Designer, Repository Manager, Server Manager), Ascential DataStage 7.0/6.0, Aginity Netezza Workbench, Toad for Oracle 10.6/9.6.1

Databases: Netezza(4.x) Oracle 11.1/10g/9i/8i/8.0/7.0, Confidential DB2, Teradata V2 R5, V2 R6, MS SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, MS Access 7.0/ 97/2000.

Programming: SQL, PL/SQL, Transact SQL, SQL*Plus 3.3/8.0, Visual Basic 6.0/5.0, ASP, C, C++, JAVA, UNIX Shell Scripting.

Others: HTML 4.0, JavaScript, VB Script, DHTML, Tomcat 5.0

Environment: Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003, UNIX, Sun Solaris 2.6/2.7/2.8


Confidential, Bethpage, NY

Micro Strategy Developer/ Architect


  • Involved in gathering business requirements and participated in BI team meetings.
  • Created and established KPI’s based on BRD and logical data model.
  • Architected schema objects such as Attributes, Facts, Hierarchies, Drill Maps and Transformations.
  • Created various Micro Strategy Public objects such as Metrics (simple and compound), Filters, and Prompts.
  • Used Advanced Prompts, Conditional, Transformation metrics and Level metrics for creating complex reports.
  • Created various Custom Groups and Consolidations for complex Ad-Hoc reporting requirements.
  • Implemented Report Data Options, Formatting, Dynamic Dates, VLDB Properties, Advanced Sorting, Prompt Ordering, Totals, Toggle Operator, Outline Mode based upon the business user change request.
  • Implemented Thresholds, conditional formatting and custom banding as per the power user requirements
  • Involved in creating Materialized views in Oracle which act as Mart tables.
  • Created Logical Tables in Microstrategy for performance in Ad-Hoc reporting.
  • Created various Report Services Documents with various transformation metrics to report on Monthly, YTD and Trailing 12 month’s period.
  • Created various Monthly Dynamic Dashboard documents with multiple panel stacks, selectors and customized widgets.
  • Designed Prompts with different options like Filters, Objects and Value to facilitate Ad hoc reporting.
  • Expanded the Ad-Hoc Functionality by redesigning template for the existing reports.
  • Involved in Maintenance & Performance Tuning of reports and Business User trainings
  • Involved in Power User training for demonstrating use of Derived metrics, thresholds and view filters.
  • Worked with MicroStrategy Object Manager to move objects among the Development and Testing environments.
  • Prepared Tech Specification Documents and Design change Log Documentation.
  • Prepared User documentation specifying Business requirement, functionality needs of Business and technical design details.
  • Manipulated various attribute properties to enforce right table joins and resolved attribute role problems through VLDB settings.
  • Set up report level security in MicroStrategy for users.
  • Created various Narrowcast reports, subscriptions and schedules.
  • Created Enterprise manager reports for Daily and Weekly usage metrics. Performance Analysis, Average Execution time and popular reports Used.
  • Created Ad-Hoc Enterprise Manager reports for troubleshooting performance issues.
  • Upgraded system from MicroStrategy 8.1.1 to MicroStrategy 9.0.2(Reports & Documents)
  • Implemented changes to some Public Objects to ensure the same functionality of the reports & Documents
  • Created Power User Technical Documentation with all the new features in MicroStrategy 9 Web Interface
  • Migrated from Oracle 11.1 to Netezza 4.x-Implemented VLDB optimizations for Netezza
  • Remapped some attributes for architectural changes implemented at the Database level.
  • Implemented Netezza best practice methods for better performance.

Environment: MicroStrategy 8.1.1/9 (Desktop, Administrator, Web), MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 8.1.1/9, MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server 8.1.1/9, Toad for Oracle 10.6/9.6.1,Oracle 11.1,Netezza 4.x Erwin 7.0, Windows 2003 server .

Confidential, MI

MicroStrategy Developer/ Architect


  • Actively involved in gathering business requirements and participated in BI team meetings.
  • Designed Logical data model and Physical data model using ERwin for the MicroStrategy applications.
  • Architected schema objects and Public objects such as Attributes, Facts, Transformations Metrics, Filters and Prompts.
  • Used Advanced Prompts, Conditional, Transformation metrics and Level metrics for creating complex reports.
  • Created transformations (Table Based and Expression Based) for YTD (Year to date), MTD (Month to date) and WTD (Week to date) analysis.
  • Implemented Grid Options, Auto Style, Formatting, Advanced Sorting, Prompt Ordering and Subtotals based upon the business user change request on UAT Testing.
  • Involved in Maintenance & Performance Tuning of reports
  • Worked with MicroStrategy Object Manager to move objects among the Development, Testing and Production environments.
  • Created reports with various object prompts to generate various Ad hoc reports.
  • Worked in designing the schema using Erwin for database views.
  • Involved in created many Materialized views in Oracle which act as Mart tables.
  • Created various Report Services Documents with various transformation metrics.
  • Created various Monthly Dynamic Dashboard documents for Field marketing people with multiple panel stacks, selectors and customized widgets.
  • Upgraded system from MicroStrategy 8.1.1 to MicroStrategy 9
  • Involved in creating reports, testing and documentation
  • Provided access to MicroStrategy platform from Microsoft Excel (Non-MicroStrategy Interface) by using MicroStrategy Office.
  • Used Project documentation feature. Documented all MicroStrategy objects like reports, prompts, filters and metrics for user reference.
  • Set up report level security in MicroStrategy for users.
  • Created various Narrowcast reports, subscriptions and schedules.
  • Experience in creating Informatica Mappings for Monthly data load from FTP site to the Data warehouse.

Environment: MicroStrategy 8.1.1/9/10 (Desktop, Administrator, Web), MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 8.1.1/9, MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server 8.1.1/9Oracle 10g, Erwin 7.0, Windows 2003 server and UNIX.

Confidential, CA

MicroStrategy Developer/ Architect


  • Gathered and analyzed business requirements from clients and end users.
  • Involved in preparing detailed design documents.
  • Identified base tables in the system in Oracle environment. These tables were mapped to the Snowflake dimensional data mart in Teradata Enterprise Data warehouse (EDW). The new dimensional data mart formed the source for MicroStrategy reporting.
  • Worked closely with data modeling and ETL teams to develop the data model.
  • Developed the logical and physical data models, created data definition language statements and worked with database administrators to transition these models to database administrators for successful physical implementation.
  • Used MicroStrategy Desktop 8.1 to build Schema objects Hierarchies, Transformations, Attributes, Facts and Relationships as a function of the logical model.
  • Created profitability analysis reports based on product and customer.
  • Created reports based on segmentation analysis and risk management.
  • Extensively used filters, prompts, consolidations and custom groups to generate canned reports and ad hoc reports.
  • Applied OLAP and statistical functions for analyzing the differences in the revenue generated by a particular segment of customers.
  • Resolved attribute role problems in Data models by developing table Aliases and Attribute Role recognition methods in VLDB settings.
  • Created Transformations for using in comparative reports like revenue this year to last year.
  • Used MicroStrategy report services to create reports.
  • Validated reports by conducting report unit testing (RUT) and system report testing (SRT)
  • Worked extensively on customizing and optimizing the query performance of reports for various users using MicroStrategy features like VLDB property and changing database properties like adding indexes, creating aggregate tables and partition strategies.
  • Migrated projects from MicroStrategy 8 to MicroStrategy 8.1 environments
  • Scheduled reports through the MicroStrategy Narrowcast server and created services to deliver a wide range of personalized information to users through email.
  • Extensively worked with Teradata SQL and associated tools like BTEQ, Fast Load, Fast Export, Multi load and Queryman.

Environment: MicroStrategy Desktop 8.1, MicroStrategy Web, Narrowcast ServerMicroStrategy IServer, MicroStrategy Office, Teradata V2R6, Oracle 10gErwin Data Modeler 7.0, Windows 2003 server and UNIX.

Confidential, Buffalo, NY

MicroStrategy Architect/ Administrator


  • Involved in collecting and documenting business requirements from end clients and translating them into report specifications for the MicroStrategy platform.
  • Involved in Dimensional Modeling by selecting the business process, declaring the grain, and choosing the dimensions and facts.
  • Generated reports to improve customer plans and for project placement analysis.
  • Various reports were also developed to check promotion effectiveness, customer loyalty and customer lifetime value.
  • Generated Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics and other metrics.
  • Developed Schema Objects (Facts, Attributes, Hierarchies and Transformations) using MicroStrategy Architect.
  • Delivered personalized reports from MicroStrategy project to subscribers using MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server.
  • Set Up MicroStrategy and Windows Performance Counters and Log them to Text or CSV for Performance Tracking.
  • Worked with Microstrategy Distribution Services and Monitored Confidential usage.
  • Perform Daily Checks for job Monitor, user sessions and Cache Monitor to keep the system stable.
  • Created intelligent cube and monitored memory usage, Storage and Loading.
  • Installed Narrow cast server and assigned user, subscriber privileges and dynamic subscription.
  • MicroStrategy IServer Tuning for performance.
  • Created various event based Schedules.
  • Installed, upgraded and managed MicroStrategy 7.5 to 8.0 Intelligent and Web servers for development, test and production environments
  • Performed basic stability testing of Intelligence server and updated projects.
  • Performed system checks like licensing, functionality, managing user privileges of the system.
  • Added new users to groups and assigning them security privileges.
  • Provided LDAP Authentication for MicroStrategy Office.
  • Deploying Flash Widgets on Servers and Uploading the New ones from Support site.

Environment: MicroStrategy Architect, MicroStrategy Desktop 8, MicroStrategy Web 8Narrowcast Server, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 8i, Oracle 10g/9iInformatica Designer 7.1, Windows 2000 and UNIX.

Confidential, FL

MicroStrategy Architect/Developer/Narrowcast Developer


  • Involved in gathering of business requirements.
  • Created various metrics using statistical functions.
  • Analyzed and developed Application Objects (Metrics, Reports, Documents, filters, prompts) using MicroStrategy Desktop and MicroStrategy web interfaces.
  • Created metrics (simple, nested & compound), advanced filters, advanced prompts, advanced report designs and drill maps.
  • Created reports with various object prompts to generate various Ad hoc reports.
  • Involved in Testing of reports and Migrated Microstrategy7i projects from development to acceptance and to production.
  • Optimized the Intelligence Server for better performance.
  • Worked with Test Director to fix and close the defects for the project.
  • Created multiple projects pointing to staging, testing and production data warehouse.
  • Migrated projects from MicroStrategy 8.0 to MicroStrategy 8.1 environments.
  • Involved in testing of the project after migrating the projects from 8.0 to 8.1
  • Created various Narrowcast reports, subscriptions and schedules.
  • Helped MicroStrategy Administrator with regards to administrative tasks like Cache and Job monitoring, Database instance creation, user creation.
  • Created various report services and Dashboard documents on sales sent monthly to vendors.
  • Created various alert based services and Page Personalization Subscriptions.
  • Created various Excel VB Macros to be used in conjunction with Narrowcast Server Documents.
  • Used Teradata Mload script and OLE Load for loading data into Teradata from various sources.
  • Worked with MicroStrategy Object Manager to move objects among the Development, Testing and Production environments.

Environment: MicroStrategy 8.0/8.1 (Desktop, Administrator, Web), MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 8.0/8.1,MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server 8.0/8.1Teradata V2.6, Windows XP/2000.


SQL developer (SQL Server 2000)


  • Actively involved in analyzing the old database system and mapping tables, relationships, columns to SQL Server 2000.
  • Enforced the Business Rules by creating constraints.
  • Successfully managed Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) process by pulling large volume of data from various data sources using DTS, BCP in staging database from MS Access, excel.
  • Tested to optimize the Stored Procedures and Triggers to be used in production.
  • Created Database Objects - Tables, User defined functions, Cursors, Triggers, Stored Procedure, Constraints.
  • Successfully implemented indexes on tables and views for optimum performance tuning.
  • Configured replication servers and transactional replication between production and standby server for disaster recovery.
  • Developed, deployed and monitored DTS Packages.
  • Debugging / editing the existing SQL Scripts.
  • Optimized the performance of various SQL scripts.
  • Documented all process and Data Flow involved in the database for future reference.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2000, MS Access, Query Analyzer, DTS, BCP, SQL ProfilerImport & Export Data, Windows 2000 Server.

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