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Lead Database And Bi Consultant Resume

New York, CitY


  • Around 10 years of IT industry experience with MSBI stack, Visualization and Dashboard tools in OLTP and OLAP/DWH environments for database and BI centric enterprise activities
  • Experienced in Enterprise Business Analysis, Requirements gathering & management, Software Usability, Information Architecture for BI solutions.
  • Extensive experience in BI Solutions (ETL, Analysis, Reporting) with Data Visualization tools and self - service BI capabilities with high volume data.
  • Expert at developing ETL interfaces using SSIS, Datamarts/cubes using SSAS and enterprise reports using SSRS Tableau dashboards.
  • Created UML Diagrams including Use Cases, Activity Charts, Sequence diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams and ER Diagrams using MS-Visio, defining the Business Process Model and preparing complex functional requirement documents.
  • Experience in designing Database Models using MS Visio and ER-Win for both Relational and dimensional modeling.
  • Extensive Experience in RDBMS concepts such as Tables, User Defined Data Types, Indexes, Indexed Views, Functions, CTE’s, Table Variables and Stored Procedures
  • Experience in SQL Optimizing by using SQL Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard, Database Tuning Advisor ,DBCC Commands, DMV’s, DMFs and Query Execution Plans
  • Hands on experience with performing various data transformation tasks like Look-ups, Fuzzy Look-ups, Conditional Splits and Event Handlers, Error Handlers etc.
  • Created various SSRS Reports, Tableau workbooks involving variety of features like Reports,chart visualization,Filters,Sub-Reports,DrillDown,Drill-Through,Multi-valued parameters, Blending, Maps etc.
  • Experienced in BI and Database infrastructure setup including High Availability options data distributions and DR resiliency.
  • Cohort Analysis, Segmentation, Regression and Forecasting using various algorithms.
  • Excellent analytical/communication skills, result oriented approach to project delivery timeline.


Databases: MS SQL Server 08R2/12/16, ORACLE, MS Access, Teradata, DB2

Database Tools: MS SQL Server 05/08/12/16, MS-Access, PPS, Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack, OLAP, Multi-dimensional/Tabular Cubes and BIDS SSDT 12/16, Toad, DAX Studio

Development skills: T-SQL,PL/SQL,SSIS/SSRS/SSAS, ProClarity, BOXI, Power BI

Languages: VB.net, VB Script, T-SQL, PL-SQL, HTML, XML, Java Script, C, C++, MDX and DAX

ETL Tools: DTS, SSIS(SQL Server Integration Services), Informatica, Talend

Reporting Packages: SSRS 05/08/12/16, Business Objects XI/3.5, Crystal reports, MS Excel Power * toolset, Tableau, Microstrategy

Tools: /Methodologies: MS Visio, Erwin, MS Project, SQL Profiler, SQL*Loader, Microsoft Share Point Server, Performance Point Server. Scrum Master, Agile, Waterfall

Source Control: TFS, Accurev, VSS, Perforce


Confidential,New York City

Lead Database and BI Consultant

  • Roles and responsibilities as in previous project below, specifically worked on Fund Studio portfolio management system to reengineer Fund management using MSBI Stack for self-service BI for reporting (SSRS) and analytics (SSAS) and associated visualization using Tableau.
  • Organized Tableau workbooks and enterprise dashboards for PNL, Asset Position, AUM, Porfolio composition,Trader related data etc.
  • Calculated fields and percentages were built in presentation layer specific to reports using underlying primary datapoints and interactive reports with meaningful and crisp visualization delivered for front office, middle office and operations.

Environment: SQLServer14/16 SSDT 12/16 MSBI (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS), Tableau, Power BI, Perforce

Confidential,Bedminster, NJ

Lead Database and BI Consultant

  • Lead analytics developer (SSAS/Tabular/Power BI) for trading data for self-service BI.
  • SSIS ETL for near real time EDW integration from trading platforms (MT4, GTX and G2).
  • Developed OLAP cubes having end of day processing. This was also linked to Tableau dashboards for visualization of metrics.
  • Data captured was at trade level having Client (Traders, Brokers, Banks, Hedge Fund Managers/ Money managers)-Account (1:N) information in OLTP tables; DWH and OLAP tables had rolled up data based on requirement of presentation. Funding, PNL (realized/unrealized; with and without financing), daily currency rates with N:N conversion were types of data involved with other trade related data points with respect a particular product. Security Master data was used for look-ups.
  • Forex.com and City Index are Gain Capitals globally recognized retail FX and CFD trading brands; other products offered are Spread Betting, DMA FX, OTC Options, ETF’s and Options.
  • Generated data extracts in Tableau for specific dataset enterprise dashboard KPI’s
  • Developed and managed SSRS reports and report server and upgraded to Tableau parallel reports with custom calculation and enhanced visualization and data blending using Tableau.
  • Lead consultant for BI security and infrastructure implementation along with DR and resiliency.

Environment: SQLServer 08R2/12/16 SSDT 12/16 MSBI Stack (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS), Tableau, Power BI

Confidential,New York City, NY

Database and BI Consultant

  • DWH consultant for EDW 2.0 project effort to circumvent and eliminate Kalido processing to legacy EDW.
  • Gathered Business Requirements, through constant interaction with the Users, Designers and Developers, Project Manager and SMEs to get a better understanding of the Business Processes for re-engineering work.
  • SSIS packages development for integrating and consolidating information from other policy issuing and underwriting systems that AWAC has acquired.
  • Core sql database development and rewrite in T-Sql for performance and eliminate bottlenecks and time lag in legacy warehouse differential updates.
  • Production support of ongoing warehouse integration and downstream extracts.

Environment: SQLServer 2008R2/2012 SSDT and MSBI Stack (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS), Sharepoint, TFS Accurev, Kalido, Visio, ERWin, Tableau

Confidential,New York City, NY

BI and Database Lead / Manager

  • Proposed and implemented the SSAS analytics to gain Analytical functionality for the Finance, Operation and Middle office along with the current reports.
  • Identified the requirements of the stakeholders and created Business Requirement Document (BRD) and Functional Requirement Document (FRD).
  • Successfully implemented AdHoc Reporting functionality using SSAS and Logical Dimensional Modeling using Named Queries for the Finance team and Middle office and for Deal management.
  • Translated Webi and Deski Business Object reports into SSRS reports to help n decommissioning process of Business Objects.
  • Actively managing the build of new Business object server with L2 team to Isolate the reporting host server from the Application server
  • Learnt and used code first and Entity framework methodology for database deployment current followed within the team.
  • Evaluated high availability options for databases and reporting backend, proposed Replication to decouple reporting and application databases and successfully implemented Transactional replication.
  • Represent the ABStrac and ABSolute team to test the feasibility of certain tools (Bobcat) used across different team.
  • POC of Tabular model, BISM and new capabilities of SSDT 2012 and SharePoint
  • Standardized and implemented the node fail over process within Sql Cluster and DR resiliency for seamless DR process for the BI stack.
  • Managed entire BI infrastructure along with Analytics and Reporting for the projects with development teams in Chicago and New York City.
  • Demonstrated BI techniques and capabilities across multiple teams in different projects as part of firm wide knowledge sessions and promote use of common reusable technologies and techniques.

Environment: SQLServer 2008R2/2012 SSDT and Tabular model, Power BI, MSBI Stack (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS), TFS, T-SQL, Business Objects, Visio

Confidential,Princeton, NJ

BI and SQL DW Developer

  • Used SSIS and Stored Procs to design and build the ETL procedures to load ODS as a precursor for the Kalido MDM process to meet client requirements.
  • Developed and deployed subscriptions and on demand publication from Kalido Dynamic Information Warehouse (DIW) for downstream vendors used for data analytics and for Healthcare CRM systems used by medical representatives.
  • Integrate incoming feeds from In-House CRM systems and other third party file feeds into the ODS layer via landing databases using SSIS
  • Built SSAS cubes for In-House analysis of call, call plan, call plan details, territory alignment and other client specific data for internal analysis and business decisions.
  • Update underlying database objects and refresh SSAS cubes, add SSAS perspectives for accessing the cubes based on the client requirement for each business groups.
  • Translated and developed complex business logic in T-SQL to accommodate extremely large volume of data (2 TB) processing.
  • Capacity (Space/Size and Time) planning for the planned ETL, DWH process and successfully implemented the approved plan.
  • Good understanding for the Kalido processes and Talend integration tools in conjunction with Microsoft BI integration tools.

Environment: SQLServer 2008R2, MSBI Stack (SSIS, SSAS), T-SQL, Kalido DWH, Talend

Confidential, New York City, New York


  • Used SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to design and build the ETL procedures and a Data Warehouse from different data sources to DWH
  • Migrated data from various data sources like Manhattan WMS systems, Oracle, Flat files into Staging, ODS and DWH areas using SSIS/SQL
  • Experience in Performance Tuning in SSIS packages by using Row Transformations, Block and Unblock Transformations
  • Involved in Installation, Configuration of SSRS Reporting server and involved in Deploying reports across multiple environments including Test, Production and supporting environments.
  • Scheduled Reports based on a particular Day and sent them through Email in required format (Excel, PDF, etc.)
  • Excellent knowledge in performance tuning and query optimization using SQL Profiler, Execution Plan and Performance Monitor.
  • Developed views and indexed views for easier implementation on internal web pages as per the client requirements for the C# developers.
  • Supported Microsoft Access application with SQL database with minor front end enhancements along with associated database changes
  • Implemented and managed the database maintenance plans.

Environment: SQLServer2008R2/2005,TFS, Oracle 11i, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Oracle, VB, ASP, SQLProfiler, Visio, Share point Portal, Jira

Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia

SSIS/SSRS/SSAS/SQL Server DW Developer

  • Used SSIS/DTS in performing the extractions from various data sources SSAS cubes for data marts, Enterprise warehouse and SSRS for reporting needs
  • Developed and Implemented SSIS packages, utilities like Bulk Insert, BCP and DTS on an enterprise level for all the ETL needs (Multimillion data transfer)
  • Wrote Optimized Stored Procedures with T-SQL for better performance for OLTP and OLAP needs
  • Responsible for creating batches & scripts for nightly/weekly batch process using T-SQL.
  • Designed reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Crystal Reports.
  • Used ProClarity tool to analyze the data in the cube by using the different features like Chart View, Decomposition Tree, Performance Maps, etc.
  • Performed query optimization using SQL Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard, DTA, Query Execution Plan, Indexes and appropriate joins

Environment: SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, T-SQL, Windows2003,SSIS,SSRS,SSAS, Oracle,VB,ASP, SQLProfiler, Erwin, Visio, BO- XI, Web Intelligence 3.1, Share point Products and Technologies WSSV3.

Confidential,Los Angeles,CA

BI/DWH Developer

  • Used SSIS/BusinessObjects/SQL in performing the extractions from various data sources for data marts, Enterprise warehouse and SSRS for reporting needs.
  • Involved in identifying the data sources, create data dictionaries, define data mapping and document ETL Procedures.
  • Developed, deployed and monitored SSIS Packages for new ETL Processes and upgraded the existing SSIS packages and maintained for the ETL (SSIS/BO) Processes
  • Monitored Full/Incremental/Daily Loads and support all scheduled ETL jobs for batch processing.
  • Involved in database design process and data modeling process using diagrams and Visio.
  • Used FileStream to maintain the media databases used by the financial products of the company and leveraged on the 2008 R2 SQL Server capabilities.
  • Experience in creating Jobs, Alerts, Maintenance plans, SQL Mail Agent, and scheduled DTS and SSIS Packages.
  • Involved in designing of Star schemas, identifying fact and dimensions, add KPIs and Scorecards
  • Deployed and uploaded the SSRS reports to SharePoint Server for the end users and involved in enhancements and modifications.
  • Integrated Reports into SharePoint portals using OLAP cubes as data source
  • Maintained Visual Studio Team System 2010 for the source control for Database objects.

Environment: SQL Server 2005/2008,T-SQL, SSIS,SSRS,SSAS, Business Objects Data Integrator, Oracle, VB, ASP, SQLProfiler, Visio, Share point Portal.

Confidential,Katy, Texas

System Analyst /Developer

  • Maintain in ETL process development, Implementation and support for the Analytics and Reporting needs for projects in house IT team.
  • Successfully completed Microsoft BI certifications and actively got acquainted with industry oriented BI technologies.

Environment: SQL Server 2005/2008, T-SQL, Share Point


Application and SQL Developer

  • Involvement in design and development of Tables, Queries, Access Pages and Macros.
  • Responsible for Logical and Physical design of database for projects on basis of user requirements.
  • Involved in Designing and developing Sales reports, inventory reports and order reports, etc.
  • Experienced in SQL Script writing and involved in application design using C# and Visual Basic.
  • Responsible for database creation, objects creation, database tuning & administration.
  • Designed and developed databases using MS Access from scratch.
  • Create jobs and monitor job history for maximum availability of data and to ensure consistency of the databases.
  • Design and implementation of database maintenance plan.
  • Used DBCC checks and fixed data corruption in Application databases.
  • Performed Database Integrity Checks, updated Database Statistics and performed Re-indexing.
  • Responsible for using SQL Profiler and Database tuning wizard to tune up the performance of stored procedures.
  • Responsible for converting existing PL/SQL procedures, triggers, functions and script to T-SQL.
  • Responsible in SQL Server disaster recovery procedures and involved in Stored Procedures Optimization, Performance tuning & Index tuning

Environment: SQLServer 2000, MS Access, MS Excel, T-SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, DTS, Erwin.

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