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Sql/oracle Database Developer Resume


To use my extensive hardware/software academic knowledge to make significant contributions within the IT sector by defining, designing, coding, and testing solutions for complex business problems.


  • Over 4 years of programming experience as an SQL/Oracle Database Developer in Analysis, Design and Implementation of Business Applications using the Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).
  • Involved in all phases of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) from analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance with timely delivery against deadlines.
  • Experience with Data flow Diagrams, Data Dictionary, Database normalization, Entity Relation Modeling and Design Techniques.
  • Expertise in Client - Server application development using Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, SQL *PLUS, TOAD and SQL*LOADER.
  • Loaded Data into Oracle Tables using SQL*Loader.
  • Experienced in DDL, DML, DCL Scripts and established relationships between tables using Primary Keys & Foreign Keys.
  • Developed ASP.Net Web Application and Windows application using C#.Net in .Net framework with Entity Framework.
  • Good experience in DOTNET(C#,VB.NET),Visual Studio with all higher versions.
  • Worked with Dot Net Toolbox Controls and Ajax Controls.
  • Worked with LINQ.
  • Worked with different domains like Health Care, e-Commerce Web Sites,, Data Warehouse.
  • Good experience in MS Excel.
  • Good experience in HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Good understanding of the oracle database, related utilities and Tools.
  • Good experience in writing stored procedures, functions and views.
  • Good experience in writing and tuning complex sub queries, correlated queries, SQL, stored procedures, functions, packages, cursors, collections and triggers.
  • Created Oracle objects Tables, Views, Constrains, Synonyms, Sequences.
  • Experience in Pivot and Unpivot data.
  • Experience in Database design using Normalization and E/R Diagrams
  • Experience in Oracle Forms and Reports.
  • Experience developing and supporting Crystal Reports XI and Crystal Reports 8.
  • Load the data from MS Excel to Oracle Table and Oracle table to MS Excel.
  • Used partitioning and sub partitioning of tables to improve performance.
  • Expertise preparing report specifications and database designs to support reporting requirements
  • Worked with team on customizing the abilities of Crystal Enterprise such as exporting, previewing, printing and emailing reports.
  • Created Crystal Reports sourced from the Oracle database and flat files.
  • Good knowledge in Basic DBA activity- Creating and Managing Oracle Database server, Proactive Monitoring, Database security (User & Resources, User Privileges & Roles).
  • Ability to learn new concepts, tools and environments.
  • Took training in Bigdata and Hadoop.
  • Good knowledge in Bigdata and Hadoop Architecture.
  • Worked with cloudera.
  • Worked with Large Datasets.
  • Good knowledge in Bigdata and Hadoop tools like Pig, Hive, Hbase Scoop, Flume.
  • Good experience in HDFS commands.
  • Good knowledge in R-Programming.


Programming languages:: C,C++, Java, R Programming, Python, Linux shell script,XML, HTML5, CSS3, C#, .NET

Tools: Visual Studio, NetBeans, Toad, SQL*Loader,SQL*PLUS,Tableau

Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, Oracle Reports 2.5

Database: SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, MySQL, PL/SQL, MS Access

Hadoop/Big Data: Hadoop Architecture, Pig, Hive, Hbase, Sqoop, FlumeOperating Systems: Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008, 2005,LINUX/UNIX,Ubuntu.



SQL/Oracle Database Developer


  • Involved in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including analysis, design, development, and testing of the project.
  • Coordinate with Managers, Architects and Analysts to develop Oracle database systems.
  • Coordinated with the front end design team to provide them with the necessary stored procedure and the necessary insight into the data.
  • Worked on SQL*Loader, SQL*PLUS to load data from flat files obtained from various facilities every day.
  • Loaded the data into database tables using SQL*loader from text and excel files.
  • Design and deploy data table structures, forms, reports, and queries.
  • Created DDL, DML, DCL Scripts and established relationships between tables using Primary Keys & Foreign Keys.
  • Improved the performance of the application by rewriting the SQL queries.
  • Understand business requirements and accordingly develop database models.
  • Created lots of Triggers for validation.
  • Created lots of procedure, functions, views, cursors, collections.
  • Extensively used cursors for fetching the rows.
  • Developed complex SQL queries including Sub queries, correlated queries, and Nested queries, Unions, Intersect and Aliases.
  • Used partitioning and sub partitioning of tables to improve performance.
  • Exported the database and imported the same into development and test environment whenever required.
  • Created Oracle Tables, Views, Constrains, Synonyms, Sequences.
  • Handled errors using Exception Handling extensively for the ease of debugging and displaying the error messages in the application.
  • Created Oracle Materialized Views.
  • Used the inner join, outer join, cross join while writing the complex SQL Queries.
  • Used Collection objects, ref cursor, aggregate functions while Writing SQL Queries.

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