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Data Analyst Resume

Houston, TexaS


  • A Results - driven, self-motivated data analyst with an array of common data science tools on large data sets, in large scale implementation
  • +5 years of hands-on experience in developing and implementing decision management & monitoring systems at strategic, tactical, and operational levels
  • +4 years of development/testing experiences on complex database objects, stored procedures, functions
  • +2 years’ experience in validation, translating business prototypes with unstructured data to metrics supported by visualization
  • In-depth knowledge of Python, Java, PL/SQL, SAS, R, No SQL Databases, ETL tools
  • Utilized large amounts of data to build prototypes in supply chain, customer analytics, care acts


Database manipulation: PL/SQL, No SQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, Couch.DB

Development Programming: Python, C#, JavaScript, Java, R, Eclipse, GitHub

Web Frameworks: Bootstrap, MVC, Flask

Data/pattern Mining: Java/SAS/python Libraries for Data Mining Lucene, Solr, Mahout

Macro and CMS Tools: Visual Basic, Excel macros, AEM

Big data analysis / Statistical programming: using Python, SAS, R; Rapid miner, Arena

Data visualization & analytics: Qlikeview, Power Map, Excel, Pivot Tables, Tableau, R, SAS

Python Libraries: Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib,, MDP, Mlpy, NetworkX, Pandas, Scikits-learn


Confidential, Houston, Texas

Data Analyst


  • Participated in designing and developing enterprise healthcare data flow system
  • Participated in customer service API model with implementation for new business initiatives
  • Worked with project stakeholders and the software team to develop data analysis and machine learning algorithms to classify unstructured data to be tracked by specialists.
  • Delivered data views for data wrangling and classification process, automated for overall quality of care within practice, reports prepared for CMS system and via GitHub
  • Used data analysis skills to query from specialists’ data warehouse in REST API
  • Aggregated with reporting tools, performed server data integration using JavaScript (node.js)/Python/SQL
Confidential, Beaumont, Texas

Data Analyst, Research assistant


  • Designed a REST API for recommending similar safety incidents, events, incidents, safety actions
  • Created various SQL/SAS stored procedures to mine internal/external sources for available hazards on unsupervised data inputs
  • Developed customer view Reports (Ad Hoc Reports, Frequency Reports, Summary Reports) using python
  • Developed dashboards (Java, Python, SQL) on safety-tagged documents of incidents and cost tables by time series
  • Evaluated pulled results, relationships between the variables, hidden tendencies with Logistic Regression
  • Implemented Predictive modeling in R (methods: decision tree, Logistic Regression, K-means)

Business Analyst, Tehran


  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive decision support system for manufacturing process and supply chain
  • Developed varied dynamic business reports for revenue & cost; pull down data to be analyzed by SQL, Macros, VB
  • Flowed up to senior management for major business decisions, to improve business reporting
  • Developed by SAS to load data to Qlike view over a large imported data, operated shipyard
  • Developed rule-based analytic using python; provided filter recommendation for statues, bottleneck tasks
  • Collaborated to upgrade price forecasting model and integrated it with after-assembly Data in SQL
  • Deployed on revenue lost due to absences, Increased agent compliance: 62% to 94.28%
  • Predicted purchasing/processes by classifiers; Bayes, SVM, Logistic Regression

Data analyst


  • Performed analysis on Lab tests activities data, Gathered from multiple sources in 10 medical centers
  • Used various query& reporting tools: such as Python/SQL, Hadoop for Pre-Defined Business Functions
  • Wrote flexible SAS and SQL scripts that can be easily customized and used for any type of treatment events data
  • Made sure all transactions types were correct by tests for 100k medical events
  • Participated in designing, debugging business analytic API on consultations to automate manual processes
  • Tracked applied consultation by various charts, tables of users, costs, devices, providers base on geography/services for data analysis, created various analytical dashboards for providers’ evaluation

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