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New Jersey, NJ


Interested in various technical jobs such as DBA , Data Architect or IT Manager.


Information technology professional with over 23 years of IT and Engineering experience. As a professional DBA and Developer, I have worked for many well respected firms including General Motors, American Express, IBM, and others. Author of technical ebook ‘Introduction to DB2 UDB Client/Server’ copyright John Kesh. Dynamic IT leader who is known for being ‘Results Oriented’.


DB2 UDB 9, IMS DB/DC, UDB ESE Database 9.1, VSAM, XPEDITER, VM/CMS, VMS, File-aid, SDF II, Focus, BTS, QMF, MQ Series, BMS, Clist, REXX, RDO, LU6.2, BMC Tools, FrontPage, PowerDesigner, Bachman, MetaData model, Star-Schema Model, Cube Model, Snow-Flake Model, Fact Table, ETL Process, Inmon Methods, Kimball Methods, Referential Integrity Model, ERWin, SPUFI, SQL EXPLAIN, JDBC, Xpediter, Knowledgecraft, ODBC, DB2 Connect, IDCAMS, Oracle 9i, UDB 8.2, UDB 9.0, Changeman, CA-7, CA-AllFusion, CA-11, JCL, ERStudio, MySQL , UML, RUP, Quest,
Omegamon, CA Unicenter, RC-Query, Platinum Detector/Explain, DB2-PM


DB2/SQL, UDB, COBOL, COBOL II, COBOL/400, PL/1, Fortran, C, AIX script, Unix script, Korn shell, LISP, Prolog, Visual Basic, HTML, CICS, SQL, JCL, CL, Java, Java Script, VB Script, IMS DB/DC, CSP, Microfocus Cobol, SDF II, OPS5/OPS83, BMS, MFS, CLIST, DDL, REXX, UDB Stored Procedures

Project Management:

Responsible for coordinating USA Front office and India Back office operations to provide 24X7 DBA Services for a multi-national company. Project scheduling and project reporting for several projects. Applications project lead for health care system development. Leadership and mentoring of junior level DBA and junior level programmer/analysts.


  • Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering, BSME, Michigan State University
  • Project Management for Computer Projects, SSP Corporation.
  • Object-Oriented Programming and Artificial Intelligence, The Carnegie Group
  • Graduate Research Project in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, University of Michigan
  • Graduate Research in Engineering & Advanced Engineering Methods, Wayne State U.
  • Graduate Research in Engineering and computer graphics, University of Detroit
  • Artificial Intelligfence and Expert Systems S1, Teknowledge, inc..
  • DB2/SQL/VSAM/JCL Programming, Compuware Corporation
  • CICS Command Level Programming, AGS Corporation
  • DB2/SQL Programming, AGS Corporation
  • Structured System Design, Yourdon Corporation
  • Structured System Design, James Martin Corporation
  • LISP Programming, LTV Aerospace
  • OPS5/OPS83 Programming, LTV Aerospace
  • Private Pilot License 1999.

Project Experience

Sr. DBA/Developer

Project: General Motors Corporation and other projects


  • Team Lead for DB2 Z/OS, Q replication, VSAM to DB2 data migration, DB2 mentoring.
  • Creation of a Q rep system for a DB2 Z/OS financial system. Load, Unload, image
  • Copy, Runstats, NDM, JCL, IBM DB2 Admin Tool.
  • Team Lead Subject Matter Expert for corporate databases including SAP, DB2, ORACLE,
  • IMS, IDMS, and SQL Server. Performance Tuning for slow performing applications.
  • DB2 migration from DB2 version 8 to DB2 version 9.7. Wachovia Bank 2008
  • Performance Tuning for a large financial broker data warehouse with DB2 UDB AIX.
  • Performance Tuning for a heavy dynamic SQL DB2 Z/OS system. Resolved issues with
  • DB2 dynamic cache, parameter markers, prepare/execute statements, ZPARMs, etc..
  • Perform maintenance on 8 node PDF UDB DB2 AIX system. Eight Logical and physical nodes.
  • Performed data migration and data replication using DB2LOOK and DB2MOVE utilities.
  • Installed fix packs/patches for UDB version 8 upgrades. Installed UDB thin-client configuration.
  • Performance tuning for deadlock/lock wait issues for a large UDB WINDOWS system.
  • Created Codd data models in 3rd and 5th normal form using normalization methods.
  • Added new columns to data warehouse tables. Performed Reorg/Runstats on DW tables.
  • Created Korn Shell script for automating the Grant and other processes for the data warehouse.
  • Solved various production problems for maintenance of the broker data warehouse.
  • Installed UDB Thin-Client configuration and installed UDB fix packs and upgrades.Duke Energy 2008
  • Production support for a DB2 to Oracle customer information data migration system.
  • Creation of DB triggers to process simulated real-time data transfer from DB2 to Tibco/Oracle DB.
  • Created UDB DDL and SQL database build scripts for creation of a DB2 system in
  • a Z/OS environment. Utilize DB2 CONNECT for Z/OS remote link.
  • Design of a UDB database for a 10 node UDB partitioned EEE environment.
  • UDB Database migration from pSeries to pSeries machines using DB2LOOK and
  • DB2MOVE utilities. Creation of physical database design document.
  • CIGNA Health Care 2007
  • Capacity Planning for a distributed BCU UDB DB2 health care system.
  • Creation of stored procedures for health care systems.
  • VACO Technology 2007
  • Performance Tuning for a dynamic SQL windows UDB system for banking.
  • Solved various UDB performance problems. Created DDL for new UDB data objects.
  • Created UDB Tablespaces and Bufferpools for temporary global tables and stored procedures.
  • Provide DB2 DBA Consulting as a DB2 subject matter expert.
  • Recommend changes for UDB configuration parameters.
  • Performed ‘SNAPSHOT’ and ‘EVENT MONITORS’ for performance tuning.
  • Created banking application software in MS C++/Windows. Basic Java and JDBC programming.
  • Design of DB2 deadlock prevention software for severe deadlock problems.
  • GM 2006
  • Lead DB2 DBA for a major automotive firm responsible for daily DBA tasks on Z/OS.
  • Performed DB2 Utility jobs, DB2 problem resolution, production system problem solving on Z/OS.
  • Provide DBA leadership for application groups with light DB2 experience. Perform image copy back-ups, database recover and restoration of data, load and unload utility, grant authorization to databases on Z/OS parallel sysplex.
  • DB2 production trouble shooting for production problems on Z/OS parallel sysplex.
  • Created access control lists for user community. Added new users to group level access on Z/OS.
  • JCL for DB2 batch utilities such as image copy, reorg, runstats, recover, rebuild index, etc..

Environment: IBM UDB DB2, PC, AIX, Windows, SQL, UDB DDL, Solaris Server, UDB Run-Time Client, IBM mainframe, JCL, Cobol, Platinum tool kit, VSAM, JCL, Z/OS, Erwin, DB2TOP, DB2 Connect

Project: EDS/US Department of Defense Accounting Office

  • Provided production support for a mainframe data warehouse accounting system
  • Performed load and unload operation for a DB2 DoD accounting system
  • Resolved copy pending problems for a DoD DB2 database
  • Use of Start Force commands. Resolved production problems for a DoD accounting database
  • Instructed other team members on the fundamentals of the AIX operating system
  • Performed runstats and reorg on DB2 objects
  • Used the QMF query tool for data manipulation.
  • Solved problems in Cobol II programs.

Environment: IBM Z/OS, IBM PC, AIX, Windows, IBM Mainframe, QMF
COBOL II, SQL, Abend-Aid, JCL, File-Aid, SPUFI, DB2 Utilities, JCL

Project: Wachovia Bank

  • Development of AIX SQL scripts for banking financial applications.
  • Used the Import, Export, and Load utilities.
  • Executed the DB2 unload utility.
  • Created AIX Korn shell scripts for running SQL scripts and migrating data with the NDM utility
  • Created temporary work tables for data migration
  • Installation of DB2 UDB version 8.1 run-time client. Utilized stored procedures and DB2 Connect. Data migration from UDB to Oracle 9i.

Environment: IBM pSeries Server, DB2 UDB, UDB EEE Database 8.1, SQLJ, AIX,
Windows XP, DB2 Connect, UDB 8.2, Oracle 9i

Project: Ford Motor Company

  • Performed production problem solving on DB2 UDB 7 and IMS system for large automotive engineering parts release system
  • Solved various production problems for a large DB2/IMS/COBOL database system using the Xpediter debugging system
  • Provided physical DB2 database analysis and DB2 database modifications
  • Conducted performance tuning and SQL EXPLAIN statement
  • Handled various on-line IMS MFS-related problems
  • Established stored procedure model and sysroutine catalog entry
  • Instituted new data definitions for system enhancements

Environment: IBM OS/390, IBM DB2 UDB version 7.2, SQL, JCL, IMS, SPUFI, COBOL,
Xpediter, AIX scripts, SQL EXPLAIN, File-Aid for DB2, QMF, JDBC, ODBC, SQLJ, Changeman

Project: IBM 2000

  • Created a DB2 UDB data warehouse for a web internet customer information system
  • Converted DB2 programs to DB2 stored procedures
  • Established stored procedure DB2 objects in the sysroutines catalog table
  • Originated program specifications for COBOL programmers
  • Provided project milestone planning and estimating
  • Instituted data dictionaries for new data items
  • Analyzed user requirements and business rules
  • Implemented COBOL/IMS Checkpoint/Restart software

Environment: IBM DB2 UDB version 7.2, COBOL II, IMS, Xpediter, JCL, File-aid
DB2, QMF, SQLJ, Stored Procedures, Changeman

Other software projects:
Security Clearance

  • Department of Defense Clearance, LTV Aerospace Corporation.
  • Department of Defense Clearance, CSC corporation.
  • Department of Defense Clearance, DoD DFAS, EDS Corporation.

Commendations and Testing

  • Letter of Excellence from EDS Corporation
  • Letter of Excellence from Department of Defense, US Government
  • Scored top 10% on Prove-IT DB2 DBA test

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