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Ms Sql Server Dba Resume

Mounds View, MN

Professional Summary:

  • Over 7+ years of IT experience on Database Administration and development with MS SQL Server technology.
  • Hands on experience in Installation and Configuration of SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 technology, service packs and hot fixes.
  • Expert in using different recovery models simple, full and bulk-logged depending on availability of database.
  • Experienced and knowledge of high availability SQL Server solutions with SQL Server Failover Clustering, Database Snapshot, Log shipping, and Database Mirroring.
  • Expert in Capacity planning, Performance Tuning, Disaster Recovery, Troubleshooting, backup and restore procedures.
  • Solid experience in performance monitoring with Activity monitor, SQL Profiler, Performance monitor, Database Tuning Advisor, DMVs and DMFs, SQL Diagnostic Manager.
  • Good understanding in implementing different types of Replication Models such as Transactional, Snapshot, Merge and Peer to Peer.
  • Expert in automating the system by using SCOM and creating alerts, jobs and maintenance plans.
  • Expert in working in Data Center high availability servers.
  • Collaborated on numerous management initiatives, including Data Security, Data Management & Data Retention & Resource Tracking, Change Control, and Disaster Recovery Planning, High Availability.
  • Worked on administration tasks such as Data loading, batch jobs, Data unloading, backup and recovery, user and application table management, upgrades, creating Databases, file groups, files, transaction logs.
  • Experienced in creating and optimizing tables, indexes, schemas, views.
  • Extensive experience in managing the Database Security at granular level.
  • Hand full of experience in using third party tools like idera, Spotlight, Sql tuner, Sqlexpert, etc.
  • Expert in constructing triggers, stored procedures, user functions, views, indexes, user profiles, data dictionaries, and data integrity using T- SQL.
  • Extensive knowledge in developing and deploying ETL packages using, DTS, Informatica, SSIS for accessing heterogeneous data, data cleansing and auditing.
  • Expert in using MS SQL Server tools SSIS and SSRS.
  • Expertise in Data Modeling tools such as ERwin, MS Visio, and ER/ Studio Design Tool.
  • Expert in logical and physical modeling for OLTP and OLAP applications.
  • Ample of experience in data warehousing using star schema and snow flex schema.
  • Ample of knowledge in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) & Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).
  • Conversant with all phases of Software Development Life Cycle involving System Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation.
  • Excellent verbal and write communication skills.
  • Flexible, enthusiastic and project oriented team player with solid communication and leadership skills to develop creative solution for challenging client needs.
  • Brain Bench certified Database Administrator.
  • Able to work independently and collaborate proactively & cross functionally within a team.

Skill set:


MS SQL SERVER 2000/2005/2008, MS Access

Databases Tools

SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), Database Engine Tuning Advisor(DTA), Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler, Data Transformation Services, Upgrade Wizard, Replication, Jobs and task creating and scheduling, MS Visio, Crystal Reports 10.0, SQL reporting, SSIS.

Programming Languages:

SQL, TSQL, XML, PL/SQL, C, C++, VB 6.0, Perl, HTML, XML.

Web Tools:

MS-Front Page, Internet Information Server(IIS),FTP,TCP/IP,LAN,MS-Outlook Express

Operating Systems:

Windows 95/98/2000/2003/XP/NT 4.0, Linux, Novell Netware, MS-DOS.

Utility Tools:

MS Office, MS Project, Clear Quest, Visual Source Safe 6.0, Rational Clear Case ,SCOM ,Lite -speed, GRS(Global Resolution Services),Remedy, HPSD incident management, ESEUTIL file copy for large backups.

ETL Tools:

SSIS(SQL Server Integration Services), DTS(Data Transformation Services), Import Export Data, Bulk Copy Program (BCP)

Projects Summary:

Confidential, Mounds View, MNOct 2010 – Present

Confidential. is the world\'s leading medical technology company, controlling more than half of the $8 billion global heart-pacing market, which includes pacemakers and defibrillators. As a DBA I maintained the databases which collect all the patient health data and device sales data in Care link project.


  • Installed, upgraded and configured SQL Server 2008 in cluster environment.
  • Configured Log Shipping setup for production servers using third part tool Lite Speed.
  • Backup and restore the databases from old environment to new environment using Lite Speed & Native SQL server where ever there are new releases.
  • Implemented and maintained Transaction replication for high availability and worked on Replication related issues.
  • Created Notifications and alerts for replication jobs and out of sync issues.
  • Daily periodically monitored maintenance jobs from the mails setup.
  • Provided On call support switching between team members.
  • Configured Log Shipping using Native SQL server in production environment. Whereas standby server is used as reporting server.
  • Worked with Development & application teams in the time of Project releases.
  • Performed work through Remedy incident management tool based on the severity of the issues.
  • Ensured security logins and database access permissions to the users on time.
  • Created and scheduling maintenance jobs in new environments.
  • Configured SQL Mail and Database Mail to get automated Alerts in the production Servers.
  • Wrote and edited stored procedures, functions and triggers required for Sql agent jobs.
  • Planned the backup and recovery for Publisher and Distribution servers.
  • Monitored, optimized and Performance Tuning of Regression Servers using Performance monitor, SQL Profilers, Activity Monitor.
  • We are using HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to protect patients\' privacy expectations under the policies and procedures.

Environment:MS SQL Server2008 /2008 R2 Enterprise Edition ,Business Intelligence Development Studio(BIDS) – SQLServerIntegrated Services (SSIS) , DTS,SQL Agent, SQL Profiler, Database Tuning Advisor , Database Mail, Notification Services, T- SQL,Windows 2003/ 2008 server, Idera Sql safe backup, Lite Speed, GRS(Global Resolution Systems)

Confidential, Minneapolis, MNFeb 09- Oct 2010
SQL Server DBA
Confidential is one of the biggest retail store business in USA. It had 1780 stores overall USA. All the stores and POS registers use SQL Server databases to ring the sales and update. The project is to support all the issues in store server, HQ server and DC servers installed with SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008.
MS SQL Server 2000,2005,2008, SQL Agent, SQL Profiler, Erwin , Database Tuning Advisor, Database Mail, System Center Operational Manager (SCOM)2007,T- SQL, Windows2003 ,2008 server, Control M , HPSD Incident management tool.


  • Installed, upgraded and configured SQL Server 2008.Suported store server refresh rollout including hot fixes.
  • Installed virtual Sql server instances in cluster environment.
  • Worked on incidents and WO’s from HPSD incident management tool through SCOM tool based on Priority of issue.
  • Supported stores and HQ application developers with production database issues.
  • Performed proactive checks on store servers during the expected busy days like Thanks giving Day and Christmas days.
  • Target has two datacenters with multiple application and database servers supported by our team.
  • Attended RCA calls with application owners on global issues to explain the root cause and fix.
  • All databases are backed up in to the legato servers tape drives.
  • Supported cluster environment in Data center level. Two data centers with clustered.
  • Maintained all the maintenance jobs in all the servers.
  • Configured and altered alert configuration settings for the jobs and issues.
  • Backup and restore the databases from old environment to new environment.
  • Periodically (daily, weekly, or monthly) performed a database reorganization on all the indexes on all the tables in all databases to rebuild the Indexes so that the data is no longer logically fragmented.
  • Reconfigured Log Shipping and Database Mail after migration.
  • Ensured security logins and database access permissions
  • Created and scheduling maintenance jobs in new environment.
  • Provided support to numerous applications tuning stored procedures and modify them if necessary.
  • Provided 7x24 technical supports to the production databases mission critical.
  • Implemented and maintained Transaction replication for high availability in all stores.
  • Documented the work and issues for the offshore partners.
  • Provided support to replication environment to stores from enterprise server.
  • Monitored, optimized and Performance Tuning of Regression Servers using Performance monitor, SQL Profilers, Activity Monitor for individual application developers.
  • Scheduled meeting with team lead and provided the reporting data like issues of the week.

Confidential, Ann Arbor, MIAug 07 – Jan 09

Confidential, monitors, supports, maintain, and provide reporting for high-traffic, high-performance Web sites. Fry Media ensure that sites are always available through proactive security and systems monitoring, on-going capacity management, application updates, site administration, and custom reporting.


  • Handled up to 2 TB Size databases with clustered and replication environment.
  • Regular Database backing up and implementing tests on that backup and generating reports.
  • Relocation of Databases from one server to another server using attach and detach database.
  • Extensively worked on Dynamic Management Views (DMV’s) to get the information about
    executed T- SQL statements.
  • Used Idera SQL safe backup which provides a high-performance backup and recovery solution.
  • Worked on Data Partitioning and Snapshot Isolation in SQL Server 2005.
  • Rebuild the indexes at regular intervals for better performance.
  • Implemented log shipping between two instances of server using Database.
  • Involved in trouble shooting and fine-tuning of databases for its performance and concurrency.
  • Developed and deployed ETL packages using SSIS and Converted DTS packages into SQL Server 2005 Integration Services.
  • Monitored the server usingidera tools.
  • Maintained the database consistency with DBCC at regular intervals.
  • Used ETL packages to move logins and jobs from one server to another server.
  • Monitored SQL server performance using profiler to find performance and dead locks.
  • Done general technical trouble shooting and give consultation to development teams.

Environment:MS SQL Server2005 Enterprise Edition ,Business Intelligence Development Studio(BIDS) – SQLServerIntegrated Services (SSIS) , DTS,SQL Agent, SQL Profiler, Database Tuning Advisor , Database Mail, Notification Services, T- SQL,Windows 2003 server, Idera Sql safe backup.

Confidential,New York,NYNov 06-July 07

Confidential is a leading global financial services firm with assets of $2.1 trillion. This project required extensive review and rewrite of stored procedures/ triggers, maintenance plans, troubleshooting SQL servers with enormous databases and implementation of Replication.


  • Problem identification, troubleshooting, resolution, and index tuning databases.
  • Worked on the server and keep it running. Concerned with backups, security, patches, and replication.
  • Implementation of Immediate Transactional Replication to reduce the workload on servers.
  • Worked on building queries, stored procedures that meet business needs.
  • Tested and implemented Database Replication solution for Production critical application.
  • Use replication stored procedures to create scripts to automate the transaction replication once databases are refreshed.
  • Taking Database full Backup, Transaction log backup & differential backup in daily Routine.
  • Developed and implemented Disaster Recovery Plan and Procedures.
  • Managed the use of disk space, memory, processor and connection.
  • Created Alerts for successful or unsuccessful completion of scheduled Jobs.
  • Diagnosed and tuned the server optimal performance using SQL Server 2005’s Dynamic Management Views (DMV), Profiler and Index Tuning Wizards.
  • Performed database transfers and queries tune-up, integrity verification, data cleansing, analysis and interpretation.
  • Reduced systems downtime risk through automatic offsite backup and recovery over network.

Environment:MS SQL Server 2000,T- SQL,SQLQuery Analyzer, SQL server Agent, DTS, Windows server 2003

Confidential.Jan 05 – Aug 06
SQL Server Developer/DBA

The application maintains the inventory details and takes care of continuous supply of parts to the company by Processing of parts Arrivals, classifying, Purchase Invoice, Order for Imported components, Documents transactions for Imported Orders, Receipts, issues, Receipt Return & Issue Return, Receipt Bill Entry, etc. It involves reports for parts Consumption Statement, Pending Order Statements, Stock Statement.


  • Responsible for MS SQL Server 2000, configuration, tuning and providing 24 X 7 dedicated support to all Production/staging/development servers.
  • Created database objects like tables, stored procedures, views, Triggers, Rules, Defaults, User defined data types and functions in SQL Server 2000.
  • Created Backup Strategies for databases and automated the process.
  • CreatedTransactional replication, pull subscription and defined edition to transfer data from branch to head office and vice versa
  • ImplementedSQL login securityfordevelopersand users
  • RunningDBCC consistency checks, andfixing data corruptionin user databases.
  • Monitoring theevent logs and server error logs for troubleshooting.
  • Resolved Deadlock & Blocking Issues by setting Trace Flags like T1204 and T1205
  • CreatedLinked Serversbetween SQL Servers and other Heterogeneous environment
  • Involved inAnalysis, Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance,
    Generated Reports.
  • Ensuring that the backups are running fine for various databases on different servers.

Environment:MS SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000, MS EXCEL, Replication, SQL Profiler, Data Transformation Services, Maintenance Wizard, and Index Tuning Wizard.

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