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Edi Analyst Resume

Nevada City, CA


  • Over 6 years of professional experience in the entire Software development life cycle, right from system analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of Business Applications in IT.
  • Development experience in EDI, ERP and E - Commerce fields. Extensive experience in analysis, design, development, implementation and testing of EDI, e-Commerce applications.
  • Over 4 years of experience in EDI ANSI X12, SI 5.2, SI 5.0, GIS 4.2.
  • Experience with Gentran Integration Suite (GIS)
  • Worked on EDI ANSI X12 transactions 810,811,835,837,850,855,856,860,865,869,870,940,943,944,945,947,997.
  • Experience includes analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of applications for various business areas.
  • Extensive Experience in preparing Test Plans, Test Scenarios, Test Cases and executing them based on the Business rules and System requirements.
  • Involved in Business process development & implementation for EDI transactions.
  • Ability to independently as well as in a team and experience in coordinating with different groups in a project.
  • Excellent Written & verbal Communication, Interpersonal and Organizational Skills.


Languages: C, C++, VB, SQL * Plus, PL/SQL and Shell ScriptsVB Script, Java Script, XML, HTML, Perl.

Data Bases: Oracle 8i/9i, DB2, and SQL Server.

EDI, Electronic: Sterling Integrator, Gentran Integration Suite 4.X, 3.X, Oracle

Commerce: B2B, SOA, Gentran Server for Windows NT 3.2, 4.X, 5.X, EDI

Gentran: Server for UNIX, BizLink, Oracle B2B, Secure link, VL Trader & Cyclone Interchange 5.4

EDI Standards: ANSI X-12, XML, Rosetta Net etc

EDIINT Standards: AS1, AS2 protocols

Virtualization: VMware Server

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT, UNIX, Solaris, MS-DOS.


Confidential, Nevada City, CA

EDI Analyst


  • Tested Maps and Envelope set up for various EDI customers.
  • Unit tested transaction sets like 850, 856, 810, 940, 945 and 997.
  • Created TP Relations Ships for various inbound and outbound transactions for multiple partners
  • Reviewed Implementation Guidelines and created Mapping specifications for generic maps.
  • Involved in Unit and Integration Testing
  • Production support of the EDI gateway, Setting up new Trading Partners - Developing, testing, maintaining, documenting, and supporting EDI translation
  • Used to Monitor inbound and outbound EDI transactions, associated error notification, logs, troubleshooting issues, and resolving them in a timely basis
  • Worked with the EDI contacts of trading partners on setting up new transactions and troubleshooting issues

Environment: Gentran Server Windows 5.2, SAP R/3.

Confidential, Foster City, CA

EDI Business Analyst


  • Set-up, configure and maintain business partner integration with Oracle B2B and SOA suite.
  • Worked on AS2, FTP, PGP setups for different partners.
  • Developed Maps for X12 to XML and XML to X12 conversions.
  • Created Business Processes for various inbound and outbound transactions for various partners
  • Created various EDI to non-standard XML or Customized and vice versa Maps for various transaction sets like 850, 856 and 810.
  • Extensively used BPEL Business Process Execution Language.
  • Created various inbound and outbound envelopes for ANSI X12 transaction sets.
  • Involved in Unit and Integration Testing
  • Configured the Envelopes for all the Outbound processing documents.
  • Develop and maintain procedures for monitoring EDI transactions.
  • Setup process schedules to automate the translation & transmission of documents
  • Document weekly progress and prepare status report to client and business.

Environment: Oracle B2B, MS SQL Server 2005 and secure link for windows.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

EDI Analyst


  • Performing design and develpment of Inbound and outbound flowsBuilt Document extraction maps for positional files and configured Doc extract service for XML files for outbound flow.
  • Created BP using the BPML for file translation and delivery using file system adapters.
  • Interacted with Customers and Back end application teams to design, document, develop and test for new processes.
  • Configured JDBC Adaptor to select data from or insert/update to data base and vice versa.
  • Created Code lists for various code conversions.
  • Set up mailboxes for receiving files through Internal Partners using FTP, SFTP Protocols in GIS.
  • Maintenance of EDI Documents (Defined Archive process and Purge process) on GIS.
  • Worked with Trading Partner On boarding team to move partners from VAN to AS2 using the Axway Cyclone server for Communications.
  • Troubleshooting of Envelopes, Business Processes and Maps
  • Providing Production Support.

Environment: GIS 4.0, SI 5.0, Red Hat Linux, SAP R/3 ACC 6, BPML

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

EDI Programmer


  • Developed Maps for Idoc to XML and XML to Idoc conversions.
  • Created Business Processes for various inbound and outbound transactions for various partners
  • Created various EDI to IDOC and IDOC to EDI Maps for various transaction sets like 850, 856 and 870.
  • Extensively used extended rules, standard rules, Global and local code lists to complete source to target mapping.
  • Created various inbound and envelopes for ANSI X12 transaction sets.

Environment: GIS 4.3, HP UNIX 11.23, SAP R/3 ACC 6, BPML

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