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Business Analysis / Sql Report Designer Resume


  • Over twenty years of top, diversified experience developing software applications in the financial and manufacturing industry
  • Over 14 years of software experience developing applications for Payroll tax in an Oracle Database environment with the Oracle DBMS and tools including: Implementation of database level constraints, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, packages, triggers embedded SQL in MicroFocus COBOL and SQL Performance tuning.
  • Modifications of code during Oracle Upgrades; Oracle 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 8i. 10g, 11g ,12
  • Testing of all processes including SQL LOADER functions, Unix Scripts containing SQL and PL/SQL and COBOL during oracle 7.1,7.2,7.3,8i,10g,11g conversions
  • Oracle tools Used: Oracle Forms 6.0, Oracle Billing 7.3.1, Oracle Financials
  • Worked closely with the Oracle DBA pertaining to any database and table changes.
  • Assisted VB developers concerning information gathering from the ORACLE database.
  • Experience in the following languages: Oracle Forms 6.0, Shell Scripting (POSIX on the HP Unix platform), COBOL, COBOL II, COBOL 95, MicroFocus COBOL, SSRS 3.0, Crystal Reporting 7 & 9, XML, JCL, OCL, IBM BASIC, TRANSACT/3000, HP/BASIC, TOAD, SQL Navigator, VI, Editor, QEDIT, FTP, EFT, COGNOS, SUPRTOOL, Power Point 97, MS Word 95, 97, 2000, MS Excel 95, 07, 2000, Taurus Software, Quest Bridgeware, SED/AWK, MPE (III,IV,V,and XL)
  • Over 9 years experience developing software in the Manufacturing industry in the Image/3000 database environment as one of two developers for the Finance Department.
  • Image Tools used DBACCESS, SUPRTOOL, COGNOS, DBSchema, Query, Fcopy, DBRestore, DBStore, DBUnload, DBUtil, Show, Verify
  • Placed in charge of database security, user instillations, system support, system security on the HP/3000
  • Over 1 years experience developing software in the collection industry (Parking ticket collections) as the only developer / system engineer for the company.
  • Programmed in the following environments: IBM 36, IBM 3090, HP/3000, Unix (HP-UNIX), PC (DOS / Windows), LINUX, OCL, JCL:
  • Familiar with SDLC Mythology
  • Extensive experience in a variety of business functions including GL, AP, AR, PO, FA, OM, PA, HR, INV, supply chain and manufacturing.
  • Excellent organizational, communication, and people skills.
  • Self managed, detailed oriented, Six Sigma trained, self starter
  • System conversions; IBM 5120 to HP/3000; HP/3000 to HP/9000. All Information and Programs and scripts.
  • Known as the “Go To Person” for all major system issues. Placed on call 24/7.
  • Over two years Quality Assurance Analytical Trained on the HP/3000 environment and Unix (HP/9000)
  • Five years as the “Action Item” person for all issues pertaining to tax filing.
  • Involved in management meetings pertaining to system upgrades, modifications to processes and tax filing issues.
  • Experience in White Box testing, Black Box testing, Process Flow Control, Integration Testing, Test Plan Creation
  • Experience with SAP Business Objects, Crystal reports 7 & 9, SSRS 3.0
  • Familiar with SQL Server 2005 and 2008 R2
  • Experience with Creation of Functional Specifications, Data Mapping, Data Migration , Data Analysis, Program Analysis, System Analysis, Creation of Stored Procedures and User define Functions in the SQL Server Environment
  • Trained in: PERL 7 (CGI), JAVA J2SE, C, C++, HTML, VB.NET 2010, ASP.NET 2009
  • Received the convenient VP Award seven times in fourteen years as a Developer for outstanding work
  • Nominated Three times for the President Award

Professional Experience

Contract as a Business Analysis / SQL Report Designer
Berg Electric
September - 2010 to December - 2010

  • Worked as a Business Analysis converting 100 reports from Visual Fox Pro to Report Builder 3.0 on an SQL Server 2008 R2 database.
  • The reports consisted of AP, General Ledger, Invoice, receivables, time card, Payroll, HR, order entry and contract bidding/extras.
  • This included performing analysis on the existing SQL calls in the VFP reports, analysis on the data and creating user define functions and stored procedures which will be used for the creation of reports using Report Builder 3.0 / SSRS by “Super Users“.

Contract as a SQL Report Writer / Data Analysis
April - 2010 to September - 2010

  • Worked in a consultant basis performing data analysis and creating custom payroll / Tax reports and dash boards using Crystal reports 7.
  • Worked closely with end users and clients to gather requirements for the creation of drop down and tabular reports with graphs that the users or clients can use to determine payroll and taxes due and paid.
  • Modified the SQL in Crystal reports 7 to ease the burden of the one to many ratio created when joining master and detail tables together.
  • Created worker compensation reports which were exported to EXCEL 97 and sent to the agencies.
  • Created dashboard client retention or sales figures reports.
  • Creation of CR scripts for the Migration of data from an SQL Server 2005 to Mangroves SQL Server 2008 database.
  • This includes performing data analysis and mapping between both databases, exporting the information to an EXCEL 97 spreadsheet which allowed the importation of information to the SQL 2008 database.

Oracle Software Engineer
September - 1997 to November - 2009

  • Entrusted to support and development of the bulk tax, funding, deposit, billing and W2 systems. This included deposits to the agencies via EFT; federal, state and local, funding of tax collection for the Company and billing of the clients for the services provided.
  • Involved with testing and modifying COBOL, SQL scripts, Stored Procedures, SQL LOADER scripts and PL/SQL during each Oracle version Upgrade from Oracle 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 8i. 10g, 11g ,12
  • Assisted other departments of the gartering of information from the ORACLE database. This included SQL and PL/SQL advice.
  • Worked closely with the DBA for the Creation of Stored procedures in Oracle 8i, 10g using PL/SQL for the removal of extraneous COBOL code.
  • Creation of embedded SQL and PL/SQL copylibs for COBOL processes
  • Creation of reports using SQL from the Oracle 8i database to replace simple COBOL reports.
  • Created generic scripts using UNIX Scripting and SQL or PL/SQL for locating and modifying erred data in the Oracle deposit tables. The SQL processes accepted input from the user.
  • Removed all Image calls from the MicroFocus COBOL programs and replaced all calls with embedded SQL.
  • The Image calls were kept in place using a C wrapper which would translate the image calls to SQL. This was a temporary fix used during the conversion of all processes from the HP/3000 to the HP/9000.
  • Performed Data Analysis in the Oracle database to remove any orphaned information, locate data issues and work with the Database Administrator for the creation of Triggers to insure all information throughout the tables will stay in sync.
  • Placed in charge of the W2 process. All code changes, table modifications, tape and electronic filings and receiving and processing of W2 information based on Federal and State mandates. I was averaging 3 programs completed a week with agencies, Federal, State and Local agencies. Code changes started in November and ending in January.
  • Information gathered was from Clients, Lawson Payroll products and Fountain of Youth (FOY). All files received were in one of three different formats.
  • Information was imported either through SQL LOADER, PL/SQL Scripts or MicroFocus COBOL programs.
  • Involved with the DBA in the conversion of the ledger roll process where the General Ledger information can be stored in a single table and partitioned in the ORACLE 10g database based on posting date. This included the testing of all processes which used the ledger and inactive ledger tables and code modifications to remove all calls to the inactive ledger tables. This saved the company weekend down time each quarter.
  • Creation of a data scramble process using stored procedure in an Oracle 10g Database.
  • Performed analysis on data and process flow during development / modifications of the RJE, Deposit, Funding, General Ledger, Daily, Quarter End, W2 and Billing processes.
  • Creation of Test Plans for the QA department to perform unit testing on the process modified. These test plans would be incorporated in QA’s full integration testing process.
  • Started the conversion of all SUPRTOOL reports to SQL with the COGNOS reports scheduled for conversion in the future.
  • Involved in the conversion of the company’s custom billing process to Oracle Billing.
  • Conversions of online screens from the set up menu and reports to Oracle Forms 9i. This consisted of 21 processes
  • Conversion and setting up standards of Tax forms to XML for the filing of payroll tax information.
  • During the Y2K conversion, I mapped information by creating scripts for the migration of 63 gigs of data using Taurus, Warehouse in conjunction with Quest Bridgeware from the Image database to the Oracle 7 database. The moving of the information took 4 weekends to complete so processed to insure that the data was to stay in sync was also developed. This insured that the company could continue processing client information during the conversion process with minimal losses. The conversion was 99% successful
  • Performed modifications and testing of COGNOS and SUPRTOOL during the HP/3000 to hp-UNIX conversion.
  • Creation of a secure test environment where all personal information was scrambled to hide the identity of the employees in the database.
  • Information was copied from the production machine and placed in the test environment where the QA and Developer teams could copy this information to there environment and use for the before and after look when testing modified processes. This provided an increase of productivity by 93% and insure all issues were captured by the QA team prior to release to production.

Quality Assurance Engineer
May - 1995 to September - 1997

  • Tested processes to insure accuracy of processes created or modified by the development department. This included RJE, Deposits, Daily and Quarterly processing, Billing and Funding
  • Created the Quarterly Integrity process where full blown system testing can be performed prior to Quarter End processing.
  • This process (QEI) would capture 95% of all issues that would have occurred during live quarter end processing thus diverting penalty and interest which would have occurred.
  • The tool to create the database and move over the live information was DBACCESS.
  • In charge of insuring all information and programs were placed in a secure test environment.
  • Created test plans based on the user requirements and modified data with the use of editing tools and SUPRTOOL.
  • Perform White and Black box testing. White box testing was used to assist the development team of which process failed during the process flow. This was also used to insure that the information was correctly modified or added to the data tables.

Awards Received: Developer: Vice President Award, 6 times for outstanding work
QA: Vice President Award, 1 time for outstanding work on the QEI project.

Captured Agent Outside sales
March - 1994 to April - 1995

  • Provide inventory control of expendable maintenance hardware to themanufacturing, automotivefleet serviceand distribution industries
  • Job included establishing and servicing accounts in the Southern California area.
  • Inside Sales Used computer equipment 6 Months

Manager / System engineer
February - 1990 to February - 1991

  • Managed 4 employees who performed data entry of parking ticked information
  • Supported the existing Parking Ticket process on the HP/3000 Series II
  • Performed hardware maintenance, Installed a newer model HP/3000 40 six months after I started with the company.
  • Set up user and clients security, database security, performed tape back ups
  • Worked closely with the DMV, local officers and courts to insure all tickets are paid and inform of non-payments of parking citations
  • Supported the NOVELL token-ring network system on the PC-XT’s

Programmer Analyst
September - 1981 to January - 1990

  • One of two developers in charge of developed, supported and completely documented custom accounting software on the HP/3000 and IBM 5120 for both corporate and cannery finance departments.
  • IBM 5120 information was stored on sequential files
  • Developed an Indexing to the sequential files for faster access to the information
  • Headed the parallel testing of the cost and yield processes after the conversion from the IBM5120 to the HP/3000
  • HP/3000 information was stored in the Image/3000 database
  • The systems which were developed and support included Cost Analysis, Payroll, Payroll Transmission via RJE, Time Card Management, Inventory Control, Tomato and Peanut Grower payments, Yield Analysis, Plant Manning, and Product Cost.
  • The development of these systems started on the IBM 5120 in Basic and were soon converted to the HP/3000 model 30 in Transact/3000, COBOLII, and BASIC/3000 using View Screens and information stored in the IMAGE 3000 database.
  • Supported the Inventory system for J. Hungerford Smith in Tennessee. Programs were written in RPG II on a Data General computer.
  • Conversion of Peter Pan Peanut Butter processes and data from the IBM 36 to the HP/3000 model 30.
  • All database documentation was established with DICTIONARY/3000.
  • Developed a grower payment system on the IBM XT using the IBM Basic which was soon converted to Paradox.
  • As one of the developers, I was placed in charge of System Support where I insured the proper version of code was released to production, creation of user logons, groups, tape backup and security.
  • I was place on loan to the ISS, Information System Services, department for the conversion of the grower’s payment and payroll systems from the HP/3000 to the IBM/36 and IBM/3090 computers.
  • I have exposure to the CICS environment, COBOL II, and ANSI COBOL on both IBM machines, SDA (Screen Design Application) on the IBM System 36 along with OCL and on the IBM 3090 JCL.

June - 1979 to September -1981

  • As the only programmer in the company, provided support and enhancements to an already existing Inventory Reporting System and an MRP system.
  • The primary machine was a Micro Data with all programs written in Basic and Micro Data English (4th GL file reporting Language).
  • All information was stored in an hieratical database
  • The system was eventually converted to run on the Prime machine in Basic. All processes were custom company code.


Major: Information Technology / Computer Science
Bachelor of Science Degree

650 hours of training in flowcharting, coding, keypunching and debugging programs in RPGII, COBOL, FORTRAN and BAL. All training was on an IBM 360/30 and Cyber 18/30 MSOS.

Major: Ocean Technology
Fields of study included Electronics, Science, Mathematics, English, and Environmental Sciences.

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