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Sr. Programmer/analyst Resume

New, YorK

Dedicated, results-oriented IT Professional with over 15 years of experience in all phases of software development life cycle (SDLC). Demonstrated focus on customer satisfaction to deliver quality service and results. Responds to customer requests with a great sense of urgency and provides needed outcome. Proactively seeks other perspectives to ensure optimal processes are followed and outcomes are attained. Strong analytical ability, software design competence, and application development skills.


Languages: COBOL, COBOL II, Microfocus COBOL, EasyTrieve, JCL,
Hogan Technical Platform, Rexx, SQL.


Operating Systems: MVS/XA/ESA, UNIX, z/OS, MS Windows 2000/XP, Windows NT.

Hardware: IBM 3090, 308X; IBM 370 series; IBM PC &


Confidential,Seattle, Washington ( 1999 2009)

Applications Developer ( 2008 2009)
Retail Bank Applications Developer, currently selected to the Transition Team for the integration of Fraud/Compliance applications into Chase systems. Played a key role in creating extracts and NDM processing for Fraud Prevention software.

Sr. Programmer/Analyst (2003 2008)
Provided team leadership for design, development, and implementation of sophisticated
Fraud/Compliance systems. Participated in task and navigation analysis, usability testing, and results analysis, providing liaison to Risk Operational team.

  • Produced annual cost saving of $54 million through leading compliance project for design and implementation of FraudLink Deposit System; utilized advanced method of comparing current account activity with bank-set rules, fraud trends and normal customer behaviors.
  • Saved company $75 million through installing and configuring Deposit Chek software, which provided real-time notification of potentially high-risk deposits. Served as subject matter expert (SME) for customization, installation and implementation of product.
  • Developed software using both waterfall and agile development methodologies, adhering to company’s SDLC and PMLC standards.
  • Enhanced and maintained existing Fraud Detection System. Supported entire team in use of software and served as contact with vendors to initiate modifications, saving company $168 million over seven-year period.

Programmer/Analyst (1999 2003)
Participated in variety of design/development and enhancement projects.

  • Provided primary support and troubleshooting for several major acquisitions, including Dime Bank of New York and Bank United.
  • Developed and implemented interface communicated with a range of JCL, DB2, and COBOL programs to receive look-up reference directory for U.S. financial institutions from Accuity.
  • Served as effective cross-functional liaison across technical support and management as well as customer interface for product direction, bug fixes, and enhancements.
  • Enhanced and maintained ReserveLink System, which provided bank with ability to generate additional investment income by enhancing management of reserve requirements and non-earning assets .
  • Developed, implemented, and executed Disaster Recovery plans to ensure information availability.

Confidential,New York, New York (1996 1999)
Programmer/Analyst Consultant
Collaborated on team to develop and implement Financial Consultant Inquiry System. FCI system provided an excellent source of information for answering clients’ questions concerning account holdings, balances, and current account activities.

  • Designed, coded and tested online and batch programs such as client’s security and commodity positions inquiry program, current money balances in client\'s account inquiry program, list of clients with positions in particular security, commodity or mutual fund.
  • Wrote JCL, PROCS and ran books for daily and on-request reporting jobs.
  • Participated in system and integration test phases of Financial Consultant Inquiry System.
  • Provided problem resolution and user support during initial production phase.
  • During Y2K conversion, performed testing of Financial Consultant Inquiry System.

Confidential,New York, New York (1994 1996)
Programmer/Analyst Consultant
Designed, coded, and tested Account Maintenance, to provide user with ability to set up and
maintain information for counterparty accounts, portfolio accounts, internal firm accounts, and
account relationships.

  • Designed, coded and tested several online programs such as counterparty account maintenance, portfolio account maintenance, internal account maintenance.
  • Developed batch conversion program to convert existing accounts to new format.
  • Resolved technical issues during system integration and initial production stages.
Master of Computer Science

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