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Sql Bi Developer  Resume



  • Nearly 6 year of writing T - SQL queries to create database objects such as tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, functions, indexes, creating table partitions, taking backups, scheduling jobs.
  • Nearly 6 years of delivering technology solutions that increased operational as well as analytical efficiency of financial services and health care business intelligence using Agile SDLC.
  • 5+ years of experience in end-to-end BI solutions designing: business requirement collection, data identification, documentation, Data Mart and ETL designing, cube and dimension designing, report designing for financial and health insurance services providers.
  • 4+ years of ETL design in SSIS tools: creating data access connections to different source and destination applications, creating work flows using control flow tasks, creating data flow pipelines and performing required transformations before moving data from source to destination.
  • Ensured integrity of data warehouse (DWH) by designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining ETL workflows that utilized either SCD, CDC, Checksum and loopkup transformations.
  • Deploying packages after parametrizing, creating environments and configuring for development, test and production.
  • +2 years OLAP cube and dimension designs using SSAS design tools, calculating members across measure groups and cube dimensions, partitioning, building and deploying cube structures and processing data from source and browsing the data in SSAS databases.
  • 4+ years of Enterprise report design in SSRS designer and creating SSRS objects (data sources, datasets and reports), dash boards, report templates and formatting.
  • 4+ years of deploying report definition, data sources, data sets and report parts to report server and SharePoint library as well as creating folders, managing report security, creating report schedules and subscriptions.
  • Conducted performance tuning for SSRS by creating and running traces using SQL Server profiler tool, creating or dropping indexes, re-writing inefficient SQL codes for SSRS, and by creating cache and snapshot reports and also scheduling report subscription off-pick hours.
  • 5+ years of relational OLTP and dimensional OLAP data modeling at conceptual, logical and physical design levels, normalizing and de-normalizing the database tables for efficient relationships operation and analytics.
  • Accomplished a number of database, data warehouse and BI projects using, mainly agile scrum SDLC methodology with effective collaboration with team members ranging from: business analysts, data architects, back end solutions developers, Testers, DBA & business information users.
  • Open minded & passionate to learn new technologies, team player, flexible, dedicated and hard-working in helping business on unleashing technological power for decision making.


BI Design Tools & Programing languages: SQL Server BI Stack (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS), MS Excel Report builder 3.0, Visual Studio 2010 to 2015, T-SQL, .NET Frameworks (mainly C# and VB).

SQL Server: SQL Servers 2008/2008R2/2012/2014 and associated tools such as SQL server Configuration manager, SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Manager, SQL Server Data Profiler, SQL Server Tuning Advisor, and SQLServer 2012/2014 project conversion tools.

Desk Top Tools: Microsoft office suits (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint) to communicate solutions among team and to clients of BI solutions.


Confidential, McLean

SQL BI Developer


  • Worked on the banks’ BI revitalizations project whose major tasks included new BI solutions as well as upgrading and maintaining projects designed using earlier technologies.
  • Collected business requirements and translated them into ETL, reports and cube designs, maintenance, or upgrade solutions using SSDT.
  • Designed high performing ETL packages that loads data both from legacy and operational systems to company DWH for common data repository and analytical layer.
  • Imported and maintained older packages, converted packages designed older in BIDS using project conversion tools.
  • Used sequence containers to organize tasks and used foreach loop containers for looping through many files to load data from branches and business partners’ into Enterprise data repository.
  • Undertook different of data transformations such as data conversion, lookup, fuzzy lookup, SCD, CDC, OLE DB command, checksum, conditional split, derived column, merge and union All.
  • Created dynamic packages that use variables and parameters, executed, debugged and then deployed them to SSISDB by creating project parameters.
  • Deployed projects to SSISDB project folders for testing and built packages to generate Ispac files for delayed package deployments.
  • Created different environments such as development, QA and Production and environmental variables for dynamic usage of packages.
  • Designed reports in SSRS that included creating projects, drilldown, drill through reports, sub reports, main reports as well as dashboards and depicting them in different data regions.
  • Published and managed report server items (SSRS): reports, data sources, data sets, parameters and related reports activities and roles such as folders and permissions, schedules and subscriptions .
  • Created linked, cached and snapshot reports, report models, and published reports using report server manager both in development and production environments.
  • Monitored and troubleshot reports and ETL processes including performance tuning.
  • Supported the maintenance of metadata, support documentation and data library.
  • Participated on cube designs in SSAS multidimensional as well as tabular mode from both DWH and OLTP sources, creating calculated aggregates, KPIs, perspectives and translations and building and deploying the cube to SSAS DB.
Confidential, New York City

SQL/SSIS Developer


  • Facilitated requirements gathering from non-technical business personnel and suggested efficient reporting solutions based on requirements.
  • Facilitated functional data warehouse design by discussing with business units and designed Enterprise key reports and dashboards based on business requirements and rules.
  • Participated in data warehouse modeling initiatives with key business stakeholders by gathering and documenting key business entities, schemas and hierarchies, measures, standards and report needs.
  • Designed, developed and modified various reports produced from transactional databases as well as DWs using SSRS; and published reports and data sources to SharePoint library and Report Server.
  • Created dashboards and reports to provide user’s ability to forecast events based on data.
  • Created ETL package that extracted 12 million records from legacy systems, after configuring data sources and destinations, creating dynamic sourcing using for-each-loop container to loop through files, making data conversions and transformations and loaded data to SQL Server.
  • Profiled data at sources using data profiling Task to ensure data integrity, completeness and accuracy as well as using profile result for package design and performance tuning.
  • Ran traces, used estimated execution plans and evaluated query runtime and rewrote efficient queries.
  • Worked independently and collaboratively with end users to assist in defining strategic solutions that solved business issues and enhanced corporate performance through BI solutions design and maintenance.
  • Produced technical requirements including requirements definition, schema design for ETL (SSIS) and SSAS cube and dimension designs.

SQL Developer


  • Worked with business and IT team members to prepare and translate business requirements into technical solutions in transactional database design.
  • Took part in relational data modeling/remodeling for loan and mortgage database, ranging from requirement gathering, conceptual modeling, logical modeling, physical modeling, and data dictionary preparation and testing using agile SDLC methodologies.
  • Installed, configured, upgraded, MS SQL Server database engine, reporting services, and analysis services.
  • Wrote T-SQL queries to create, and update database objects: tables, views, triggers, functions, and parametrized stored procedures.
  • Participated on data warehouse and data mart design solutions in order to capture and store data across many dimensions and measures.
  • Performed enterprise data consolidation by importing and transforming data from legacy data bases and transferring into databases staging and permanent tables.
  • Produced ad hoc reports from OLTP data platforms, using SQL statements and Stored Procedures for faster performance in SSRS and excel.
  • Co-authored and maintained database design documentation of loan and mortgage database with Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Designed, coded, tested, and aggregated results from SQL queries against separate databases to provide information to users.
  • Participated on OLTP and OLAP performance improvement by running profiler traces to evaluate query runtime, store procedures using execution plan, and reconstructed indexes, created partitions in collaboration with DBAs to improve performance.
  • Protected enterprise data by scheduling backups across network.

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