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Senior Software Engineer, Senior Database Administrator Resume


Databases: ORACLE 8.x, 9i, 10g, 11g; MySQL, SQL Server 2008 R2;Familiarity with MongoDB

Programming Languages/Applications: Oracle WebLogic, MS SharePoint 2010, MS Project 2010, Primavera; Familiarity with C++/Visual C++, C, Java, Perl, SQL, HTML

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/NT, 2008, UNIX, Linux RedHat 8.0, Ubuntu 10.04, Solaris, Tru64

Project Management: MS Project 2000, Primavera (5 through R8.2)


Confidential, Hanover, MD

Senior Software Engineer, Senior Database Administrator


  • Confidential is a key member of the Enterprise Planning team, responsible for ensuring the effort to create and implement network - centric operations for the Enterprise Schedule Management System (ESMS) Data Repository is successful.
  • Confidential has worked with the customer and other contractors to clearly define, implement, and institutionalize a uniform network-centric approach to Enterprise Integrated Master Schedule (EIMS) data administration across the customer's enterprise via the Primavera application.
  • As the Sr. Database Administrator for the Enterprise Planning team, he ensures that this consistent data network-centric approach to schedule integration is applied to all of the EIMS activities. Confidential has been instrumental in planning and setting up a Microsoft Project, SharePoint, SQL Server pilot/test environment, as well as helping develop a transition plan to migrate the majority of the Primavera/Oracle user Community to the new Microsoft environment.
  • Confidential has demonstrated his solid foundation in relational database management system concepts as well as a practical understanding of the architecture and process of the Oracle server. He has successfully implemented mirroring strategies with Oracle 10g using both Oracle Data Guard and Oracle Streams. Some of Confidential ’s routine DBA tasks involve: starting up and shutting down Oracle instances, performing Oracle database backup and restore, performance tuning, creation and deletion of users, managing data, and implementing required security - in both 9i and 10g implementations.
  • Confidential has written procedures to monitor and audit certain scheduling activity conducted by users.
  • Confidential has created new databases on separate servers, sized the tablespaces/datafiles accordingly, and exported entire databases from other servers onto these newly created databases.
  • On the current production system Confidential has planned for future growth in size of the database by contacting the appropriate teams responsible for the storage area and also conducting trend analysis on growth of datafiles as well as growth of user base.
  • This analysis allows Confidential to more accurately predict and prepare for future states of the system.
Confidential, Linthicum, MD;

Principal Database Engineer, Oracle DBA


  • Confidential upgraded Oracle 9.0.1 databases to Oracle He also cloned databases once utilizing binaries on Solaris to on totally different Solaris boxes.
  • He performs basic daily DBA functions such as account creation and deletion, unlocking of accounts, managing space issues, performance tuning as well as assisting developers with query syntax and performance.
  • Confidential also performed backups of the production database as well as backup and restore of the test and development databases.

Confidential, Linthicum, MD

Principal Database Engineer, Oracle DBA for E-Space


  • Confidential created Oracle 9i databases in a Windows 2000 environment to support front-end applications for E-Space. He created users, schemas and profiles for the created databases.
  • He was also responsible for creating control files and loading data via SQL Loader into the various database tables.
  • Confidential often performed data migration routines in which data was exported from one database and imported into others on different servers.
  • Confidential investigated performance of slow-running SQL queries and thusly, manipulated SGA and Buffer Cache sizes for optimal query performance. In an efficient and timely manner, Confidential was instrumental in supplying Booz Allen with Journeyman data for their testing purposes.
  • Confidential also adequately provided Operation and Maintenance support on both high and low side environments consisting of tracking record counts within a daily database log; ftp and loading of data; truncating data; investigating log files; and reconciling any errors found within those log files.
  • Confidential created a database link that allowed for direct connection to CSC’s Journeyman database on the low side, as opposed to re-hosting tables in the E-Space environment.
  • Confidential instituted a way in which dates within a certain table were manipulated automatically by utilizing update statements, batch files, and the Windows Task Scheduler for a customer demonstration.
Confidential, Linthicum, MD

Principal Database Engineer, Oracle DBA


  • Confidential performed as the lead Oracle DBA for SID SEO’s ROTUNDPIPER prototype project.
  • By using his network centric approach, he successfully accomplished the goal of data modeling and migrating disparate schemas in totally different databases into the ROTUNDPIPER database, allowing ROTUNDPIPER to be the data warehouse containing Standards as well as SiteMap data.
  • Confidential also successfully created a sandbox development area for the Standards and SiteMap group, allowing them to make specific changes to their data and later import those changes into ROTUNDPIPER.
Confidential, Bethesda, MD

Consulting IT Specialist, Oracle DBA


  • Confidential installed Oracle 8.1.7 Binaries on Sun Solaris 2.8 and created numerous databases and instances on AIX, NT, & Solaris operating systems.
  • Confidential also wrote Oracle 8.x & 9i Server installation procedures for NT, AIX, and Solaris.
  • He designed and implemented database partitioning strategies namely, hash partitioning for large data loads and date range partitioning for elimination of obsolete data.
  • Confidential also executed basic daily DBA functions such as starting and stopping instances as well as starting and shutting down databases.
Confidential, McLean, VA

Technical Lead


  • Confidential was the lead technical developer of the requirements database as well as online customer survey.
  • Confidential demonstrated his technical versatility by implementing his project’s system architecture.
  • He designed, procured, and implemented his team’s LAN consisting of 5 Windows 2000 workstations and 1 Confidential PowerEdge server in order to conduct operational performance assessments of NSA missions.
  • He assigned tasks to the team’s ColdFusion web developer and the team’s Visual Basic programmer and was in charge of scheduling (MS Project) for the technical aspects of the project as well as assigning man-hours to the staff.
  • Confidential also briefed all database solutions and technical presentations to the programs Contracting Officer (COTR).
Confidential, McLean, VA

Oracle DBA


  • He was the lead developer for front-end query and reporting tool (Brio) for the CENTAUR project which served as a data warehouse R&D project utilized for intrusion detection analysis.
  • He configured Brio Enterprise Server (Solaris 5.8) and Designer (Win NT).
  • He also configured the Apache web server and designed and implemented a web page for end-users in order for them to access the warehouse data via Brio.
  • Confidential co-developed the design and implementation of a star-schema consisting of five dimension tables and one fact table, which contained 80 to 120 million rows of data loaded per night.
Confidential, Fairfax, VA

Engineering Leadership Development Program


  • Confidential is a two to three-year leadership program that combines diverse rotational work assignments, a technical education course, and leadership training to develop technical contributors who can lead effectively in a team environment. In Rotation #4, Confidential was lead DBA for the Product Engineering Branch (PEB).
  • He was directly responsible for performance tuning and data management of 3 Oracle 8 databases and regularly Exported/Imported archived data. In Rotation #3, he developed Perl scripts as well as maintained C++ source code.
  • He also served as the team WEB master for PEB’s intranet site. In Rotation #2, he was the DB2 database administrator responsible for building and running jobs using the Confidential Platinum product, thus providing support for RMS. In Rotation #1, Confidential maintained software written in C and HTML for the DPMS tool suite, developed Distribution Registry tool in Java from original C/Motif baseline and worked off many discrepancy reports from help desk calls.
  • During this rotation he also designed the user interfaces for these applications.
Confidential, Rockville, MD

Year 2000 Conversion Specialist


  • Confidential investigated and recommended source code changes in order to make products and commercial infrastructure Year 2000 Compliant.
  • He wrote technical reports for Suppliers and Subject Matter Experts recommending code changes to extend the life of GE’s US$500 million dollar proprietary based network.
  • Confidential also developed intranet web pages and completed Six Sigma Awareness training.

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