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Data Scientist/distinguished Research Fellow Resume

Batavia, IL


  • An innovative data scientist with more than 10 years of experience in big data, machine learning, and statistics.
  • Passionate about explaining data science to non - technical audiences.
  • Deliver regular presentations of solutions, ideas, pending issues in team meetings.
  • Organize workshops, hands-on technical teaching sessions, data science events.


Software and Programming Languages: C++, Python (scikit-learn, numpy, scipy, pandas), R, SQL, Hadoop (Hive, MapReduce), Linux/Windows, Microsoft Excel, LaTeX, ROOT, Bash scripting, HTML

Machine Learning: regression, clustering, classification

Statistical Methods: regression models, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, principal component analysis and dimensionality reduction


Data Scientist/Distinguished Research Fellow

Confidential, Batavia, IL


  • Convener/Leader for proceedings of Physics Object (Lepton) Identification group.
  • Expert for sub-structure techniques in Clustering algorithms and applications for new physics searches.
  • Software development using Python, C/C++ to create custom statistical tools.
  • Developed and maintenance of SQL tools for accessing detector conditions database.
  • Supervision and mentor of young researchers working for their Doctoral theses.
  • Organizing training workshops, coordinating weekly Physics meetings.
  • Peer reviewing physics data analyses for new searches at CMS and contributions to Indian Journal of Physics (INJP).
  • Member of editorial board at "Frontiers in Physics".
  • Concurrent with PostDoc Fellowship at KSU.

Data Scientist/ Postdoctoral Fellow

Confidential, Manhattan, KS


  • Analyse physics data collected by CMS detector at Large Hadron Collider.
  • Perform data cleaning, visualization, parameter selection, hypothesis testing, and provide statistical significance.
  • Used Clustering techniques to improve known physics search results by 20 to 30%.
  • Entrenched use of techniques like MonteCarlo Simulations, Machine Learning algorithms, Predictive and Exploratory Analysis.
  • Proctor scientific meetings, workshops, teaching technical sessions.
  • Attend conferences and workshops to broaden knowledge and share research results/ideas.

Senior Research Fellow



  • Data Filtering: store only interesting data.
  • Feature selection: because not everything recorded in data is useful
  • Data Reduction and Selection for analytics
  • Data Visualization and Exploratory analysis using ROOT, python

Junior Research Fellow



  • Work for world's largest scientific collaboration CMS.
  • Contribute towards collaboration wide analysis tools like CMSSW, ROOT
  • Teach calculus courses and introduction to Probability and Statistics.
  • Create and maintain project webpage - HTML

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