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Data Scientist Resume

Bellevue, WA


  • End - to-end data science solution
  • Data life cycle: data wrangling, exploring, modeling, and dimensionality reduction.
  • Machine learning: regression and classification, neural network, support vector machines, clustering, PCA, anomaly/fraud detection, and recommender system.
  • Predictive modeling and model evaluation
  • Data and database design, modeling, architecture, and administration.
  • Statistic testing and inference: A/B, p-values, confidence intervals, ANOVA, Bayes, CLT.
  • Data and system architecture on premise and on cloud.
  • PhD in system modeling and simulation.
  • Certificates in data science, machine learning, and statistics.


Platforms: UNIX (HPUX, Linux, Solaris), Windows, Mac OS, Hadoop, AWS.

Languages: Python, SQL, R, SQL, C, JavaScript, JSON.

Tools: Python, R Studio, Snowflake (Cloud DB), Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Erwin, Toad, Git, Octave.


Confidential,Bellevue, WA

Data Scientist

  • Identified and blocked fraudulent ad optimally, and boosted Confidential be ranked #1 (International) and #2 (US) on Pixalate's Global Seller Trust Index™ (March 2017)
  • Processed billions of OpenRTB bid requests to identify key attributes that impacts on key KPIs (qualified advertisers/DSPs, bid rates, win rates, fill rates, revenue, profit)
  • Automated processes for integrating third-party data (ComScorem, Datalogix, Pixalate, and ForensiQ) with internal Data Lake for audience segmentation, fraud prevention, and partners (DSP, SSP) evaluation to support AdOps, BI, and PubOps,
  • Built models to predict bid rates by different groups of devices (mobile, desktop), impression types (display, video), and displays (app, site) to uncover hidden insights
  • Business intelligence analysis, reporting, and daily actionable insights
  • Audience segmentation, argumentation, volume and value estimate scoring (for media planning and campaign)
  • Data pipeline pain points monitoring and alerting
  • Ad CTR modeling and prediction
  • Ad price optimization (makeup, makedown, dynamic bidding)
  • Fraud detection and prevention ( general and sophisticated invalid non-human traffic)
  • Tools: Python (pandas, scikit-learn), Spark, Machine Learning, R, Cloud DB (Snowflake), RDBMS (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgeSQL/Redshift), Hadoop, AWS (S3 and EC2), PIG, MongoDB, QlikView.

Confidential,Bellevue, WA

Founder and data chief

  • Founded a startup with a mission on driving data to intelligent actions.
  • Services include ETL/ELT, data wrangling, visualizing, modeling, machine learning, analytics, simulation, prediction, and Big Data architecture on cloud computing platform like AWS. Case studies and projects are published at xdatam.wordpress. Confidential


Senior Data Architect

  • Designed data warehouse (Decision Center) and Data Hubs to interface with Teradata, Oracle, MS-SQL, SAP Business Objects, and IBM Cognos BI.
  • Integrated SMC and DC with more than 20 authoritative data sources and systems.
  • Created and maintained data and coding standards.
  • Implemented Service Manager, Knowledge Management, Bomgar, and Tableau.
  • Improved services and customer satisfaction via data analytics.
  • Proactive modeling using data science: Use ticket trending to predict potential failures of configuration items.
  • Increased system availability via background process monitoring, log parsing, and self-healing.
  • Managed more than 40 enterprise servers (HPUX, RHEL, and Window) for security, access, and patch compliance.
  • Implemented data purging to increase system performance and availability.
  • Created production support how-to cookbook and tutored team members.
  • Evaluated global bidders for Boeing ‘Global Telecommunications and Network Services’.
  • Evaluated global bidders for Boeing ITSM Tools and Processes.

Confidential,Bellevue, WA

Senior Technical Consultant

  • Designed and developed application databases.
  • Implemented mixed OLTP/OLAP, and Object-relational databases which satisfied multiple conflicting business needs while keeping cost down.
  • Developed database packages and procedures to facilitate ETL/ELT.
  • Designed, developed, and deployed J2EE application.
  • Provided consultation and tutoring to many projects teams on data and database.
  • Pioneered on Enterprise Hosting Services for J2EE applications.

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