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Database Administrator Resume

Sacramento, CA


  • 18+ years of experience in the IT industry with over 14 years of solid experience as an Database Administration, Database Projects Advisor (DBA) in production & Development environments.
  • Solid experience in Oracle 11gR2 RAC, NON - RAC databases, including database migration, data movement, data integrity, data redaction, data masking, data encryption, advance security (ASO) and database performance and exposure to AWS, Exadata, Supercluster and Oracle12c tenant management.
  • Expertise in Database Project Security Compliance Analysis, negotiating timelines requirements, Installation, Upgrade, Migrate, Convert and administration of Oracle Database versions starting from 7-10g/11g/12c (VLDB, support 24x7) including RAC Databases, Exadata DMA, Compression, ILM, ITIL, Golden Gate, Flashback, TDE, VPD, Oracle Text, Inter media, DG, RMAN and meets SLAs and timely project deliveries.
  • Proficient in Implementing Oracle Applications and Programming in PL/SQL triggers, procedures, functions, packages for reporting, and other functions also proficient in system administration volume manager for OEL, RH Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX and Windows Enterprise Servers.
  • In-depth understanding SOX, PCI & HIPAA (PHI & PHII) database security compliance, authentication, and backup procedures to ensure integrity of databases.
  • Extensive experience in physical and logical database design, database partitioning, performance tuning, database application tuning analysis, database security, setting up policies for backup and media recovery using RMAN and FRA, snapshot, snap clone and active standby database server.


Hardware: AIX, HP, Sun E25K, EMC, Exadata, EVA, Dell PowerEdge, Compaq Proliant, Intel, GatewayOS Sun Solaris E25K, HP-UX, Mobile Laptop, SFRAC, Exadata Linux, EMC, EVA, XP Storages, OEL, Red Hat Linux Advance Server, Windows NT/ 2000/2003/2008 ; AIX (IBM) Unix, Raid 10 Raid 5, VMs, Raw Devices, ASM, CLI, ACFS, RAC

Traditional RDBMS/Servers: Oracle 12c, Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i, RAC, Oracle 9i, 9i AS, Oracle 8x, OEM, Grid, Flex,SQL Server, MS Access, BI, My SQL, DB2, Sybase IQ, AES, ADABAS, Mango, Cloud Control

Open Source: Apache, Hadoop, Big Data, Postgress

Appliance: Netezza, Exadata, SuperCluster

Languages/Tools: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shells, Cronjob, KSH, SED, AWK, BMC Patrol, Informatica, CRS, Scan, Smart Scan, Storage Index, CLI, OEM, Wallet Manager, RMAN, EUS, ERP, FRA, Data Guard, Streams, Golden Gate, ORAPKI, Flyway, ER-Studio, Advent Net SwisSql, Erwin, eProgessa, SqlNet, TOAD, Talend, Autosys, Embarcadero DBArtisan, ER Architect, Change Manager, VBnet, Rapidwiz, ASPNET, Visual Studio, Java JDBC, JQuery HTML CSS XML XSLT, MDM, HP Quality Center QA testing, SQLT, Precise, Confio, Visio, SSMA, SQL Developer, ODSM, Directory Manager, Apache Studio, SQL*Plus, DCLI, IORM, RCA, RCU, Jira, SharePoint, Kronos, SQLways, Remedy, Wily & AWS RDS

Application Servers: Oracle 10g/11g Internet Directory (OID), OAM, SSO, Content Management, Oracle 11g Fusion Middleware, Weblogic, Tomcat, PeopleSoft, SAP, WebCenter Portal, Oracle E-Biz (EBS) r12

Support: Oracle High Availability Support, POC to Oracle, MS. SQL Server & Others


Confidential - Sacramento, CA

Database Administrator


  • Providing Database service to DB2 databases and Oracle 10g | 11gR2 replacement project databases on contract as an Oracle Database Administrator on-site and on-call support to High Availability Databases.
  • Provided services to COTS(EMPTORIS), MMIS applications and Other applications.
  • Provided Database services to datacenter move.
  • Providing services to Data Refresh activities.
  • Provided services to patch/upgrade/migration of databases.
  • Providing services to Oracle Goldengate.
  • Providing 24x7 production HIPPA (PHI & PHII)compliance databases and applications support.
  • Proficient in writing UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • Expertise design of Oracle Schemas, tables, triggers, packages, procedures, DB links, views, sequence, constraints, and indexes.
  • Oracle Golden Gate implementation for Site to Site Replication.
  • Implement table partitioning technique.
  • Tune Performance of SQL queries used in Oracle, Informatica & reporting Cognos and CTRL+M
  • Max databases handles varies from 700GB to 4TB in Size.
  • Maintaining Oracle 12c Enterprise Grid Control (OEM)and apply database patches.
  • POC to Oracle12c upgrade and migrated from normal ASM to Flex ASM.
  • Providing services to maintenance activities, user management, triage, trouble shooting & performance tuning.
  • Providing 24x7 production support to Goldengate, DB2, Oracle databases.

Confidential - Bellevue, WA

Database Project Advisor | Administrator


  • Expertise in Database Administration activities such as installation, database creation, sizing, backup and recovery, performance tuning and capacity planning.
  • Expertise in cloning, patches, up gradation, migration, troubleshooting, space management.
  • Proficient in writing UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • Expertise design of Oracle Schemas, tables, triggers, packages, procedures, DB links, views, sequence, constraints, and indexes.
  • Oracle Golden Gate implementation for Site to Site Replication.
  • Implement table partitioning technique
  • Tune Performance of SQL queries used in reporting real-time statistics
  • Control User access and monitor space consumption
  • Extensive performance tuning after migration of web based Ph2.0 applications databases and recommendations of code enhancements and implemented best practices.
  • Excellent experience as an Oracle RAC|NonRAC DB in various platforms such as Sun Solaris, RHL
  • Extensive performance tuning of database and management of databases.
  • Implemented Oracle Advanced Queue Implementation for PH2.0 applications.
  • Prepare Golden Gate parameter files for Extraction and Replication.
  • Investigate, trace fixes and report replication failures using LogDump
  • Identify risks involved with replicating highly volatile tables (OOS) with large data volume
  • Upgraded Oracle Golden Gate v10 to v11 & v12
  • Configured Golden Gate to achieve unidirectional and bidirectional replication
  • Proficient in using various database Utilities like EXPORT/IMPORT, Datapump, SQL*Loader.
  • Monitored database for blocking sessions & scripts.
  • Databases monitoring using Oracle 12c OEM, Day to Day (SLAs) activities.
  • Performed database management functions such as maintenance, access issues and security.
  • Writing SQL scripts to monitor Archive log gaps, monitor tablespace and extent growth.
  • 24x7 production database and applications support.
  • Excellent communication skills, day to day maintenance activities, automation, Jira, OEM, PIER, WO, MOP documentations, positive problem solving skills and team building.

Confidential - Mt Laurel, NJ

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Providing services to Commercial Price Quote clients as an Oracle Database Architect/Administrator, short contract project, providing on-site and on-call support to High Availability Databases.
  • Architect, Built & maintained Oracle 11.2G RAC (ASM Real Application Cluster), Non-RAC (ASM) and File System based databases of varying sizes.
  • Architect, Built & maintained Oracle 11gR2 RAC Cluster Physical Standby active databases
  • Migrated Oracle 11gR2 RAC databases and nonRAC databases to in-house Datacenter.
  • Developed Oracle PL/SQL Packages to Scrub Data to refreshes internal lower environment databases.
  • Developed RMAN Backups, Data Pump and disaster recovery management policies.
  • Implementation ASM Databases on Linux uDEV drives.
  • Created & Modified ASM disk groups and allocate space on devices & space management.
  • Expertise design of Oracle Schemas, tables, triggers, packages, procedures, db links, views, sequence, Materialized views, constraints, and indexes.
  • Extensive performance tuning after migration of web based price quote applications databases and recommendations of code enhancements and implemented best practices.
  • Management of web applications safety and sensitive PII information including confidential sensitive information and media Information protection policies.
  • Worked on Oracle 11gR2 Golden Gate replication to propagate tables & schema based replication.
  • Extensive performance tuning of database, and node management.
  • Provided Support to other Oracle Databases on rotation basis to maintain & configure RAC cluster and non-cluster databases including monitoring, Day to Day (SLAs) activities.
  • Excellent communication skills, day to day maintenance activities, automation, SharePoint, kronos, bruha, documentation, positive problem solving skills and team building.
  • A Big Team member and work well with all levels of business & Oracle Advance Technology Team

Confidential - Rockville, MD

Database Administrator


  • Support not limited to various large size databases, Virtual Machines and Oracle 11g Fusion Middleware products & Oracle Internet Directory
  • Installation, Configuration, Maintenance and Documentation of Oracle High Availability RAC Databases and Golden gate but not limited to SQL Server (2005/2008).
  • Installation & configuration of SQL Server, monitoring database in Production, Staging & Development environments, Performed Production support and on Call duties & involve in migrations from Oracle Databases to SQL Server vice versa.
  • Installation, Configuration, Maintenance and Documentation of Oracle Databases and Fusion Middleware's Oracle E-Biz r12, Oracle Internet Directory (OID/OVD).
  • Expertise in conversions of single instance Oracle 10gR4 (OID) databases to Oracle 11gR2 RAC databases
  • Provided 24 X 7 Support for Oracle Databases (ODA) on rotation and carried blackberry.
  • Expertise in maintaining & configuring RAC clustered and non-cluster databases.
  • Worked on cross platform Oracle Database Migrations, Conversions, Upgrades and Patching.
  • Worked on multi-master replication technologies using ASR, LDAP and Golden Gate (GG).
  • Worked on Oracle Advance Security (ASO) using SOX compliance Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).
  • Worked on Data guarded Physical Standby Databases and explore Active Data Guard.
  • Worked on Load Balancing, Observer, FSFO, Flashback, (TAF) Transparent Application Failover.
  • Worked on Database Partitions, Transportable Database, Tablespaces, moving reorg objects.
  • Worked on RMAN Backups, Data Pump, Logical, Physical Backups, Tape Netbackups & disaster recovery.
  • Worked on created & Modified ASM disk groups and space management.
  • Extensive performance tuning of web based Database applications, partitioning and recommendations of code enhancements includes Large objects (LOB) and secured files.
  • Management of web applications safety and sensitive PII information including confidential License, Credit, SSO, CRM, ERP accounts and social media Information.
  • Projects code migrations, Streamlined and applied best practices to have smart work accomplishments.
  • Database physical & logical modeling design and implementation.
  • Solid Implementation & management skills on OEM, Grid Control, Cloud Control, AWS, RAC DBMS, Bulk load, LDAP, OIDCTL, OIDMON, DP IMP, DP EXP, SQL* Loader, VPD, TDE, Data Mining, RMAN Auxiliary, Compression, CRSCTL, SRVCTL, Storage Indexes, Smart Scan, WEB Logic, Remedy & ER Architect.

Confidential, Fairfax, VA

Oracle Technical DBA/Consultant


  • Installation of Oracle 10g RAC and 10g Non RAC Databases, CRS, RDBMS, DB and Applying Patches.
  • Worked to Apply Oracle 10g CRS, RDBMS and VERITAS Point Patches.
  • Worked on Database migrations from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g.
  • Worked on Oracle 10g Streams and database Partitioning.
  • Created many RAC & Non-RAC database instances for development and production of numerous ranges used high-end Sun-E25 K, Mobile Laptop machines. Involve in Supporting Safetynet System, Spatial and maintained mostly all the database environments of various sizes
  • Very proficient in taking backups using traditional logical backups, Data Pump, Hot, Cold, Transportable Tablespaces, RMAN, FRA Backups, database security and maintain data integrity.
  • Handled Databases of 2-4TB in size, used dpexp/dpimp and SQL*Loader for data movement.
  • Very well in performance tuning of Applications and Databases.
  • Very well verse in monitoring Failovers, Connection Load Balancing, Dedicated Servers and Remedy.

Confidential, Hanover, MD

Sr. Oracle DBA/Consultant


  • Oracle database Administration and Installation of Oracle databases RAC and non-RAC and management system software's Creating/maintaining various databases objects, and maintaining SGA parameters and Net files; designed databases, database objects, referential integrity, views, materialized views, security access policies.
  • Transferred database Schema's to and from databases; Writing PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Packages and Triggers.
  • Monitored backups, exporting/importing data, Data Pump, database full backup, incremental backups and recoveries, Flashback, Transportable Tablespaces, Partitioning, Streams, Advance Replication and applying security patches and patch sets on all database servers.
  • Ensured performance meets the standards of SHA and following the policy procedures defined by SHA.
  • Oracle DBA HIPAA compliance support including backups, recovery, tuning, and monitoring, preparing and implementing security plan for databases to meet SHA policies, and maintains database performance, Oracle Text and intermedia.
  • Performed database upgrades/migrations and scripts writing to automate backup jobs, database Backup and Recovery plan to minimize data loss and downtime.

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