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Python/hadoop/spark Developer Resume

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Fremont, CA


  • A resourceful and passionate developer building his Big Data toolset.
  • Worked in automating and analyzing data for business sectors such as healthcare and finance.
  • Proficient knowledge in Python andExcel VBA as well as growing Hadoop and Spark skillsets.
  • Interested in exploring next - gen Big Data technologies such as in the Internet of Things (IoT)


Languages: Python, SQL, R, Excel VBA

Technology: Hadoop Ecosystem, Sqoop, Hive, Spark, SparkSQL, Linux, D3 (Data-Driven Document)

Tools: GitHub, R Markdown, Matlab, Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint


Confidential, Fremont, CA

Python/Hadoop/Spark Developer


  • Using Apache Hadoop ecosystem and Spark services, help build systems to pull information from multiple data sources and ingest it into a data lake to help identify trends and stock volume data for profitable stock purchasing or selling.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Software Engineering Associate


  • Worked as an Automation Engineer with the Confidential client during the Parallel Testing phase. Created and maintained workbooks for daily client use with Excel VBA macros, primarily for the Hawaiian region.
  • Implemented a big data solution to mask PII (Personally Identified Information) in a non- productiontesting environment with encrypted values.
  • Git/DataMask


Software Engineering Associate


  • Used statistical data analysis and data science methods to construct predictive logistic regression models to help game developers predict if their video games products would win an IGN Editor’s Choice award.Git/IGN
  • Developed iPhone application with fellow Confidential colleagues that provides a service to motorcycle users a community-based motorcycle theft deterrent. It utilized a GPS tracker connected to our back-end servers to monitor user's bike information and location.
  • Built web applets and games for Confidential, an online educational tool to help teach statistics and probability ( Confidential . Confidential .edu). Programs primarily coded through JavaScript and HTML5. Worked on PubMed Visualization graph and trained new members.Git/PubMed

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