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T-sql Developer Resume

Lansdale, PA


Query Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, T - SQL

Web Design: ASP, ASP.NET, HTML5, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, Confidential

Forensic Analysis: Pro Discover, FTK, Secure Clean

Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, Visio, Access, FrontPage2003

Object Oriented Programming: C++, VB.NET 2008, C#.NET 2008 (including Confidential ), ADO.NET 2008, Java J2EE, Progress Software, VBA (Access/Excel)


T-SQL Developer

Confidential, Lansdale, PA


  • I created tools to help organize previous business requirements, and reference materials. For example, complex queries tool time to organize/remember, so i used a C# grid view to keep record of logic and purpose of script.
  • Updated PDF/TEXT/HTML reports which were sent via email, using Confidential . This sometimes required modifying xml output from sprocs.
  • Sat in on Scrum teleconference meetings to discuss upcoming projects and deadlines.
  • Debugged a 3rd party tool for such things as why orders are not being able to be placed? Why are projections not working correctly? And why are on shelf counts not getting counted accurately.
  • Even though i was a T-SQL developer, I had to write custom C# Confidential tests to supply to testers to verify complex business requirements.

Application/Network engineer

Confidential, Quakertown, PA


  • Document, Troubleshoot, and maintain applications.
  • Wrote technical specifications for programmers and management.
  • Maintained and created stored procedures with minimal supervision.
  • Debugged existing C#/AutoIt applications to find out why they were not executing properly. Troubleshooting techniques required writing custom WCF’s including SoapUI, and unit test with Confidential .
  • Used Tracert/netstat/ping/nslookup/telenet to help troubleshoot network problems.
  • Set up and configured IIS including individual developers workspaces
  • Upgraded infrastructure’s phone system to a IPAddress system
  • Upgraded computers Operating Systems to Windows 10.
  • Supported day to day printer issues.
  • Wrote T-SQL to for data analysis troubleshooting. Incorporating Sql Profile.
  • Used Fiddler to listen to network traffic for troubleshooting.
  • Used C# with LDAP to check remote computers for specific files.
  • Used Accurev for version control.
  • Used MSBuild to stage Unit tests.
  • After troubleshooting issues mentioned above, I had to lend advice on how to fix problems. For example, what are better refactoring principles to a method, or how handle date fields not working correctly y with JavaScript plug-ins.
  • Daily scrum meeting for priority, and task objectives.
  • Sat in on customer facing teleconferences to help troubleshoot issues


Confidential, Riddle, PA


  • Wrote custom Confidential rules which were based off user requirements.
  • Transform source xml files text() to some other text() which the user inputs as a parameter.
  • Sum up totals from an xml source file.
  • Remove leading zero from a date value based on certain criteria.
  • Only show detailed descriptions when there are more than 1 holdings per caption.
  • Promote common footnotes. When there is a common footnote symbol (a, b, c etc.) within all the footnotes, promote it to the heading, and then remove this common footnote symbol from where it came, in the comma delimited list of footnotes.
  • Used WinDiff to compare the pre to the post xml file to make sure the transformation happened as expected.
  • Deployed the rules to Confidential .
  • Server was buggy. For example, when deploying the rules to Confidential, there were common JavaScript bugs such as not being able to sequence your rule as expected. So, you have to accommodate for these issues during debugging your rule.
  • Depending on the compiling tool, you had to make very sure the source and output xml files were very much the same, except your transformation.
  • For example, using visual studio to transform a xml file, you had to make sure the closing xml tags were included on the output file, due to visual studio renders the xml output differently than other compilers.

Application Developer



  • Constructing and Maintaining 2 very complex databases.
  • These databases have numerous tables, functions, stored procedures, triggers, and logic which have to methodically be maintained. Additionally, business requirements have to be gathered via teleconference, training seminars, or even website research. But regardless, maintaining these 2 complex databases is an ongoing project.
  • Coordinating and creating monthly emails with a third party on our company’s behalf. These emails have to be coordinated in a way as to make sure the clients don’t feel like they are getting spammed, and making sure to schedule emails during peek time for maximum exposure. These emails are the cornerstone to the company’s resources. Major issues with the emails is making sure when users are locked out of their account, finding out why? Sometimes determining/helping them with their computer issues. Such things as cache issues, resetting of passwords, and updating their personal information are common occurrences.
  • Maintaining documentation of the company’s web site for client’s data analysis. This required building a custom C# application which grabs all the IDs and inner html from a HTML page, and placed it on an excel sheet. The company’s web site is so dynamic and complex, that if there were no C# application built to grab all these values, then the turn around time frame could be exponential.
  • Data analysis. This was usually in the form of de-du-duplicating an excel sheet with a master database. This process, although sounds very simple, can be very complex, as long as there are well defined guidelines as to why the de-duplication is occurring. A major hurdle here is, if a customer used their company address of 1 account, while they use their home address for another account. So, business rules have to be set way in advance to make an accurate assessment of removing duplicate values in the master database. This is not as simple as making several static classes to query each and every angle of data. The issues are, when de-duplicating data is really “why are you de-duplicating” the data in the first place, and what guidelines should you follow?
  • Building custom C# applications which merge several excel sheets into 1 generic list. The complexity of this is, all excel sheets are getting merged with several different naming conventions. So, an analyst has to be consulted to make sure all mappings are made correctly. Besides having to understand the mappings, other things which have to be considered are, if you are using an ADO connection string, making sure to replace line breaks, tab breaks, and making sure to test the output to make sure the length of all the strings are matched. So, when using an ADO connection string to merged documents, if you don’t fully test the input to the output, there is a chance that data on the output can be truncated.
  • Using Watin (NuGet package) to UI test company sites, and make sure they conform to business rules.
  • One of the most important tasks which I did at this company was to document. When given a task, I would 1st create a folder with the date appended to it, then include a notepad document inside the folder to keep a running tab to what the current status is of the task.
  • Build a survey tool, which took user answers and processed them into a XML format. This processed data was then parsed into a customer tool. Tools I used were ASP.NET MVC 3 with Scaffolding, SqlMapper MVC, EntityFramework code first, and NewtonJson. Why did I use Scaffolding? Since the questions changed almost daily, I nneded a way to quickly change the database, and Model to accommodate all the questions.

Unit tester

Confidential, Malvern


  • Creating isolated and integrated tests for company applications, using Confidential, C#, and SqlServer.

Junior Web Developer



  • The purpose of this project was to create a search engine which is user intuitive and returns all requested information.
  • Wrote query to link multiple tables via a Union All query. The purpose of this query was to search all tables for a key word.
  • Once the user entered data into the search engine box, the returned data would display all information for which they were looking for.
  • Interesting appeal to this search engine was it incorporated a database linked to a jQuery .auto complete set up.

Tools: used: Visual Studio 2010 with jQuery, Ajax, and C# handler

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