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Database Administrator Resume

Rockville, MD


  • Database and bioinformaticsprofessional with extensive work experience in database administration, databasedevelopment and web based database system implementation.
  • Databaseadministration, database design, development, and implementation.
  • Web - basedapplication/software development, user interface development and clinicaldatabase programming.
  • Programmingexperience with Perl, UNIX, Shell, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, RMAN, SAS, PHP, Clintrial?, etc.
  • Experience in dataanalysis, data mining and statistical analysis.
  • Experienceworking with executive management, clients, scientists and customer supporting.
  • Extensiveknowledge of genomics, clinical trial and biomedical science; and goodcommunication skills.


Languages: PERL, SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Scripting, CGI, PHP, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CVS, VB,ASP, XML, etc.

Software: Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, TOAD, SAS, Erwin, Microsoft Excel, MSVisio,PhotoShop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, MS Frontpage, PowerPoint, Flash, FileMaker,Cold Fusion, Image-Pro, Clintrial?,SQL Loader, OC. etc.

Database: Oracle, Sybase,MySQL, SQL Server.

Operating Systems: UNIX Sun Solaris, Windows, Linux,Mac.


Database Administrator

Confidential, Rockville, MD


  • Performingdatabase administration in production,development, and test database across multiple platforms . Conductingdatabase cold/hot backup, RMAN backup and recovery, database export and import,storage management, database account and privilege management, databaseenvironment configuration, performance tuning, troubleshoots, etc. Responding immediatelyto any critical conditions such as low disk space, database locking, # LF databaseconnection, database server service issue, etc.
  • PerformingOracle database migration to UNIX operation system from VMS and windows. InstallingOracle software, applying oracle patches, creating database, configuring ASMdisk group, grid control, RAC. Documenting and implementing system buildspecifications, database management and enforcing database security policies.
  • Managingdatabase version release, database migration testing control and databasedelivery to test and production environment. Supporting database availabilityand managing tnsnames entries to Confidential users. Supporting application new releaseinto production. Providing customer service to access various Confidential databaseapplications such as CBER menu, # LF VEARS, etc.
  • Configuringinitial RMAN backup and recovery, ASM, grid control while new oracle databaseinstallation. Conducting performance monitoring, troubleshoots, SQL and PL/SQLprogramming and tuning, establishing user account, creating database #LF links, managinguser privileges and schema, etc. Overlooking database design, schema comparisonand data refreshing. Developing UNIX scripts for automating routine tasks.
  • SupportingFDA BLA, BIMS, BIRMS, VEARS, BAES, CRMTS, BLT, IND databases and applications. DevelopingPandemic Flu database project. Participating to set up database backup recoverypolicy, disaster recovery plan, database replication, identifying applicationtools, system requirements, etc. Planning the overall strategies for database and system architecture.Performing Oracle database best practices.
  • Assistingdata warehouse and database development team to tune SQL after database migration,collecting performance statistics, configuring database setting and parameters accordingcustomer special requirement. Work with the business users to guide using ofdatabase features and structures such as stored procedures, functions, andpackages, #LF views, etc.
  • Performingmonthly maintenance weekend DBA tasks. Supporting 7 X 24 operations andemergency contact point. Developing innovative solutions or improvements thatwill result in enhancements to current methods, procedures and processes.Analyzing system performance, database performance, and implements tuningimprovements, performing daily system health checks, weekly checks.
  • Managingdata sets and databases for the center of biologics evaluation, such asvaccine, gene therapy, human cell and tissue systems and application submissionsystems. Participating database management, data and schema refreshing,programming and data verification. Conducting SOPs.

Sr. Database Administrator andSr. Clinical Database Program Analyst

Confidential, Gaithersburg, MD


  • PerformedDBA tasks, such as database availability, database capacity, accountmanagement, privileges, database configuration, SQL tuning and performancemanagement. Performed problemidentification, reported database statistics and provided solution.
  • Maintaineddevelopment and production databases. Setup new clinical databases, implementednew database schema, backup and recovered from database failure, monitoreddatabase performance. Conducted clinical database SQL, PL/SQL programming. Enrolledsystem users. Conducted database export import, data batch loading, monitoredbatch job process, logs, reports, examine alert etc.
  • Conducteddatabase migration, database installation, Oracle patches applying, instancecreation, database upgrades, configurations, etc. Planned the database andsystem requirements. Configured and tuned new database servers. Developed andimplemented database #L F backup and recovery plans. Conducted logical and physicaldatabase design and implementation.
  • Developedsystem architecture, application and database designing. Ensured that thedatabase software is in place and update to support other infrastructurecomponents for the application environments. Conducted and updated systemdocumentation, SOPs. Developed best practices to the database environment. Recommendedimprovements to database performance and #LF reliability. Managed softwareevaluation and licensing, such as Oracle, Clintrial?, and medical dictionaryMedDAR and WHO updates.
  • Preformedcustomer support for Oracle database and Clintrial? database applications.Collaborated with web developer, to denitrify database access issue for specialsoftware requirement, configured database settings. Lisian between end user,clinical trial data managers, scientists, biostatistician to optimize databaseand refine database design and coding from # LF DBA point of view.
  • Performeddata manipulation, extraction, import, export. Built, tested and maintained production databaseand applications. DevelopedSQL scripts and PL/SQL packages for migrating and validating data. Built web-based applicationsand reports.

Database Administrator and Bioinformatics Program Analyst



  • Performeddatabases administration, database software implementation and upgrades,database capacity and performance management, development and implementation ofdatabase backup and recovery; and troubleshoots. Maintained developing, productiondatabase at Oracle and MySQL.
  • Conductedphysical database design and implementation; performed data manipulation,extraction, migration, data quality control. Designed and implemented bioinformaticsweb based applications and database system.
  • ImplementedOracle, MySQL database for bioinformtics data and applications; performed dataanalysis and large-scale database management. Generated Genomic data for dataanalysis for data published. Performed statistical data analysis.
  • Conductedrequirement analysis with business management and end users. Documented SOPs,reports and presentation and training material. Evaluated and proposed new softwaresolution. Formulated policies, procedures for database management.
  • Implementedpublic and commercial bioinformatics tools in to customized local systems toutilizing specified database system. Provided technical customer support,software configuration, upgrades. Managed multiple projects with timely mannerto fulfill project deadline. Interacted with various customers. Conductedbioinformatics analysis.

Database Production Engineer

Confidential, Rockville, MD


  • Implementedredesigned customer genomic databases and application to provide more reliableand efficient pipeline for reference data generating, publishing and databackup. Involved with database maintenance and administration. Maintainedproduction database.
  • Provided qualitydata for both commercial web publishing and for internal scientists. Operatedweb data release to public database and pharmaceutical company. Preformed data analysis. Generated, queried, curated andanalyzed data with SQL, Perl, etc. in UNIX environment.
  • Performeddata manipulation, extraction. Conducted physical database design andimplementation. Performed data import, export, database loading via SQL loader,etc. Liaison between scientists and programming to meet system requirementneeds and data quality control, as well as pipeline development.
  • Providedcustomer support, responded to all levels managers, ad-hoc reports and users requests,documented procedure SOPs. Responded for on-call support and periodical datarelease during non-businesses hours.
  • Monitored andacquired public genomic data published weekly incremental update of evidence forkey public datasets. Identified and reported problems of new data processed anddata management. Performed quality reinsurance for new pipeline and softwaredevelopment.

Bioinformatics Application and Database Program Analyst

Confidential, Bethesda, MD


  • Designed and implemented the Web-based MicroarrayDatabase System. Involved in full life cycle of system requirement,prototyping, database development, web development, testing, maintenance andadministration in both development and production environments. This databasesystem is for cancerresearchers at Confidential to store and analyze Microarray clinical research data.
  • Conducteddatabase administration, monitored database growth and managed capacity,trouble shooting, installation and upgrades application tools, maderecommendations for enhancements.
  • Maintained andmodified scripts, stored procedures and programs. Performed data qualitycontrol, data backup. Performed data mining and analysis using SAS, S Plus, etc.Conductedbioinformatics data analysis.
  • Designed andimplemented a web-based administration tools with CGI/Perl for uploading,managing and analyzing microarray data. Monitored and conducted troubleshootingof uploading microarray data to various web applications for analysis. Supported the physical database design basedon user requirements. Performedtechnical support for users.
  • Liased betweenscientists and programmer. Conducted collaboration with researchers for thepreparation of requirement documents for varies software applications. Documented mAdb system data and imageuploading tools. Played a key role inorganizing workshops for using mAdb users in Confidential .
  • Designed anddeveloped web user interface to reprocess microarray expression data and imagefiles that failed to pass the verification for a variety of analyses. The process involved tools retrieving datathrough database access, text data/image uploading and launching ofreprocessing administration. Performeddata validation and administer privilege verification. Developed software with CGI, PERL, JavaScriptand HTML on Sun UNIX platform.
  • Performedintegration testing for NPDB, SQL queries, setup entities, agents andentity-agent pair with query privileges. This system provides on linenationwide information queries for medical practitioners.

ResearchAssociate/Clinical Data Manager

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • ManagedDNA sequence analysis withinformation technology, and developed gene data mart for specific user toperform bio-technique research. Experienced with major genomic data banks, geneexpression and microarray. Conducted genomic data research. Loaded biologicaldata with SQL loader and built forms for database information searching andmodification with #LF oracle Developer 2000 and PL/SQL.
  • Developedweb-based applications and networks with Oracle, HTML and other web-developapplications to enhance medical diagnosis. The system enables clinicallaboratory to enter medical exam results on a web interface and directly submitto outpatient physician practices and specimen collection centers, to provideinformation for physician to make clinical diagnosis decision. Responsible for requirement analysis,database design, prototyping, and user-interface design.
  • Analyzed datausing SAS for studies funded by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research(AHCPR) to evaluate clinical treatment protocols, data analysis for NIHresearch projects and clinical trial data analysis for local hospital. SASprogramming.

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