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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Raleigh, NC


Senior Perl and SQL programmer with more than sixteen years’ experience creating web - based applications with integrated databases in clustered server environments. Industries have included entertainment, search engines, telecommunications, finance and educational software companies. Equally comfortable in start-up environments and Fortune 500 corporations.


Languages: Perl, OO-Perl, SQL (MySQL, PostgrSQL, Sybase, Oracle), PHP, HTML, XML, Jquery, JavaScript, CSS, BASH, ZSH, EXPECT O/S - UNIX, Linux (Red Hat, CentOS, Debian, Unbuntu, Mandrake), Microsoft (NT, 2000, XP)

Applications: AJAX, FastCGI, Mod Perl, Apache, STAF, Microsoft Office, PhotoShop, Symfony

FrameWorks: Mojolicious, Ember js, Node.js

Revison Control: GIT, CVS, Subversion, SourceSafe


Tools: Atlassian suite (Jira, Bitbucket/Stash, Confluence, Bamboo, Hipchat), Agile/Scrum, Waterfall, AWS


Confidential,Raleigh, NC

Senior Software Engineer


  • Created additional tools and enhancements to a massive ticketing system using Perl, SQL, and Ember js.
  • Responsible for code reviews and software QA on other team member products.
  • Responsible for writing test scripts for created tools.


Contract Software Engineer

  • Designed and deployed automation tools for monitoring VOIP routers using Perl and SNMP.
  • Created a dashboard system to show current and historical problems with VOIP infrastructure.
  • Created a resource manager for contact center enterprise.

Confidential,Carlsbad, CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Responsible for adding and debugging Perl code for the main CMS product used by clients to build their websites.
  • Developed a system that pulls HLS video and creates thumb images of the video in real-time (used in the streaming of Big Brother).
  • Created a system using ImageMagick that allows a client to upload a single image, which is then auto cropped and resized to fit on various web pages.
  • Using the Twitter API; developed an in-house Twitter widget to replace the expired one supplied by Twitter. (Also created one for Instagram.)
  • Worked on porting the CMS from Perl/oracle to php/mysql (Symfony stack).

Confidential,San Diego,CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Tasked with adding and debugging Perl code for the internal CRM.
  • Created reports based on data from a non-normalized database environment.
  • Worked with Directors and Project Managers on reports to improve data forecasting and interpretation.
  • Moved data logic from Perl based scripts to database SQL. (views, stored procedures, sorting)
  • Integrated internal CRM with Basecamp CRM using the Basecamp API.

Confidential,San Marcos,CA

Senior Software Engineer /Acting Director of IT

  • Perform Director of IT duties for a network of search engine and database sites focusing on the wholesale industry. Manage team of contract employees.
  • Responsible for creating a road map of code, databases, and hardware to in corporate multiple search engine sites into a unified system, designed for scalability.
  • Implemented a document driven code development cycle that includes a CVS debugging/change system.
  • Regularly create database reports, perform debugging and code modification.
  • Managed the move of multiple servers and database applications to a new ISP. Increased the computing power, created a robust, scalable system to minimize any downtime, and realized significant monthly savings.
  • Re-wrote bug-ridden Russian code, documented in Cyrillic, for use in the Company's current system.

Confidential,San Diego, CA

Software Engineer

  • Lead on project that takes log files (upwards of 20 million records) from a multiplexer, calculates its efficiency, and turns the data into a graph to allow the electrical engineers to optimize their layer in the system.
  • Key member of team that implemented automating the installation of a MediaFlo system.
  • Implemented a dashboard system using Perl, STAF, SNMP, and MySQL to monitor overall health of the multi-machine system that emulated the MediaFlo system.
  • Took test cases from the test engineers and automated the process using various components (Perl and STAF).
  • Debugging and code modification. Completed addition of requested new features and fixed known bug issues.

Confidential,San Diego, CA

Software Engineer

  • Implemented a monitoring system to check the metrics of the various systems that make up the backend. Used SOAP objects to integrate into the .NET system being developed.
  • Lead on project that migrated the client’s addresses to a single repository used throughout the LPL backend system.
  • Lead on project that opened the benchmarks to include mutual funds, annuities, and other market indices. (Formerly benchmarks were the only securities included.)
  • Debugging and code modification. Took over several incomplete projects. Completed the addition of requested new features and fixed known bug issues.

Confidential,San Diego,CA

Software Engineer

  • Brought on to integrate a mass scheduling system with the current scheduling system.
  • Debugging: Worked on bugs at multiple layers of the system. (code bugs, server to server bugs, sql slow query bugs, file permission bugs, replication bugs in clustered database)
  • Created an apache handler to deal with caching issues in nfs3.

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