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Senior Database Administrator Resume

Hunt Valley, Md


  • MBA in Systems/IT and Oracle certified professional with over 10 years of work experience in IT.
  • Experience in Installation & managing large Oracle db (9i,10g,11g,12c) on various platforms.
  • Applying patch sets and routine security patches, Security administration and user management.
  • Performance tuning using AWR and ADDM, Execution Plan, Hints and Index.
  • Automation of database daily housekeeping jobs through PL - SQL and UNIX shell scripting.
  • Installation, configuration, and administration of Data guard, Golden Gate, RAC and OEM.
  • Hands on experience with databases including Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL and Sql Server, MySQL involving db programming with stored procedures, triggers, functions, indexes, and packages.
  • Experience in using EC2 and RDS instances in AWS cloud
  • Sql Server DBA and Developer worked with TSQL, db backup and restoration, session monitoring.
  • MySQL Installation on Linux, administration, backup, recovery, designing, and troubleshooting.
  • MySQL processes, security management and queries optimization.
  • Data migration between Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL with Flat and CSV files.
  • Developed and maintained Informatica ETL mappings to extract the data from multiple source systems like Oracle, SQL server and Flat files and loaded into Oracle.
  • Programming experience in UNIX Shell Script.
  • Worked in Agile environments with Scrum and Kanban and used Agile testing practices
  • Worked with Project and Defect management tools such as Rally, JIRA and HP Quality Center
  • Strong analytical skills with ability to quickly understand client’s business needs.
  • Research-oriented, motivated, proactive, self-starter with strong technical, analytical and interpersonal skills.


Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, VB, Unix Shell and Korn Script, Windows batch script, Windows Powershell.

Database Utilities: GoldenGate, RAC, Dataguard, OEM, RMAN, Datapump, Streams, Embarcadero, ASM, MySQL Enterprise backup, Sqldump

Tools: Putty, WinSCP, VNC viewer, Toad, SQL Developer, PowerBuilder9, Autosys, HPQualityCenter, Jira, Rally, Informatica, Workbench, MonYog, Nagios, PHPAdmin, BMC Patrol

RDBMS: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, SQL Server 2012 & 2014, MySQL 5.5 & 5.6, MS Access

Operating Systems: RHEL, Linux, UNIX, AIX, Windows 2000/XP/2008/2010


Confidential,Hunt Valley, MD

Senior Database Administrator


  • Supporting 24x7 for over 200 Oracle databases on Exadata and non-Exadata platforms.
  • Installation of Oracle Database and client software's as per application requirement.
  • Tune databases, applications, monitor performance of database servers, related processes CPU, memory, storage, and network.
  • Through knowledge of Oracle tools like OEM, RMAN, SQL Loader, AWR, ASH, ADDM, Flashback, SQL trace to perform daily jobs.
  • Standby DB creation using Data Guard as per requirement for high availability.
  • Upgrade 11g databases to 12c. Database refresh activities as per requirements.
  • Clone databases from PROD to Dev/Test databases, RAC to NONRAC.
  • Database Performance Tuning SQL Tuning for required applications.
  • Automating data movement activities with Exp/Imp, Datapump, ETL techniques and Autosys.
  • Providing DBA support to development teams and production support to the application.
  • Develop and maintain backup and recovery strategy to provide reliable database as per database downtime and transactions.
  • Space management & optimization space usage with Compression and Defragmentation.
  • Develop UNIX shell scripts, Batch scripts, SQLs, PL/SQL procedures, functions, packages and triggers to support and automate repetitive task.

Environment: RHEL, Unix, AIX, Oracle 11g, 12c, OEM 13c, RMAN, RAC, Datapump, Putty, ETL, SQL Tuning, PLSQL, ASM, Exadata & vncserver.


Senior Oracle DBA

  • Installation and managing of Oracle 11g Databases on Linux and Windows environment.
  • Planning and implementing the Backup strategy using Logical backups, Cold backups, Hot backups, and RMAN database backup.
  • Database refresh with Oracle utilities like SQL*Loader, Export/Import, RMAN and DataPump.
  • Data movement activities across database versions and platforms.
  • Incident handling from different databases and Applications.
  • Monitoring of standby db and Golden Gate for ensuring business continuity & fixing lag issues.
  • Support for Oracle streams, Golden Gate, Dataguard.
  • Performance tuning with help of ADDM and ADDR reports.
  • Identifying and fixing various ORA errors and raising SR to the Oracle support team as required.

Environment: RHEL, Unix Oracle 11g, RMAN, Datapump, Goldengate, Putty, SQL Tuning, ASM, BMC patrol


Oracle and MySQL Database administrator

  • Installation and configuration of Oracle ASM and non-ASM Databases (9i, 10g, 11g) on Linux.
  • Managing Oracle RDS cloud Instances.
  • Up gradation of databases applying patches, patch sets
  • Implementing RMAN backup, Monitoring and Fixing Backup failures.
  • Apply bug fix patch in production and Non-production databases.
  • Up-gradation of Oracle later to 11R2 for production and non-production environments.
  • Identifying Database performance issues and fixing them with help of AWR and ADDM reports.
  • Ad-hoc Tasks (Collecting job listing / Assist AD team / Adhoc monitoring).
  • Configuring of Oracle Streams and monitoring replication.
  • PL-SQL coding and ETL with Oracle utilities like SQL*Loader, External tables.
  • Involved in gathering and analyzing the requirements and preparing business rules.
  • Designed and developed complex mappings by using Lookup, Expression, Update, Sequence generator, Aggregator, Router, Stored Procedure, etc., transformations to implement complex logics while coding a mapping.
  • Worked with Informatica power center Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor and Repository Manager.
  • Developed and maintained ETL (Extract, Transformation and Loading) mappings to extract the data from multiple source systems like Oracle, SQL server and Flat files and loaded into Oracle.
  • Developed Informatica Workflows, Tasks and sessions associated with the mappings using Workflow Manager.
  • Involved in debugging Informatica mappings, testing of Stored Procedures and Functions.
  • Perform MySQL Installation, databases design, configuration, backup, recovery, security, schema changes and tuning.
  • MySQL backups using mysqldump and MySQL Enterprise Backup.
  • Troubleshooting and fine-tuning of MySQL databases for its performance and concurrency
  • MySQL processes, security management and queries optimization.
  • User, privileges, security and database objects management with Workbench.
  • Performed MySQL Replication, administration and monitoring with Monyog and Nagios.
  • Load FLAT/CSV files to MySQL database using LOAD Data in file.
  • Assisted in designing, capacity planning, and security and accessibility functions of databases
  • Resolved database related problems by troubleshooting and evaluation of database events.

Environment: RHEL, Unix, Windows, AWS RDS, Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, RMAN, RAC, Datapump, Streams, MySQL5.5/5.6, MySQL Enterprise backup, MonYog, sqldump, Workbench, PHPAdmin, Putty, ETL, Informatica, SQL Tuning, PLSQL, Vncserver, WinSCP.


Database Administrator

  • Automating backup jobs using shell scripting
  • Progress Database Support on MFG/PRO ERP environment
  • Dump/Load of Production databases

Environment: RHEL, Unix, Shell scripting, Progress database.

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