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Application Systems Engineer Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • Computer Science master with 7 years experiences of Database and Business Intelligence Technologies; Proficiency in SQL Server development ( SQL/T - SQL ) and reporting using SQL Server 2008/2008R2/2012, SSRS/SSIS, stored procedures, views, triggers, user defined functions, cursors, derived tables, common table expressions (CTEs) and complex queries; Experienced in database design, data mining and mapping, logical process for hierarchy tables, coding, unit test and implementation. Hands on experience in optimizing queries, creating clustered/non-clustered indexes and indexed views and data integrity.
  • 13 months experience with DART in Confidential .
  • Experience with EOD, EOM and EOY financial Processing.
  • 2 years experiences of programming and processing data using C++, Matlab applying on analyzing.
  • 3 years experiences of 3D-Modeling and finite element analyzing. Solving problems such as optimizing and designing using Solidworks, Auto CAD, Abaqus, Simpleware to create mode.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills with a strong focus on customer facing communication, customer service, and presentation.
  • Ability to work individually as well as in a team with minimum amount of supervision.
  • Excellent personal skills with the ability to develop creative solutions for challenging client requests using design pattern.
  • Fast learning ability for new technologies, processes, equipment. Strong Multitask ability.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills combined with self-motivation, initiative and the ability to think outside the box.


Database: MS SQL Server 2008R2/2012, DTS2012, Access, Oracle, Excel, XLMiner

Software Applications & Tools: MS Visual Studio ( SSIS, SSRS ), Excel, MS SQL Server Management Studio, Sharepoint, Access, Oracle SQL Developer, Hadoop

Programming Languages: SQL, T-SQL, Oracle, C++, Matlab, HTML, XML

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux.

Development: Agile/Scrum, Jira, TFS


Application Systems Engineer

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • SQL Developer in Confidential environment for DART team in Wholesale Group. Configuring reconciliations in the DART (Data Analysis and Reconciliation Tool) application.
  • Working with different LOB partners, understand users’ requirements, doing analysis on data, design and configure reconciliation jobs in DART.
  • Doing research and troubleshooting to develop and implement resolutions, following up with maintaining on-time delivery in UAT and PROD.
  • Extract data from variety of sources like SQL Server 2008/2012, Oracle, .CSV, Excel and Text file from Client servers.
  • Create SSIS package to immigrate data between different environments to transfer the data from flat files, Access database and excel documents to the staging Area in SQL Server 2012.
  • Parameterized SQL scripts based on the business logic to move them into core tables.
  • Performance tuned queries for the faster and efficient transactions.
  • Optimizing the performance of queries with modifications in T-SQL queries, removed unnecessary columns, and eliminated redundant and inconsistent data.

SQL Server Developer

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Retrieve data and query tables in SQL Server Management Studio. Data analysis regarding Business Requirement from Business Partners.
  • Work on different environment ( Confidential, PROD, UAT ) . Design data mapping between source tables and landing tables. Create new schema and migrate tables, stored procedures, functions between two databases. Create tables and insert records into these tables from other databases in other severs through linked server. Create triggers, stored procedures, UDF, CTE, index, primary key, foreign key and check constraints for data integrity and validation.
  • Create logical process to get the results from multiple different hierarchy tables. Retrieve data from GUI front end to tables.
  • Create SSIS packages to import data in .dat/excel files to tables in SSMS. Create SSIS packages to load OLE DB resources to destination.
  • Communicate with business partners to understand their requirement and do development to finish the testing part and documenting.
  • Communicate with Technical teams to update webpage point to other database and new tables, also make sure data from web or other servers to our local server are consistent.
  • Communicate with Technical team to create NDM connectivity to transmit files from our local server to target server. Create auto emails to notify teams the files already transmitted.
  • Troubleshooting SQL queries for performance.
  • Data mining and validation data in excel.

Database Analyst

Confidential, Brea, CA


  • Created/Maintained databases, tables, stored procedures, triggers, CTE, user defined functions and indexes, constraints, views. Worked with data to accommodate enterprise wide information economically and efficiently. Developed database monitoring plans. Imported data into SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Designed data mapping between source and destination. Documented data mapping spreadsheet. Created SSRS reports and scheduled them to reach the requirements on a weekly basis. Wrote SQL queries and stored procedures to generate data for reports.
  • Designed and deployed products/sales report, payroll/insurance report using SSRS and SQL Server 2012.
  • Wrote T-SQL queries to validate the error reports being given to the manager and prepared T-SQL scripts for the Application team, Reports team during development.
  • Create SSIS packages to import data to excel.
  • Responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting SQL server performance issues.

Project Manager

Confidential, Denver, CO


  • Database analysis for bone mineral density in different ages between female and male by using Excel and SQL server 2008 management studio.
  • Created Reports / Dashboards / Datasets in T-SQL, stored procedures in SSRS with different type of properties like Chart controls, filters, Interactive sorting, SQL parameters to represent results and predict future results.
  • Data analyzed and Data mining in excel for Mechanical test, strength test, and finite element analysis on vertebral L1 to L5 by Linear regression.
  • Predicted and designed a spinal rod in scoliosis by using 3-D Modeling, Solidworks, Matlab and Excel.
  • Simple cost analysis for Swan-Ganz catheter by using Excel.

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