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Data Analyst, Market/intelligence/analysis Group Resume

Rockville, MD


Data Analyst, Excel/Access Developer, Metrics/Reporting Analyst, Database Developer, ETL Developer, Financial Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, Financial Systems Analyst, or Billing Systems Analyst in the banking, telecommunications, IT, housing, financial, health care, or government contracting sector.


  • Extensive experience in financial and operational information systems.
  • Successful initiative consistently demonstrated in complex, multitask organizations. Excellent analytical, communications, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work effectively and collaboratively with various teams to achieve corporate objectives.
  • Unique ability to focus single - mindedly on the developmental, data analysis or reporting task doing and/or learning whatever is necessary to accomplish objective with superior results.


  • Demonstrated quick study of complex multidimensional systems, software, tools, and technologies.
  • In depth knowledge of Access including tables, queries, forms, reports, Access SQL, and VBA.
  • In depth expert level knowledge of Excel including defined data ranges, data validation, functions, pivot tables, MS Query, V-Lookups, SumIfs, arrays, macros, graphing, backwards compatibility, Excel/Access integration, array formulas, VBA, and application development.
  • Extensive prior experience analyzing data utilizing Excel and Access for data analysis.
  • Teradata: SQL scripting, uploading data, creating tables/views, development of presentation layer.
  • Database analysis tools: Teradata SQL Assistant, TOAD (multiple versions), Visio, and Erwin.
  • Oracle Developer/SQL Developer including SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus Editor.
  • Proven ability to create/develop ad hoc tools through full applications consistent with EUC.
  • Knowledge of XML and XQuery to extract data from virtual data sources.
  • Experience: SQL Server Reporting Services, Cognos, SAS, Crystal, Business Objects.
  • OBIEE including OBIEE Answers tool, repository creation, and dashboard troubleshooting.
  • Some knowledge of Oracle Financial Analytics, HR Analytics, and data lineage documents.
  • MicroStrategy Desktop/Web reporting and basic project architect design.
  • Informatica back tracing of schema objects, creation of ETL jobs and SQL script validation.
  • PeopleSoft structure knowledge, GUI interfaces chartfields, query tools, and underlying SQL tables.
  • Knowledge of MS SharePoint and IBM Rational for team networking and version control.
  • Familiarity with data cleansing tools including WinPure and associated data quality strategies.
  • Working knowledge of agile development best practices.
  • Competency in PowerPoint to create ad hoc presentations of salient, relevant, metrics.
  • Strong analysis\quantitative skills, unique capacity for detail, and superior reconciliation skills.
  • Good communication skills with peers, stakeholders, and management.
  • Experience in depth in requirements gathering, mapping data relationships, interviewing stakeholders.
  • Broad understanding of financial, ordering, billing, and provisioning systems.


Accounting Packages: GCS Premier 10 years experience Costpoint 6 years experience Pillar Budgeting, Arbor, Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft, Solomon, Great Plains (up to 2 years)

Application Development: Excel, Macros, Pivot Tables, VBA 10 years experience Access with VBA 5 years experience Visual Basic 6.0, VB.NET 2 years experience HTML, JavaScript, ASP 2 years experience Oracle SQL - PL/SQL 2 years experience XML, XQuery 2 years experience

Other MS Office Software: InfoPath, SharePoint, MS Project, PowerPoint, Outlook, MS Word, MS Query

Development Software: Visual Interdev, Visual Studio, Homesite, Dreamweaver, IIS, Oracle Developer

Reporting Software: SQL Server Reporting Services, Impromptu, Cognos Series 7, IBM Cognos, Crystal Reports, Business Objects, SAS, Oracle Discoverer, Tableau

Database Systems Software: Teradata, SQL Server--Query Analyzer, Oracle--Oracle Designer/Developer, TOAD, Brio, ERwin, WinPure

Miscellaneous Software: Visio, PVCS Tracker, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Encompass-Mortgage Banking

Platforms: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 95/98/NT, UNIX, DOS Mainframes


Confidential, Rockville, MD

Data Analyst, Market/Intelligence/Analysis Group

  • Summary: Facilitated Marketing, Information, and Analytics Group of global company for OBIEE Migration.
  • Maintained, documented, and troubleshoot legacy MS Access reporting databases and associated Excel workbooks in preparation for OBIEE migration.
  • Defined all data sources for legacy MS Access databases and associated Excel workbooks including Oracle Production, Oracle MIA data warehouse, TOAD SQL scripts, BI Publisher, and Oracle production custom reports including the specific schema, table, field names, and data types so as to be able to compare to defined data sources for the migrated OBIEE reports.
  • Troubleshooted complex SQL scripts within both TOAD and MS Access so as to be congruent with changing requirements, changing data attributes, and the advance of both calendar and fiscal years.
  • Obtained all SQL scripts for all legacy reporting so as to create a reporting grid/template in Excel which could then be filtered on different data sources such as Oracle Production versus the MIA Oracle data warehouse, and specific schemas or tables so as to be able to quickly ascertain comprehensively which legacy reports were utilizing what data sources so as to be able to use as a tool in reconciling differences between legacy reports, and differences with migrated reports in the OBIEE MIA reporting dashboard.
  • Reconciled Managed Accounts-MS Access database comprising sixty million in revenue having difference of $200k versus Oracle data warehouse SQL script sales reports identifying 647 reconciling differences which were caused by mapping differences either in the managed accounts relationships or the literal and account names so that these reconciling differences could be best addressed in terms of data quality.
  • Updated the MS Access staging/production database tables for which the OBIEE ETL tool is bringing into the OBIEE repository information which is native to the MIA Group.
  • Updated companywide budget tables for 2016 for both the Oracle data warehouse and the OBIEE staging tables to be compliant with all business rules and data requirements including SQL query execution and downstream reporting.

Confidential, Long & Foster, Chantilly, VA

Excel/VBA Developer

  • Summary: Created robust Excel applications utilizing VBA, command buttons, import routines, and complex formulas, to calculate loan officer commissions, daily loan sales activity, borrower monies tracking/recording, loan haircuts, miscellaneous banking entries, headcount/FTE statistics, prior years history, loan statistics, and net operating income with all applications generating a Great Plains compliant journal entry for cash receipts or general journal.
  • Capturing/defining and building out all manual accounting processes in an Excel application as a forerunner to migration to SLQ Server including mapping data relationships and defining business rules so as to automate multiple/complex business processes.
  • Developed 'Daily Loan Sales' application to track loan sales, match loan sales records-purchase advises with data warehouse bank cash receipts, and Encompass loan database of record, utilizing Excel tabs as separate processing containers in which to transform the data for uploading in to the loan database of record and then apply business rules, processing the loan records through to automated Great Plains journal entry.
  • Creation of an Excel application to track borrower monies through balanced journal entry.
  • Development of complex Excel 'JV History' application to calculate/record prior year revenue, expense, and statistics for all 59 BUs through journal entry.
  • Creation of an Excel 'Loan Stats' application to record loan statistics for loan units and loan volumes.
  • Development of Excel application to journalize loan haircuts and calculate tranche time intervals.
  • Creation of an Excel application to pull NOI or net operating income from complex MRI/Great Plains workbook, and transform data into report template..
  • Created Excel application to record miscellaneous journal entries with COA account drop downs, data validation, and balancing.
  • Created an Excel application to reconcile over 28,000 records between accounting books of record and Encompass loan database information system of record for borrower monies collected and service fees.
  • Created Tableau Loan Stats Demo to automate data visualization of PHM loan data.
  • UNIX-Linux and Web Development (HTML5) studies in conjunction with NOVA, MicroStrategy business intelligence training. Serving as Treasurer of the Crossing Condominium Association.

Confidential, McLean, Virginia

Optoro, Lanham, MD

  • Performed data profiling, and assisted with documenting data hierarchies and the data modeling.
  • Utilized MySQL and Toad for MySQL to perform data analysis in preparation of BI mapping.
  • Wrote and troubleshooted complex SQL utilized for data profiling and data analysis.

Confidential, McLean VA

Data Analyst, Hilton Enterprise Mart

  • Assisted Oracle Financial Analytics Lead to develop methodology to reconcile PeopleSoft financial data displayed in that source system to the migrated data resident in the data warehouse tables.
  • Rewrote developer's ETL code to have ANSI SQL92 joins separating joins from filters, to have meaningful alias names, to be more concise and logically consistent, inserted code documentation in business language, and then uploaded to be mapped to use cases in Rational.
  • Reconciled differences in result sets from source systems versus the data warehouse.
  • Created test cases to verify reports created based on use cases for three of the main source systems for the data warehouse and documented them in Rational--as appropriate.
  • Performed testing to verify MicroStrategy custom reports both for functionality and accuracy of data.
  • Utilized Informatica for testing and developing ETL code, and verifying successful loading/mapping of data into data warehouse. Used XML Query language to verify incoming data from virtual sources.
  • Devised effective methods of combining SQL, Excel, Access, TOAD, Oracle and SQL Server for data reconciliation and verification of data migrated to the data warehouse and reflected in various OBIEE OFA, HRA, and MicroStrategy dashboards.
  • Member of data warehouse testing team validating MicroStrategy reports, Oracle Financial Analytics, migrated PeopleSoft GL Balances, and multiple data feeds from source systems and then running test scripts in Rational.
  • Reconciled and validated key hotel industry metrics including occupancy rates, revenue statistics, market segmentation, and loyalty programs so as to verify metric results obtained utilizing BI tools.
  • Oracle Academy Program in conjunction with NOVA.

Confidential, McLean VA

Data Analyst, Sales and Services

  • Utilized advanced Excel to provide relevant and salient data analysis with data extracted from Teradata.
  • Developed MS Access processes to be ancillary system to Teradata for intermediate size data sets.
  • Created Excel input form with data validation for the branch level sales contest comprising 1000 branches.
  • Troubleshooted backwards compatibility issues between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 including advanced formulas and pivot tables, and created workarounds including 2003 compliant formulas for 2007 functions.
  • Completed data validations for sales contest identifying matching records and discrepancies between Teradata and branch manual processes Confidential the record level for each relationship banker and product.
  • Validated teller referrals for incentive comp awards assimilating, cleansing, and mapping incoming data from 1000 branches then providing teller/lead teller rankings and identifying top twenty-five in each market.
  • Created Presentation Layer in Teradata for field data which mapped in (related) location numbers provided in HR workbook and derivative Teradata table directly to bank branch number by creating algorithm to extract the branch number from the location number. The location number lookup table which includes a verified branch list with mapped in departmental information in conjunction with linking to the Touchpoint Login ID made it possible to identify/verify the branch Confidential which a teller is currently performing work instead of relying on the cost center which may not map to the performing branch and may not be current.
  • Composed On-Boarding PowerPoint Deck comprising 79 slides including a Teradata primer, systems access procedures Confidential, and associate resources for training and development.

Confidential, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA

Data Analyst/Excel Developer

  • Created Excel middleware to transfer data from MS Access repository to Excel financials and graphs utilizing pivot tables for each financial category and fiscal year, pivot table detail formulas, and range formulas that can be manipulated to change financial views from month-to-month.
  • Reconciled the automated process to the prior manual process of completing financials.
  • Isolated issue in the MS Access database of a key field not being completely populated in one table, which led to discrepant data between Access query objects and menu driven reports.
  • Facilitated the importing of data into the Access repository working with the developer.
  • Created 2nd Excel middleware to facilitate mapping obligation data from two data sources, and then editing, cleansing, and importing of obligation data into the Access repository utilizing Vlookups, data validation, conditional formatting, ISError, and IF Statements.
  • Worked with Access developer to create appropriate code updates to synch with Excel middleware, uploaded code updates into respective Access VBA modules, and performed testing to verify all functionality enhancements completed and issues resolved.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Costpoint Technical Support Consultant/Developer/Reporting Analyst

  • Utilizing Deltek Costpoint, MS Excel: including lookup functions, IF functions, MS Access, Cognos, Web Intelligence—Business Objects, SharePoint, PowerPoint, and internal proprietary systems created ad hoc applications, dashboard reports, and PowerPoint presentations to provide metrics for procurement, subcontracts administration, and executive reporting.
  • Revamped compliance Access database to better track identified issues found in procurement packets, and then produces more relevant exception reports and compliance metrics consistent with EUC.
  • Upgraded SmartForms Library composed of Infopath forms capturing key linking procurement data between different information systems such as Costpoint and P-relay so that the data would be more reliable, specifically linking data between systems by a primary key such as the req# or SmartForm#.
  • Upgraded management reporting procurement Dashboard process into an MS Access database that could accurately relate data from multiple data sources based on their primary keys, which then could be exported into an Excel workbook containing salient and relevant metrics information for distribution to internal stakeholders concerning the status of procurement objectives.
  • Compiled data on the program support team, subcontract administrators, and buyers as to their key performance indicators, SLAs, and internal business responsibilities, so that managers could better evaluate individual and team performance.
  • Produced Graphs, Pivot Tables, and Excel Reports, culminating in a PowerPoint presentation comprised of 25 slides, for executive reporting of key performance indicators of procurement and compliance metrics.
  • Maintained SharePoint portal for procurement teams and assisted SharePoint users.
  • Coordinated on data/systems issues with internal Costpoint lead, and internal Cognos reports lead.
  • Worked with senior procurement manager to make sure that Infopath audit forms properly reflected fields for source justification, government notification requirements, RFP requirements, changes/modifications, price/cost analysis, statement of work, TINA/defective pricing, and all relevant FAR clauses.
  • Served as all around tech support person for MS Office applications.

Confidential, McLean, VA


  • Promoted from staff accountant to Controller upon departure of Director of Finance & Administration
  • Implemented transition plan to bring Deltek GCS Premier and Deltek Timekeeping in-house instead of being outsourced through NeoSystems.
  • As Controller attempted to effectuate accounting/contracting procedures to be DCAA compliant, in accordance with GAAP, and the FAR, including having compliant/consistent policies in regard to timekeeping, recording costs, estimating costs, and procurement.
  • Reviewed/reconciled revenue, expense, and receipts for years 2006-2009 in conjunction with 2009 financial audit in order to derive correct unbilled balances as of 12/31/09.
  • Provided cost proposal support for both the SOMASS and PESS proposals, creating schedules of direct labor by CLIN, and their corresponding loaded labor rates based on Infinity 2010 targeted rates, along with a detailed explanation of the Infinity cost pool structure and integrity.
  • Devised method to break out occupancy costs as an ODC so that Infinity could have the most competitive indirect rates for both government and Infinity site work.
  • Reviewed/discussed/researched applicable FAR clauses pertaining to both new proposals and closeouts with contracts manager. Interfaced with DCAA on compliance issues and incurred cost submission.
  • Prepared monthly financials/job status reports and reviewed with owners/project managers respectively.
  • Conducted extensive review of all accounting processes and procedures, and status of government contracts in conjunction with contracts manager, to make sure that revenue is being correctly recorded down to the task level, costs are following revenue, and that billing of receivables is correct, consistent with awarded contract value/funding, and timely thereby improving cash flow.
  • Created five-year budget forecast to substantiate targeted rates and greatly facilitate financial planning.
  • Scheduled (evened out) lease expense for new ten-year lease Confidential Jones Branch Dr. location.
  • Analyzed payroll policy/procedures involving ADP, Administaff, and Deltek GCS/Timekeeping, so as to be compliant with GAAP/DCAA regarding the booking of labor costs, tax liabilities, and employee benefits.

Sr. Financial Analyst


  • Reconciled revenue and job costs to actual for company with sixty million in revenue, booking and/or forwarding corrections as appropriate including labor, labor categories, and other direct costs consistent with correct use of Deltek modules and in accordance with GAAP, CAS, and FAR..
  • Analyzed Deltek revenue computation methods for Confidential &M and fixed price contracts, corrected contract set-ups including revenue method/options, and documented standards and procedures for revenue review.
  • Reviewed/reconciled asset/liability accounts, and indirect expense accounts booking AJEs as appropriate to correct to actual and recognize expense in accordance with GAAP.
  • Cleaned up chart of accounts deleting division 06, inactivated all division 02 accounts, and other superfluous accounts. Reviewed COA/FS codes set up, and literal descriptions for consistency/accuracy.
  • Created Excel custom application utilizing VBA, if statements, & conditional formatting to track completion bonuses, milestone dates, actual liability/expense. Reconciled bonus liability and disbursements.
  • Booked/reconciled/standardized accrued expenses, prepaids, & health care expenses in monthly Excel worksheets compliant with GAAP. Assisted with gathering cost data for forward pricing.
  • Reconciled/corrected rent accruals/liabilities/payments/prepaids for multiple leases/years, & tied to audit.
  • Set up WBS five level structure for state department fixed price jobs.
  • Created unbilled schedule based on GL opening-closing + revenue journal - billing journal with columns to explain unbilled amounts. Created management report showing resolution of the unbilled.
  • Engineered additional means to integrate Excel with Deltek facilitating reporting and reconciliation.
  • Developed Cognos report accurately tabulating contract backlog information from contract/project masters.
  • Reconciled contract backlog for active contracts including blanket purchase order obligations.
  • Created automated Excel B/S and I/S to determine impact of seventy audit entries. Booked/reconciled audit entries, tying to audited financials, and then brought balances forward to ongoing directory.
  • Created Infopath forms in the Infopath Designer to be utilized in conjunction with a SharePoint server to collect data for project manager approvals and expense/travel reports.

Confidential, Oakton, VA

MS Access Developer for Networx/Legacy Orders Tracker database, Excel developer.

  • Responsible for developing from scratch an MS Access application to track service delivery for government contract providing range of telecom services with potentially 16 billion in revenue.
  • Gathered requirements from all stakeholder teams including orders writing, assemblers, provisioning, sales, and service delivery teams consistent with end user computing principles.
  • Mapped out data relationships including between the different ordering systems to encompass all the data to be reflected/tracked in MS Access to meet all objectives identified per EUC.
  • Collected requirements from users by analyzing their work processes and interviews.
  • Created Access objects: Tables, Queries, Forms, and Reports to accurately mirror the organization of data, reflect actual processes, and in corporate all business rules, while adhering to best development practices. Developed forms, queries, and reports dynamically controlled by the user to encompass all requirements and segregation/extraction of different data.
  • Created Dynamic Access/Excel data input forms with data validation by manipulating data forms visible property so that user inputs would dictate display of subforms allowing greater control of data inputs.
  • Migrated/mapped data from Excel input forms to ongoing Access database.
  • Analyzed reconciled data from prior Access databases, cleaned up, extracted, and loaded into the ongoing Access database significantly adding to the value of the application.
  • Created/documented advanced queries/reports for validation, analysis, and reporting.
  • Created back up procedures, database security, and conducted user training.

Confidential, Bethesda, MD

Senior Project/Billing Accountant, Program Control, Excel ad hoc Developer

  • Revamped project tracking for company having recently doubled revenues to sixty million.
  • Developed Excel application using data ranges, sumifs, and Vlookup functions to reconcile Lockheed Martin job costing system with Deltek both for hours and dollars.
  • Created custom cash flow reports in Excel by importing data from Lockheed Martin VIP invoicing system for improved cash flow reporting/reconciliation.
  • Simplified, streamlined, and automated accounting processes, primarily in regard to invoicing, so as to increase cash flow, insure correct/timely billings, properly allocated job costing, and accurate schedules of receivables in compliance with GAAP, FAR, and CAS.
  • Worked with payroll mgr./accounts payable mgr. to improve accounting processes so as to Increase accuracy, reduce processing time, insure accurate job costing and timely employee and consultant payroll turnaround.
  • Developed Excel/VBA application to generate quarterly timesheet labels for employees in over forty states by reading in a data extract from the employee’s master file in Deltek.
  • Assisted Finance Manager with all schedules of DCAA incurred cost submission.

Confidential, Rockville, MD

Data Analyst/Reporting Analyst, Contractor

  • Gathered requirements, created and maintained reports, for corporate customers utilizing SQL Server Reporting Services, IBM Cognos, Crystal Reports, and Oracle Discoverer—as appropriate.
  • Created data dictionary for requirements gathering document. Documented/diagrammed the reporting architecture. Utilized ReqPro as the team corporate-wide requirements gathering tool.
  • Reviewed all current reports for normalization, data integrity, redundancy, accuracy, and relevance.
  • Analyzed data when requested to support change management or to improve workflows.
  • Pulled data from Oracle with SQL queries and performed ETL to combine with other data repositories.
  • Exported data when appropriate into Excel or Access for further manipulation and report development.
  • Maintained Costpoint accounting system including project setups in support of government contract.
  • Provided accounting systems support: Excel: pivot tables, macros, functions, MS Access, PowerPoint.
  • Worked as part of a team within internal technology to provide support for Oracle Financials.
  • Helped support the migration of HR data from Oracle Financials to PeopleSoft.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Network Analyst

  • Devised application of MSPest and Orion analytical tools for data cleansing.
  • Assisted project lead gather requirements and conduct analysis for Data Quality Migration Project
  • Analyzed Frame Relay networks configurations and components for correctness and completeness.
  • Analyzed ATM networks configurations and components for correctness and completeness.
  • Added service components, corrected configurations, adjusted speeds—as appropriate.
  • Corrected customer mappings and site locations for full service.
  • Identified and analyzed global network configuration issues in conjunction with migration.
  • Retrieved network data utilizing XML.

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Excel Developer

  • Created Excel budget model application for Navy Working Capital Fund.
  • Analyzed application requirements, defined business rules, and conducted business analysis.
  • Enhanced application to track over 700 million per year of ship repair activity Confidential Norfolk and Portsmouth shipyards for next five years.
  • Designed custom pivot tables with formulas referencing pivot table detail data to comply with all business rules, correctly calculate funding sources and methods, while providing three different perspective views.
  • Utilized macros, Vlookups, If Statements, SumIfs, Table Arrays, and other advanced Excel functions.

Confidential, Fairfax, Virginia

  • Performed govt. contract closeouts, ITD reconciliations, reviewed applicable FAR, CAS
  • C-Cubed, Assisted with backlog of DCAA cost submissions, provisional company-wide budget.
  • Orbital Sciences, Assisted with Deltek systems conversion, contracts, pools, orgs.

Confidential, Ashburn, Virginia

Business Analyst


  • Conducted analysis of multiple billing, provisioning, contracting, and order entry systems for problem determination of errors in pricing and billing.
  • Generated/wrote/modified SQL queries to pull data for analysis, trending, and reporting.
  • Working with Sales, Provisioning, and Order Entry, located several cages and racks that were not billing correctly, or were not being invoiced.
  • Successfully integrated the disparate legacy software systems to effect the best possible billing accuracy.
  • Created ad-hoc reports to identify spikes in usage and trends in billing activity.
  • Fostered greater cooperation between Sales, Provisioning, Accounts Processing, & Customer Care to more quickly identify and correct issues.

Billing Analyst /Auditor


  • Responsible for cycle balancing, audit, analysis, and revenue assurance of existing Local product in thirty-eight states encompassing order entry, traffic, usage, pricing, invoicing, and rejects.
  • Follow up and coordination of all issues pertaining to Local product arising in cycle.
  • Reconciliation of Local messages with rated/non-rated data.
  • Gathered requirements, performed analysis, and conducted testing for Audit Prospect tool in conjunction with Oracle developers. Utilized Oracle Discoverer to verify Audit Prospect tool and
  • Developed Excel/VBA tool to facilitate revenue/billing analysis and to generate an automated status report for trending and reporting, and to illuminate key performance metrics.
  • Created monthly PowerPoint presentation for senior management.
  • Created custom Access application for rejects tracking and Excel pivot table for summarizing Local data.
  • Built ad-hoc Access application for NPA splits verification, validation and ad hoc audit.
  • Assisted gathering requirements and liaison for conversion of Local product to IXPlus billing platform.

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