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Etl Dwh Ssis Sql Engineer Consultant Resume

Clearfield, UT


Senior ETL Developer for Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, with an award - winning SQL practice, a strong interest in data integration partnerships, interoperability, and complex SQL queries for ETL, BI, and Data Warehousing. I upgrade unstructured or poorly structured data sources to current standards for ETL related processes while working closely and efficiently with cross-geographic teams.


Consulting; Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC); Software Development; Databases; Refactoring; Data Integration ELT/ETL development and partnerships (design, requirements gathering, technical and functional specification, implementation, documentation and maintenance); BI SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS, SSAS); Data Warehousing (design, modeling, and implementation); Legacy Systems Modernization; SAP Data Migration using SAP Data Services ( Confidential ); SAP Business Objects (BO) Database support; Business Analysis; EVMS; SQL (T-SQL, PL/SQL, Confidential SQL); COBOL; building a positive relation with the end user; a global operational business perspective through exposure to diverse business protocols, particularly in North America and the Middle East; exceptional technical writing; lead technical resource for spot training; work in defense, aerospace, energy, government, health, marketing, and banking industries.



Languages: C/C++, COBOL, C#, Python Scripting, x86 Assembler, Visual Basic, VBA, IDocs, LSMW, HTML5, Regular Expressions, VB Script, BTEQ, Confidential Load Utilities

Data: Microsoft SQL Server, SSAS Tabular Model, SSIS, SSRS, KPIs, DTS Packages, T-SQL, PL/SQL, Confidential SQL, XML, Access

Disciplines: Data Warehousing Design (Kimball, Inmon), Modeling, Integration, Architecture, Optimization, Data Marts, ETL, ELT, OLTP, OLAP, API Integration, BI, Business Analysis, Software Development Life Cycle, Performance Tuning, EVM, Agile Development, Waterfall Development, Technical Writing, OOP/OOD, Project Management, Windows Driver Model

Tools: /Platforms SSDT, SSMS, SAP Confidential, SAP Crystal Reports, Shell/Batch Scripting, Visual Studio .Net, MS-Office, Visio, MS Project, Windows, Linux


ETL DWH SSIS SQL Engineer Consultant

Confidential, Clearfield, UT


  • Integrating, upgrading, and newly documenting SSIS packages working with web services for the upgrade of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) tracking the transformation of raw materials to aerospace structures.
  • Troubleshooting and optimizing ETL code, interpreting ETL logs, performing data validation, dissecting SSIS code.
  • Creating technical and functional specification documents; designing ETL process diagrams.
  • Creating SSIS jobs that will pull data from SQL and Oracle databases and flat files.
  • Supporting the BI Team during daily production.

Senior ETL Developer for Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

Confidential, Lehi, UT


  • Troubleshot and optimized ETL code; interpreted ETL logs, performed data validations, dissected and optimized SSIS code, developed scripts for data file processing and process integration tasks.
  • Conducted code reviews; participated in technical design; created SSIS jobs that pulled data from SQL and Oracle databases, Excel spreadsheets, JD Edwards tables, third-party C# APIs, and flat files.
  • Provided on call support to the BI Team during daily production and performance testing.

Senior Data Integration ETL Specialist

Confidential, Fort Wayne, Indiana


  • Incorporated a data integration strategy with client’s Data Architect and downstream customers to improve inventory management.
  • Refactored code to improve ETL code readability and reduce complexity by 30%.
  • Integrated legacy system data (ETL) into JD Edwards tables.

Senior Database Consultant

Confidential, Salt Lake City, Utah


  • Developed specifications and document data models and ETL flows.
  • Monitored systems to improve performance, refactored code to reduce manual intervention.
  • Implemented a client data score card, which evaluates health care and Medicare Insurance eligibility reducing onboarding errors and subsequent data maintenance.

SAP Data Integration Architect Senior Consultant



  • Advised, designed, and integrated all areas of ETL Confidential and third normal form (3NF) Data modeling into an integrated Enterprise Data Warehouse environment, highly dependent on SAP, leading to greater efficiency of client data loads.
  • Integrated unstructured data streams, using Confidential SQL, BTEQ, and Confidential Load Utilities.
  • Participated in certified professional Confidential training.

Senior ETL SAP Confidential Consultant

Confidential, Seattle


  • Created, modified, and executed data conversion scripts for Confidential ’s Material Management Business Systems Transformation ( Confidential ) project, using Confidential, to import legacy data into SAP.
  • Retrieved and remapped a complex, 10-year retired, Confidential legacy parts system, with a history of problems. Increased immediate load success rate from 36% to 95%, with a final ETL load success rate of 99%; received Immediate Recognition Award for timeliness and creativity for that data extraction.

Senior BI Data Warehouse Architect Consultant

Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT


  • Designed the online client test database any identifying data elements were obscured, so that a better simulation of EnerBank processes could be executed by EnerBank customers.
  • Lead Business Intelligence (BI) Developer, implemented outward facing marketing/training/sales, SQL database per federal requirements, resulting in an increase in sales and user satisfaction.
  • Lead Confidential designer, extended a Confidential SQL data warehouse.
  • Used Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports to access stored procedures residing in the database.
  • Created ETL process documentation and data dictionaries with supporting utilities to complement further research and documentation, managed source code.

Senior ETL EDW SAP Developer

Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT


  • Integrated EVMS principles with Enterprise Manufacturing Scheduling.
  • Working with SMEs, wrote Software Requirements Documents and Functional Specifications.
  • Designed, cleansed, and integrated ETL data solutions using Confidential, IDocs, LSMW, Excel, and T-SQL to integrate legacy applications and the Enterprise Data Warehouse, resolving data anomalies.
  • Optimized Business Objects reporting initiatives via views and stored procedures

DBA, Architect



  • Stepped in when the Database Architect resigned.
  • Continued to develop the modeling strategies to ensure that the database was secure, scalable and performed reliably.
  • Designed and implemented the Field Service Representative database for L-3's first Internet-based, international, inventory management system, receiving the Spirit of Excellence Award.
  • Managed all database structure integrity and production loads as I worked with other information technology professionals such as programmers, system administrators, analysts, software engineers and database administrators to implement the database.

Project Manager



  • Designed, managed, scheduled, and implemented an RFP system as a relational database with a VB/VBA front end, realizing a more accurate pricing model, flexible process workflow, automatic customer document generation, and online access to a $30M support contract, reducing turn-around to hours.
  • Refactored the costing and accounting calculations, documented the new system, implemented all database transactions for the Army and Air Force Sustainment contracts, created a user's guide for the RAIT, managed the extensions into the Internet for immediate approvals.
  • Reduced the hottest RAIT approval times from days to hours to minutes with interactive updates.

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