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Data Architect Cognos Report Developer & Dba Resume

Scottsdale, AZ


  • MS SQL Server DBA, Data Warehousing design and development ( Confidential Datastage).
  • Data Modeling, Metric Hierarchy Development, Star Schema and snowflake data modeling, SQL stored procedures, Confidential - SQL scripting for ETL (SSIS).
  • Data visualization scorecard dashboard analytics using SAS, MS Access, and MS Excel 2017
  • 15 years of Technical Analysis and Statistical Studies in Healthcare


MS SQL Server: SSIS SSAS SSRS, .NET Developer, Data Warehouse using OLAP Cubes for Corporate Dashboard Drill Down and Aggregations. COGNOS Framework v10. Business Objects 14 Webi Intelligence, Crystal Reports XI, ERWIN Data Modeling. Confidential Datastage/Cognos, Informatica Enterprise 5, Teradata/SAS Data Analytics, SAS DI, SAS with Hadoop, Hadoop with HIVE. MS Excel and MS Access 2013 involving Statistics Manager (Levine).

Databases: IMS,SAS,MS SQL Server 2000/2017, Oracle, SyBase, DB2/UDB, Teradata, Sybase, Hadoop, Access

Confidential zOS, MVS/ESA: TSO/ISPF LINUX UNIX, MS SQL Server 2017


Confidential, Scottsdale, AZ

Data Architect COGNOS Report Developer & DBA


  • SSAS and SSIS SQL Server 2008 & 2017 Data Integrator. ERWIN Data Modelling of Healthcare warehouse extracting data from Confidential zOS and AS400 to create a snowflake schema. Worked with ETL transformations with script writing from Call Center and Life Insurance Demographics.
  • Transformed data from Confidential format to SQL Server using SSIS. Lead Developer for COGNOS team involving stored procedure and scheduling of packages fom data warehouse to test COGNOS using Framework and COGNOS report writer.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

SSRS Report Developer & DBA


  • SSRS and SSIS Data Integrator. Oracle 11c ADAC (addin to MSSQL Server)
  • Worked with ETL transformations with script writing from Ceridian, Meditech, API Healthcare
  • Transformed data from API databases using SSIS. developed standards for Stored Processes, Scheduling
  • Used Active Directory from SQL Server for security deployment.
  • Performed UNIX scripting for data flow and underlying integration with Oracle, Teradata, MS Access and MS Excel
  • Root cause corrective action analysis.
  • Reviewing detailed requirements
  • Designing and writing new programs
  • Modifying new programs
  • Testing, troubleshooting, and debugging new and changed code
  • Moving code from Dev to Test to Prod environments
  • NET 3.5, 4.0, Confidential MQ

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

SAS GRID - Data Analyst UNIX


  • SAS 9.4, SAS Enterprise Guide 6.1. SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Grid and Management Console.
  • SAS UNIX to LINUX Enterprise wide migration (uplift) from SOLARIS to LINUX on Confidential Blade.
  • Received training in Redhat LINUX.
  • Multiple SAS to UNIX calls were changed but the existing SAS Code and logic remained unchanged.
  • Data Integrity was the priority. SAS DI Studio with AMEX Grp for compatibility. Used Hapdoop Big Data in conjunction with SAS.

Confidential, Madison, WI

SAS / Business Objects Developer


  • SAS 9.2, SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3. Transformed medical data from data shop databases using SAS from ORACLE Databases.
  • Used SAS Enterprise Guide to create architecture for single reference.
  • Sharepoint for application sharing.
  • Also used Business Objects Universe Developer v14. Hadoop with HIVE search queries for Agent Salesforce.
  • Pivot Table Analysis for Insurance Agent Drilldown in Excel for Claims vs. Agent by area.
  • Create Universes with BOBJ Universe Design Tool for Automotive for Customer Data Hub tracking. Paralleled the Process Flow of SAS Enterprise Guide.
  • Procedures: PROC SQL views, the pass-through facility, and the Excel Add-In for deliverables sometimes as MS Excel / Access Pivot Tables.

Confidential, Marshfield, WI

SAS Developer


  • PROC REG/FREQ etc. to better predict costs of care and enhance the budgeting process. Gain broader insight that tran­scends an individual episode by seeing clinically validated definitions of hierarchical rela­tionships between episodes.
  • Confidential command used to that are used Confidential the source computer to put a foreign file or a transport file on the target compute
  • PROC SQL views, the pass-through facility, and the

Confidential, Dubuque, IA

SQL DBA/Data Analyst


  • Extensive experience as a MS SQL DBA which involves supporting business critical production servers automates DBA activities.
  • Experience with .Net platforms including SQL Server
  • Extensive Experience with Microsoft IIS, Apache or Confidential HTTP Server
  • Hands on Experience of deploying Microsoft based application using Microsoft release management.
  • Extensive experience of scripting using Power shell script for deployment and build automation
  • Statistical analysis using MS Excel for Sample Variance and Skewness.
  • Performed Installations efficiently solving issues within Service Level Agreement.
  • Experience installing, Upgrading, configuring, Migration and performance tuning in MS SQL Server 7.0,2000, 2005 and 2008.
  • Experience in production support for Large Scale SQL server databases, .Developing Visual Studio with C# Subroutines.
  • Excellent experience with MS-SQL server databases in terms of creating database and objects.
  • Experience in SQL server and Back up recovery with Sound Knowledge and experience in Transact SQL ( Confidential -SQL) coding,
  • Administration SQL Server 2000,2005 and 2008.
  • Needed strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

SAS Developer & DBA


  • SAS 9.2, SAS Data Integrator 4.2.
  • Worked with ETL transformations with script writing from SSPS.
  • Transformed data from Teradata database using SAS Data Integrator.
  • Developed standards for Stored Processes, data normalization.
  • Used Sharepoint for coding uniformity and standard according to Business Rules.
  • Performed UNIX Shell scripting for data flow and underlying integration with Teradata.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

SQL DBA - Developer


  • Developed Ad Hoc programs and FTP utilities using C# Windows 2000 and WS-FTP. Batch UNIX reports to accounting group.
  • Wrote programs and ODBC connectivity with Crystal Reports 10, Visual Studio Crystal Reports in conjunction with on-Line conversion of operations. Integrated MS SQL Server 2005/2008
  • Used MS SQL Server tools SSIS and SSAS to integrated server models for dataflow manipulation.
  • Formulated Use Case studies with the corporate headquarter Live Office and MS OFFICE Excel.
  • Assisted in other dashboard management integration with SAP/BO Xcelsius for management reporting.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Programmer Analyst/Data Analyst


  • Used Crystal Reports XI R2 for transferring mainframe reports to client server environment.
  • Transformed DB2 UDB Table & View transformation for MVS COBOL report conversion to Crystal Reports.
  • Tools used for data architecture was primarily ERWIN to Data Entities.
  • Coordinated batch reporting in conjunction with JAVA and C# programmers.
  • Used raw data from the Western Region with Informatica to transform data.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Data Architect and Reports Writer


  • Scripting procedures and tables for back-end server code in VB6 and C#.
  • Wrote tabulature tables and reports with Crystal Reports XI R2.
  • Maintained replication and data flow with Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, .NET VB6/ADO.
  • Data architecture formulated with ERWIN.
  • Designed, coordinated Departments of Client Business Analyst Activities, using data map legacy system
  • Formulated report specifications for Hedge Fund Currency Conversion business rules.
  • Made conversions and auditing programs for Monetary reporting tables.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

SQL DBA & Developer


  • Using the Business Objects JAVA-based platform, Triad (Project Title) improved its process for forecasting staffing and salaries, and the reimbursements from managed care contracts
  • Created 6 universes in supply chain indicators and their relationship to each other. i.e. surgery minutes can be tied to orthodontic surgery cases.
  • Triad estimates saving between 30 and 40 percent of the time required for the inter-company planning process..
  • Used XML schemas in creation and loading XML documents for intranet Server.
  • Wrote in MS XMLText Writer was main tool for interfacing, converted datasets for Confidential .
  • Used ETL processes with SSIS for data transformation from raw datasets thru MS Excel.

Environment: Business Objects InfoViewer, Auditor, Administration, Created Universes, Oracle Migration Data Modeling Business Objects Enterprise XI, Business Objects CMS Server, Crystal Reports XI, XML

Confidential, Hoffman Estates, IL

SAS DBA & Developer


  • Developed Business Objects 6.5 & Crystal Reports 9 for ERWIN Data Modeling Activities.
  • Developed universes for JAVA (Jakarta Struts) ad hoc querys, DHTML SQL querys, Process Flows, Star Schemas, OLAP Cube, also with Oracle DB involving ORACLE Transformation and Programs.
  • Used batch Cron UNIX to write(Korn Shell Scripts for SAS Enterprise Manager for ETL purposes.
  • Wrote controls VB 6.0 that were processed thru Cron Scheduler.
  • Wrote SAS Reports to Web Based integrated reports with ODS- SAS/ETL.
  • Used JAVA Script for Web page organization.

Environment: SAS Data Warehouse, SAS ETL,UNIX, OLAP Server, VB6/ADO Windows 2000, SAS, ChangeMan, ORACLE 10 (SQL Plus), Teradata.

Confidential, Arlington Heights, IL

SAS Programmer


  • Developed Ad Hoc programs and FTP utilities using Windows 2000 and WS-FTP. Batch UNIX reports to accounting group.
  • Developed Informatica BI for Excel reporting to UNIX daily reporting. MS SQL Server 2003 stored procedure and scheduling implementation.
  • Used C#, VB6 and Base SAS ad hoc queries (SAS MACROS) as stored procedures for database aggregation.

Environment: C#, UNIX, SQL Server 2000, Informatica, Enterprise,SAS, and ORACLE 8i (OLE DB), and VB5.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Mainframe DBA and Programmer Analyst / Data Analyst


  • MSA integration for adjustments, deductions, and coupons.
  • Used Korn Shell UNIX for data transfer for integration project with PepsiCo.
  • Maintained FOCUS parameter driven reports balances for inventory and accounting with PepsiCo. Developed Crystal Report 7 for FTC Regulations involving the Confidential / PepsiCo Merger; Point of Sale programs for inventory control. This involved adhering to governmental laws that were closely scrutinized by PepsiCo Tropicana and Frito-Lay Divisions for correct implementation of SKUs.
  • Worked with Endevor, Design1 Methodology with M204 ( Confidential Order Entry). Worked with Websphere Development Enterprise relating to PepsiCo E-commerce with C# and Visual Studio.

Environment: COBOLII, DB2, UNIX, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports 7, Platinum, Endevor, File-Aid, FOCUS, RACF Security for master file lead support involving MVS/TSO/ISPF Platinum Batch JCL, COBOLII, DB2, CICS, VSAM

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