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Sr. Tableau Developer /admin Resume



  • Software Engineer with 7+ years of professional IT experience in all aspects of Business Intelligence (BI) leveraging Tableau applications with a strong background in Database development and Expertise in Full Life Cycle Development including Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Maintenance using Tableau.
  • In - depth knowledge on Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader, Tableau Online and Tableau Server.
  • Experience in Tableau Desktop/Server Installation and Configuration, creating users, groups, projects, providing access levels.
  • Employed various Tableau functionalities like Tableau Extracts, Parameters, Filters, Contexts, Data Source Filters, Actions, Functions, Trends, Hierarchies, Sets, Groups, Data Blending, and Maps.
  • SQL Server Reporting/Integration Services Confidential -SQL Microsoft Office MS Visio/Outlook.
  • Excellent Confidential -SQL development skills to write complex queries involving multiple tables, great ability to develop and maintain stored procedures, triggers, user defined functions.
  • Hands-on experience in creating solution driven dashboards by developing different chart types including Crosstab, Heat/Geo/Tree Maps, Pie/Bar Charts, Circle Views, Line/Area Charts, Scatter Plots, Bullet Graphs and Histograms in Tableau Desktop
  • Proficient in designing and handling SQL Databases, DB Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers with SQL and Oracle Databases.
  • Excellent technical and analytical skills with clear understanding of design goals of ER modeling for OLTP and dimension modeling for OLAP.
  • Hands on experience in creating indexed Views, Complex Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, CTE's to assist efficient data manipulation and data consistency and used DDL, DML commands for various business applications.
  • Created SSIS packages with complicated transformations like Lookup, Derived Column, Condition Split, Multicast, Sort, Union All, Cache Transform, and Conditional Split, Fuzzy Look-ups, Checksum, Conditional Splits and Event Handlers, Error Handlers etc.
  • Very good knowledge on Data Warehousing Concepts E.g. Star schema's, Snowflake schema's, Normalization, De-normalization, Relational and Non-Relational data structures, Multi-dimensional structure (cubes in the form of Dimensions and Facts or Measures).
  • Expertise in designing, supporting complex reports like Drill-Down, Drill-Through, Parameterized, Matrix, and formatting Reports using SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS) based on client requirement.
  • Proficient in Data warehousing and SSAS skills: MDDB/MDX, KPIs, Calculated Members, OLTP, OLAP (MOLAP, HOLAP, and ROLAP), Relational and Dimensional Modeling skills (star schema and snowflake schema).
  • Experienced in working with Iterative Agile Programming Methodologies, Waterfall methodologies, Scrum and Test-driven development (TDD).


BI Tools: Tableau(Desktop/Server/Mobile/Public),TABLEAU9.x,8.x,7.x(Desktop, Server, Reader),TIBCO Spotfire, Crystal Reports X1, XCelsius, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), MS Excel

Databases: SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access

Languages: SQL, R, Confidential: SQL

Application Packages: MS Visio, MS Project, MS Access, MS Office Suite, RDBMS: Oracle

Process/Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall


Confidential, CA

Sr. Tableau Developer /Admin


  • Gathered requirements and translated business requirements into technical design documents/report visualization.. Created data flow diagrams which helped in defining data flow through the system and creating overview of reporting database.
  • Created dashboards that measure Confidential and Confidential network’s performance and identify potential expansion sites. Also worked on dashboards related to Service requests, customer complaints, billing, marketing promotions.
  • Used Bar in Bar, Scatter plots, Tree Maps, Line Charts, Tableau Maps, Pie Charts, funnel charts, donut charts.
  • External filter, internal filter and Context filter was created for performance improvement, implemented Data Blending using different sources (SQL Server, Excel, MS Access) groups, combine fields, calculated fields, and aggregated fields and spotlighting to analyze and compare data in different cases.
  • Used level of detail LOD calculations, built complex calculations using functions such as ATTR, DATEDIFF, STR, Nested ifs, SUMIF, COUNTIF, Lookups.
  • Used Trend lines, color coding calculations, Reference Lines, Actions to navigate to Detail reports,
  • Worked as technical architect in developing strategy, architecture, and technical specifications for implementing reporting portal/semantic layer in conjunction with data layer.
  • Administered and provided production support for Enterprise wide Tableau application consisting of multiple key functional business domains.
  • Documented complete server architecture and solutions to troubleshoot performance, scheduling, and server related issues.
  • Defined best practices for Tableau Workbooks development and Extracts.
  • Tuned the performance of Tableau Dashboards on Desktop side and Server side
  • Created/managed groups, users, licenses in tableau server and extensively used Tabadmin and Tabcmd commands in creating backups and restoring backups of Tableau repository.
  • Implemented Row Level Security in Workbooks-Used User Filters and Database security tables
  • And leveraged a calculated field that uses tableau function Username ().
  • Validated Tableau Workbooks from Functional, Interface and Data Perspectives.
  • Administered users, user groups, and scheduled instances for reports in Tableau. Installed patches on server and documented upgrade plan.
  • Created extracts and refresh extracts in tableau server from tableau desktop, Used Incremental Extracts to reduce extract refresh times, establish report schedules for extract processing and subscriptions using Tableau server.

Environnent: Tableau Server, Tableau Desktop (10.5,9,8), MS SQL Server 2008, Excel, Confidential -SQL, SSIS, Teradata

Confidential, Durham, NC

Tableau Developer and Admin


  • Assisted in designing and developing of project document templates based on SDLC methodology.
  • Designed Dashboard Landing Page where most of the metrics are grouped
  • Conducted interviews and focused group discussions to gather high level requirements.
  • Performed extensive Gap analysis and identified functional gaps between them.
  • Documented business requirements and functional requirements for product development using agile methodology.
  • Participated in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for the product, Executed multiple queries in SQL using Toad Application.
  • Worked as a Release Managers with the list of backlog items being released to production with the upcoming sprint; Created strategies for risk mitigation, contingency planning and workaround
  • Utilized the power of Microsoft Visio to (visually map) the data flow, procedures and processes of a job or desk function from beginning to end, and the stages involved in performing those procedures or processes
  • Served as a Subject Matter Expert on the Implementation teams, in order to maintain Enterprise standards, and influence the achievement of the correct work-method and process improvements
  • Prepared procedural documentation and Management Reports for Training & Implementation teams to utilize as training, and auditing documents
  • Set up Tableau Server in Cluster Configuration-One Primary and 2 nodes, Installed and Configured Tableau Server, Performed Upgrades to 8.0 from 7.0,
  • Set up Projects, Groups, Users and set up Permissions. Set up Schedules to automatically refresh data sources and Tableau dashboards
  • Extensively used Bar, Bar in Bar, Line Charts, Scatter Charts, Maps
  • Used Full Set up best practices for Tableau Data Extracts, Tableau Dashboards
  • Tuned Tableau Server and Dashboard Performance-Reduced Tableau Views load times to 5 seconds, Used Incremental Extracts to reduce extract refresh times
  • Used tabadmin for Tableau data backups and restores

Environment: Tableau 8/ 7, Windows 2008 server, SQL Server 2008


Sr. SQL/Tableau Developer


  • Created Relationships for data blending, actions, data blending, filters, parameters, hierarchies, calculated fields, sorting, groupings, live connections, and in-memory in both tableau and excel.
  • Created customized reports using various chart types like, text tables, bar, pie, tree maps, heat maps, line charts, pivot tables, combination charts in excel and tableau.
  • Created action filters, Parameters, and calculated sets for preparing dashboards and worksheets using Tableau.
  • Designed and developed Tableau visualization solutions and Created Business requirement documents and plans for creating dashboards.
  • Developed Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboards that provides Trends of specific period
  • Created drill down and drill up in worksheets.
  • Involved in creating a dual-axis bar chart with multiple measures.
  • Created SSIS packages to extract data from OLTP and transformed to OLAP systems and Scheduled Jobs to call the packages and Stored Procedures.
  • Created SSIS Packages using Fuzzy Lookup, Derived Columns, Condition Split, Aggregate, Execute SQL Task, Data Flow Task, Script Task, File System Task, send mail task, For loop container , For each loop container and Sequence container etc. to generate underlying data for the reports and to export cleaned data heterogeneous source to data warehouse
  • Worked on VB.Net and C# script task to manipulate server side data and Tracked Different Error scenarios and logging for SSIS.
  • Implemented Event Handlers and Error Handling in SSIS packages and notified process results to various user communities.
  • Create SSIS packages for data transformation, cleansing, caching, aggregation, staging, and transfer.
  • Scheduled SSIS packages by creating the corresponding job tasks.
  • Created complex ETL Strategies to populate the data warehouse/data-mart facts and dimensions.
  • Created Ad-Hoc reports as per client requirement using stored procedure.
  • Assisted in writing and optimizing complex SQL queries using SQL Stored Procedures and Triggers also involved in writing Confidential -SQL programming to implement Stored Procedures, Views and Functions for different tasks.
  • Created weekly and monthly reports as per requirement using SSRS and Scheduled Reports to be delivered to User on demand Basis or run on daily, weekly and monthly basis in SSRS report Manager.
  • Involved in handling parameterized reports and drilldown reports in SSRS 2005/2008

Environment: Oracle 11g, SQL Developer, PL/SQL, MS Access, MS Excel, Tableau Desktop 9.x/10.0, Table Servers 9.x/10.0, Tableau Repository, Confidential -SQL, SQL Server, Agile.


SQL Developer


  • Created SSIS packages for Dynamic ETL/SSIS flow to validate, extract, transform and load data into database using Lookup, Fuzzy Lookup, Derived Column, Conditional Split, Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) to perform Data Scrubbing, including data validation checks during Staging, before loading the data into the Data warehouse.
  • Experience in handling different data sources ranging from flat files, Excel, Oracle, SQL Server, f, DB2 databases, XML files.
  • Involved in Data Extraction, Transforming and Loading (ETL) using SSIS, BCP, Bulk Insert, DTS, and XML between Oracle, DB2, and Access to MS SQL server database.
  • Developed SSIS packages for File Transfer from one location to the other using FTP task.
  • Involved in building SSIS packages (.dtsx) involving ETL process, extracting data from various flat files, Excel files, legacy systems and loading into SQL server.
  • Created SSIS Packages to integrate data coming from Text files and Excel files.
  • Migrated old data from MS Access into SQL Server 2008 using SSIS Packages in Business Intelligence Development Studio.
  • Involved in creating jobs Alerts, Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, and Scheduling SSIS Packages using SQL Server Agent job.
  • Worked on complete SSIS life cycle in creating SSIS packages, building, and executing the packages in both the environments
  • Used SSRS to Create Tabular, Matrix, and Drill down, Drill through reports, Summary Reports, and Parameterized Reports, Charts and graphs as per customer requirements.
  • Used SSRS to create reports, customized Reports, on-demand reports, ad-hoc reports and involved in analyzing multi-dimensional reports in SSRS.
  • Build regular ad-hoc reports using SSRS SQL Server Reporting Services with help of various tools such as Group by, Drill-down, Cascading, Summarized, Matrix, Map and Cross-join

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