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Software Developer Resume

Princeton New, JerseY


  • Data science professional aspiring to leverage data science knowledge to build a great consumer product and make a positive impact. 2.5+ years' experience in a data science role, skilled in data analysis and visualization, machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics.
  • Certified Alteryx Designer Core developer.
  • Experienced Analytics Professional with expertise in analytics and business intelligence.
  • Knowledge in big data technologies like Hadoop, Hive and MapReduce.
  • Statistical analysis using algorithms like regression, clustering, time series, decision trees, logistic regression.
  • Experience in creating, maintaining and designing database diagrams, setting table relationships and indexes.
  • Experience with business requirements analysis, entity relationship planning, database design, reporting structures.
  • Experience on various Software Development Life Cycles including Analysis, Design, Development and Testing.
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills with exceptional ability to learn and master new technologies efficiently.
  • Excellent domain knowledge in Healthcare, Insurance, Real - estate and Finance industries.
  • Excellent working experience in Scrum Agile framework.


Data analysis: Requirements Gathering, Process/Production Model analysis, Machine Learning, Data Normalization, System Design, Data architecture internal Standards development, Metadata and Reports, Source and Target system Analysis, Project Management.

Languages: Python, SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, Spark, Java, R(basics)

Database Systems: Azure SQL DWH, MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, MySQL, MS-Access

ETL and Reporting Environment: SQL Server, SSIS, Business Objects, NoSQL

Others: Alteryx, Azure, AWS, Jupyter, MS Visio, Jira, GitHub, SharePoint, Tableau, Weka, BitBucket


Software Developer

Confidential, Princeton, New Jersey

  • Developed Spark applications for data transformations using RDD, Data Frames and Datasets.
  • Created data frames using SparkSQL and worked on loading the data into MongoDB.
  • Participated in all phases of data mining, data collection, data cleaning, developing models, validation, and visualization and performed Gap analysis.
  • Data transformation from various resources using Alteryx, data organization, features extraction from raw sources and stored.
  • Developed risk profiles through population health module with Integration of EMR and EHR data.
  • Developed APIs to track provider changes and enhance with external datasets that help manage provider information accurately.
  • Utilized Power BI to create various analytical dashboards that depicts critical KPIs such as Claims management, Risk stratification and Population Management along with slicers and dicers enabling end-user to make filters.
  • Utilized Power Query in Power BI to Pivot and Un-pivot the data model for data cleansing.
  • Reported the analytics results, insights and recommendations which helped the firm to take actions to avoid manual adjudication and assess the pended claims.
  • Conducted data analysis using logistical model, QDA, KNN, tree classification and random forest method to identify high readmission risk patient and improved the accuracy by 15 percent.
  • Developed OLAP solutions by creating cubes using data from data marts/data warehouse for deeper and faster data analysis.
  • Visualize, interpret, report findings, and develop strategic uses of data by Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas.
  • Programmed views, stored procedures, and functions, and reviewing query performance, optimizing code and monitoring overall data warehouse performance.
  • Responsible for data loads and acts as a single point of contact to business users in case of data discrepancy and report issues.

Software Developer

Confidential, Virginia

  • Developed software in Java to support the Application Administration and System functions
  • Maintained the code for the server-side functions including index, search, and retrieve using C# and Lucene
  • Developed SQL statements to improve back-end communications.
  • Developed code for feature enhancement of data management application using .Net, C# and SQL Server.
  • Developed and maintain several batch jobs to run automatically depending on business requirements.

Data Analyst


  • Created visualizations and interpretations of the data.
  • Used techniques like web scrapping, text mining, sentiment analysis, dealt with cleansing of XML data.
  • Extensively designed Data mapping and filtering, consolidation, cleansing and customizing data.
  • Cleansed the data by eliminating duplicate and inaccurate data in R and Python.
  • Ingesting the data from CSV files and load them to hive external tables using Hive and Spark.
  • Collaborated the data mapping document from a source to target and the data quality assessments for the source data.
  • Performed numerous data retrieval requests using SQL for analysis.
  • Designed and developed user interfaces and customization of Reports using Tableau and designed cubes for data visualization.

Junior Developer


  • Designed a web-based system to improve business intelligence, logistics and performance.
  • Identified the direction of change in color and texture at each image location at a given scale and constructed an edge flow vector.
  • Send, Generate and render images using RShiny.
  • Implemented and tested Python based web applications interacting with SQL Server.

Software Developer


  • Worked on several domains in Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Worked on developing framework to automate UI testing.
  • Created queries and reports to analyze inventory.
  • Developed financial impact assessments based on internal inventories.
  • Participated in configuring and implementing Unix server upgrades.

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