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Msbi Developer/ Production Support Westlake Village, Ca


  • Around 2 years of IT experience in Microsoft Business Intelligence technologies like SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Extensive knowledge and Experience in dealing with Relational Database Management Systems including Normalization, Stored Procedures, Constraints, Querying, Joins, Keys, Indexes, Data Import/Export, Triggers and Cursors.
  • Worked on all activities related to the development, implementation, administration and support of ETL processes for large - scale Data Warehouses using SSIS 2012.
  • Experience in migration of SSRS reports from SQL 2012 and SQL 2016.
  • Extensive experience in writing Distributed Queries between SQL Servers by creating link servers
  • Experience in troubleshooting SQL issues by using SQL Tools, execution plans, Trace, statistics, index tuning wizard.
  • Experience in Performance Tuning and Query Optimization.
  • Extensive experience in using SQL Server Profiler to monitor the SQL server for deadlocks, long running queries and tunes the same to improve performance.
  • Developed ETL process using SSIS with Various Control Flow, Data Flow tasks and Store Procedures for Work Order Validation process.
  • Experience in creating and managing fragmentation of Indexes to achieve better query performance.
  • Experience in Dimensional Modeling, Designing of STAR, SNOWFLAKE Schemas.
  • Worked in dimensional modeling with star & snowflake schemas and created the data source Views (DSV) and SSAS Cubes using the identified Fact and Dimensional Tables.
  • Experience in creating Data Driven, Drill Through, Drill Down, Tabular, Matrix reports & created charts, graphs using SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Created shared dimension tables, measures, hierarchies, levels, cubes and aggregations on MSOLAP/ Analysis Server (SSAS).
  • Experience in developing Custom Report and different types of Tabular Reports, Matrix Reports and distributed reports in multiple formats using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills combined with interpersonal and conflict resolution skills and possess strong analytical skills.
  • Self-motivated and possess ability for critical thinking, analysis, good interpersonal and communication skills. Team-oriented, technically motivated and creative. User oriented with a desire to learn client's business requirements.


SQL, ETL, Data analytics, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, SQL Server Management Studio, T-SQL, OLAP, Microsoft Office Suite, Windows.


Confidential - Westlake Village, CA

MSBI Developer/ Production Support


  • Optimizing the performance of queries with modifications in T-SQL queries, removing-necessary columns, and eliminate redundant and inconsistent data.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries using joins, sub queries and correlated sub queries to retrieve data from the database.
  • Developed Cubes using SQL Analysis Services (SSAS) and Experience in Developing and Extending OLAP Cubes, Dimensions, and data source view.
  • Built cubes for production application, Partitioned Cubes to decrease the processing time and increase the performance of the queries running on front end application using SSAS.
  • Created/Updated database objects like tables, views, stored procedures, function, packages.
  • Designed MS SSIS Packages to extract data from various OLTP sources to MS SQL Server.
  • Implemented different Slowly Changing Dimension methodologies to maintain and update historical data corresponding to Dimension tables in the Data warehouse.
  • Generated Drill down, Drill through, Matrix Reports, parameterized reports using SSRS.
  • Used SQL Server Profiler to trace the slow running queries and the server activity.
  • Improved the performance of SSRS reports by tuning the Stored Procedures and T-SQL queries using various join conditions. Generate experience in converting Actuate reports into SSRS.
  • Developed complex programs in T-SQL, writing Stored Procedures, Triggers and Queries with best execution plan.
  • Extensively worked with SQL Server Integration services (SSIS) tool suite, designed and created mappings using various SSIS transformations like OLEDB Command, Conditional Split, Lookup, Aggregator, Multicast and Derived Column.
  • Managing and enhancing internal and external website for the company with .net technology.
  • Working with Marketing department to improve external and internal website and posting latest updates.
  • Managing company's video conference system and arranging video and GoTo meeting setups for HR department.
  • Helping finance and accounting department with crystal report's enhancement and resolving issue with reports.
  • Working with other departments to support different needs and help them resolve day to day issues with software and reports.

Environment: MS SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Visual Studio, T-SQL, MS Excel, TFS.


SQL Server BI Developer


  • Involved in Planning, Defining and Designing data based on business requirements and provided documentation.
  • Enterprise reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Excel pivot tables which make use of multiple value section in parameters pick list, cascading prompts, matrix dynamic reports and other features of Reporting services. Built Drill Down, Drill through, linked and sub reports using SSRS
  • Created Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions for databases.
  • Developed complex T-SQL code for the application conversions.
  • Created packages using SSIS for data extraction from Flat Files, Excel Files OLEDB to SQL Server.
  • Worked with SSIS to import, export and transform the data between the linked servers.
  • Used the Report Manager to create folder structures, modify data sources, controlling access to Report Services resources.
  • Develop and deliver dynamic reporting solutions using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Extensively used Report Wizard, Report Builder and Report Manager for developing reports and deploying reports in SSRS.
  • Developed Various Reports like Charts, Matrix, Tabular, and Cross Tab using SSRS.
  • Developed reports involved in Passing parameters and cascading parameters using SSRS
  • Built and Deployed reports on the server using SSRS Report Manager.
  • Developed fact tables, dimensional tables, cubes for OLAP warehouse using Analysis Services.
  • Used Oracle, SQL PL/SQL in test environment.

Environment: SQL Server, Management Studio, Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, OLAP, T-SQL, Windows, ETL, SQL Server Agent, Data warehousing.

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