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Sr Programmer/analyst Resume



  • Experience 40 years IT (most of time spend on developing new projects)
  • Expertise using modern new technologies i.e. ILE RPG, Embedded SQL.Total Free RPG
  • Experience working with Aldon and other change management software.
  • Ability to work with team and create technical documentation and evaluate business requirements.
  • ILE RPG. Expert. Currently used, with 10 years' experience. iSeries API. Expert. Currently used, with 10 years’ experience. Implemented the Cancel Handler API to re - set any in-use flag due to the abnormal end of job. Implement the User Space API to take advantage of a user space lie in speed of access and a reduction in file open data paths.
  • Aldon Change Management System. Expert. Currently used with 7 years experience. iSeries SQL/400, and Embedded SQL in RPG. Expert. Currently used, with 8 years' experience.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to interview and understand customer needs.
  • Excellent understanding of software lifecycle.
  • Professional organized, and motivated, with internal drive.
  • Proficient in performing unit/systems test, and user acceptance testing.


Confidential, CA

Sr Programmer/Analyst

Noteworthy Projects

  • Involved in designing the interface programs for Manhattan WMS by using MarkMagic Software to print the Label and Price Sticker
  • Involved in designing the interface programs to feed the data to Manhattan Labor Management from Warehouse.
  • Acumax One. Focus on Application Integrations to simplify, automates, and adopt the update technology to all existing or new project.
  • Item Consolidation. McKesson used to maintain two version of item master, one from three party package, one maintained by in-house developer. After McKesson own the package, maintain two item master file became a redundant effort.
  • Implemented a new feature for item search on item description synonym, or NDC number or vendor name by using Dynamic SQL and able to make the old item dictionary search method become obsolete.
  • Implemented the Encapsulating File Access in a Service Program to reduce the maintenance effect due to the file change and improve the overall productivity for all developer.
  • Involved in designing the interface programs for MQSeries to communicate with SAP, Unix, and Tandem.
  • Heavily adopted the service programs for common business routine and published the in-house service programs user guide.
  • Designed and implemented the 45 minute timeout project to comply the Corporate security mandated that user sessions have been inactive are to be terminated by the system.
  • Implemented the IBM WebSphere HATS application to allow user access iSeries Application through Web Browser without using 5250 emulation from PC
  • McKesson Management Inventory project. Role as IT Architect to coordinate with FEOP, EDI, and QA groups to ensure the support on evaluating the third party ERP package. Role as WSD Architect to leaded two contractors to design the interface programs to interface with the ERP package.
  • Coordinated with System Group staff to eliminate DDC200 iSeries to MBS001 iSeries by replacing the RJE by Connect Direct for the Data Entry for Mainframe Reports project (3rd party package)
  • Coaching two mainframe COBOL programmers using CBT to learn RPG IV and prepare for career change into iSeries as RPG programmer.

Confidential, CA


  • Designed Global Purchase Order Management System to centralize control all the purchase order activities.
  • Designed Executive Summary In Stock Reporting to provide the daily retail sales summary to the Executive group for review.
  • Rewritten DR/E3 in Stock Reporting that utilizes the ILE RPG.


  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Outlook.
  • ILE RPG.
  • Calling Java in ILE iSeries Navigator
  • MarkMagic
  • Aldon Change Management System. iSeries SQL/400 and Embedded SQL in RPG.
  • IBM WebSphere MQSeries. Intermediate.
  • IBM WebSphere Development Studio Client Advance Edition for iSeries 5.1
  • IBM WebSphere Development HATS Studio iSeries 5.1.
  • IBM WebSphere Remote System Explorer
  • Java.

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