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Senior Software Developer Resume

Countryside, IL


  • Senior software developer and system administrator with over 10 years of experience in structuring, developing and implementing high traffic interactive websites. Able to complete projects efficiently and satisfy customers with simple, attractive, reliable and user - friendly web applications.
  • Advanced PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript programming
  • MySQL database administration
  • Salesforce/Apex/Triggers/Data Integrity/UX
  • Web application maintenance and management
  • Server administration in Unix/Linux environments
  • Scaling high traffic websites
  • Excellent problem-solving skills


Senior Software Developer

Confidential, Countryside, IL

  • Delivered code review of existing architecture looking for performance improvements, and suggestions for future scale-out strategies.
  • Delivered reliable operation of the largest wine club in the country.
  • Maintained public website and internal web applications.
  • Maintained, modernized and improved home grown loyalty program.
  • Modified internal and customer facing applications to be PCI compliant.
  • Administered mission critical cloud based CentOS Linux servers.
  • Created responsive marketing landing webpages in PHP7/MySQL 5.7 HTML5/SCSS/JS/jQuery/Bootstrap A/B testing.
  • Administered various MySQL databases, optimized SQL queries, created advanced reports. Reorganized table schemas to conform to best practices.
  • Integrated internal applications with external provides, Salesforce, ExactTarget, MICROS, Ship Compliant, Compete, USP Worldship using various SOAP/REST APIs.
  • Built custom ETL process for moving customer data into SalesForce by using advanced SQL queries, Apex Data Loader and custom Apex Classes.
  • Modernized outsourced SFDC Apex codebase, implemented separation of concerns, libraries, reusable components and other best practices, drastically improving correctness and reliability of SalesForce based applications.
  • Rewrote customer facing SalesForce Communities based self-service user portal with modern mobile responsive Bootstrap framework. Added user friendly JavaScript form validations and other UX improvements. Drastically improved functionality while significantly reducing code size and complexity.
  • Designed and implemented new features within SalesForce by utilizing Apex classes, Triggers and Workflows. Integrated external REST APIs, created new REST API for new features.
  • Implemented SalesForce point in time data recovery with Azure Cloud managed SQL based solution. Used the new service to bypass SalesForce reporting limitations for more advanced Business Intelligence inquiries.
  • Lead major SalesForce Object restructuring efforts resulting in higher performance, lower data storage costs, improved overall system clarity and ease of use.
  • Implemented and enforced software version control (GIT) within SalesForce to handle the business change control requirements.
  • Took over the SalesForce code migrations and deployments between sandboxes and production environments. Automated the process with SalesForce ANT migration tool. Implemented Continuous Integration pipeline with breakage alerts every morning. Compressed production code deployment timeframe form days to minutes.

Senior Web Developer

Confidential, Palos Hills, IL

  • Developed and maintained high traffic websites for clients on contract basis.
  • Developed, scaled and maintained a multimedia search engine with millions of monthly visitors. Scope of the project required a globally distributed, geographically balanced highly available infrastructure. MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL 9.3 and Sphinx Search 2.0 were used to store and search through terabytes of data. Varnish 4 was selected for image cache and nginx/PHP 5.3 for web frontend.
  • Developed, optimized, migrated and maintained a geographically distributed, highly available MySQL 5.6 cluster of an Alexa 200 domain. Each server in the cluster had the capacity to serve over 100,000 real world queries per second. Custom administration PHP scripts were built to simplify health monitoring, master failover, replication recovery and fresh machine deployments.
  • Migrated an Alexa 200 domain from legacy Apache/mod php setup to a modern varnish/nginx/php-fpm configuration. Reduced the required server count by 40% while at the same time doubling the load capacity thus realizing substantial infrastructure cost savings for the customer.
  • Defended customer’s website from a sophisticated Layer 7 DDOS attack by writing custom filtering rules in PF firewall, nginx and varnish accelerator. Modified the filtering rules in real-time as the attack progressed and evolved over the following days.
  • Migrated a top 100 WordPress web blog from Apache to nginx. Implemented caching in nginx and WP super cache. Updated custom theme to the latest coding standards and latest stable PHP version.
  • Implemented a custom worldwide CDN using FreeBSD 10, nginx, varnish and gdnsd (GEO DNS) with automatic failovers. PHP was used for backed admin panel.
  • Wrote custom GEO location varnish module in C
  • Implemented a private package repository using FreeBSD 10 and pgkng
  • Migrated customer’s search function from MySQL/MyISAM 8 server cluster to a 2 server sphinx search setup. Improved latency, throughput and availability. Significantly reduced recurring server and administration costs. Edited existing PHP code to interface with the new search backend.
  • Resolved performance bottlenecks of various LAMP based applications. Linux/FreeBSD kernel and application configuration tuning. PHP code edits to improve robustness.
  • Optimized queries, schemas and configuration files of various MySQL based applications by using performance schema profiling and DTrace system instrumentation.
  • Performed troubleshooting of lagging replication on MySQL slave servers.
  • Migrated high intensity MySQL queries to NoSQL redis/memcache where appropriate.
  • Utilized ZFS snapshots to implement a very efficient point in time recovery solution for data on MySQL servers.
  • Performed security PHP code review of a payment gateway code and infrastructure, utilizing latest application security concepts and best practices. Installed EV certificates and configured OpenSSL options. PCI, OWASP, SSL, TLS, PKI
  • Performed post-mortem analysis of compromised FreeBSD machines hosting common Open Source software.
  • Built SSL offloading/firewall appliance using FreeBSD PF and nginx. High availability was implemented using 2 machines sharing a virtual IP (CARP/heartbeat).
  • Implemented deploy / rollback shell scripts for web servers cluster using ssh and git.
  • Implemented internal client management systems with QuickBooks and phpList integration.
  • Implemented internal asset management and monitoring system using PHP 5.3 / MySQL
  • Maintained server and network infrastructure. Linux servers (Debian), VoIP, PBX, alarm system and security cameras.

Web Developer 

Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Designed, developed and deployed websites for clients on contract basis.
  • Developed and maintained numerous WordPress blogs with custom themes and plugins.
  • Developed numerous simple websites based on a custom MySQL 3.23 / PHP 4 CMS for local business owners.

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